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  1. Hi Jim, Any news about the condensed view ? Cheers Claude
  2. Bonjour, Same issue this morning. Cheers Claude
  3. Bonjour, Is there a problem with the unread Content, as since yesterday I get nothing displayed. But I can see the unread post (in bold) when I go directly to forums. Merci Cheers Claude
  4. Sorry @SteveW, I did not understand well when previously you talked about the P3D idle time used by RTSS. Now it is a bit clearer, it seems you say there is a bug in RTSS which consume for nothing the idle time left by the render thread. which is not the case with NVI. Does it mean that with a 60 hz monitor and 30fps limiter each frame is displayed twice ? You mean using external limiter ? So for you the internal limiter is the best way even with a single view and no docked panel ? Merci Cheers Claude
  5. Or, by extension, what is it that does NOT get done when NVI is here Hi @SteveW, Did you have a explanation for this behavior. In my config,with NVI 30fps, the core 0 is at ~60% CPU, but with RTSS or internal the CPU is around 100%. Cheers Claude 4790K no HT, GTX 1080, P3D V4.4.
  6. with my config . - NVI 60fps core 0 = ~100% - NVI 40fps core 0 = ~80% - NVI 30fps core 0 = ~60% - NVI 22fps core 0 = ~40% By extension NVI 0fps core 0 = 0% that seems logical....😄
  7. Yes that is the question.... or it could be "What is P3D doing with this 40% ? .... I hope not calculating things that are not displayed".😂
  8. Bonsoir, Yes, and I am sure it was not like that in older P3D version. I cannot see any obvious difference between NVI and RTSS in term of quality of display. So the question is what is the extra 40% CPU in core 0 used for when NVI is not here ???? Claude
  9. Hi, Yes exactly the same behavior with a 4790 @4.6 HT OFF, GTX1080, - With NVI at 30 core 0 abut 60% and with RTSS at 30 core 0 at 100%. I have difficulties to understand what is behind this fact. Cheers Claude
  10. Bonjour, I have a question concerning the great big little Navmap...😂 I know that by holding Ctrl while clicking on the window titlebar it prevents a window from going back into docked state. Could it be the opposite ? By holding Ctrl the windows goes back into docked state, otherwise it stays floating.... Cheers Claude
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