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  1. Ah ok thank you. I just was confused because of the text in manual. But now its clear, new xml builded by AIL 3.0. Thanks.
  2. Thank you for the new version. The convertion of the airport.txt files works well. But is it also possible to convert the AI_liveries.txt? In the manual, section 4.3.1 it says: "In this checkbox you can enter (the path to) the folder that contains the AI_liveries.xml (or -for still a short time- the AI_livieries.txt) file." I entered the path to the AI_liveries.txt (it´s in the PSX Folder) but than the status line says that the AI_livieres.xml is not found. It would be creat to convert it because in my AI_liveries.txt there are hours of work of editing. Thank you!
  3. Yeah thank you, checked it a few minutes ago and it works. So it seemed to be by hazard that stream was down when I tried it few days ago. Thank you!
  4. Hello, i had a problem which I messaged to Nico. He already answered me but that everyone can benefit from his answer I post my issue here and Nico will answer it. Hello Nico, first of all thank you very much for the great program PSXSEECONTRAFFIC. It´s amazing. I use it for some days now but yesterday I detected a problem. At some airports, for example EDDF or EHAM, ground traffic isn´t shown but on Flightradar24 you can see there is a lot of ground traffic. Option SHOW GND TFC in Real Traffic is ticked. At other airports everthing is fine. At first day i when tried your program also ground traffic at EDDF worked. I found out that RealTraffic doesn´t detect the ground traffic at this airports. So on the traffic display you can only see traffic which is airborne and miles away from the airport. Also the display of the nearest 7 aircraft shows that the ground traffic isn´t shown. But if I use the historic option, ground traffic is shown. Again, at other airports it works. I saw that in case of EDDF or EHAM the number of aircrafts in the area was more than in other areas. EDDF 300 and more, EHAM 200 and more. Is there a limitation of Real Traffic for aircrafts so it doesn´t show or deletes the nearest traffic on ground? Or do you have another idea what causes the problem? I reinstalled everything in reference with PSXSEECONTRAFFIC but it doesn´t help. Here is an image where you can see PSXSEECONTRAFFIC Settings and that RealTraffic isn´t reading the ground traffic: And here the situation in FR24 at the same time: Thank you for your help. Greetings Jonas
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