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  1. i got all surrounding lights. The terminal is all lit up. I got papi lights but that's it. There are just a few dim taxi lights but that's it. Very tough to land and taxi at night. I don't have a screenshot just yet. Just wondering if there is a quick fix I can do? Or just reinstall the airport.


    I have my ftx central set to global. And orbx liberies is above kpsp in the scenery libary.





  2. i downloaded the Kdtw scenery and by the looks of it the roof is missing and so are the building textures. When looking at the airport roof there is about 1/8 of the silver roof flickering. I am quite confused on this one. I followed the readme instructions to a T. The only thing I can think of is it told me to take two jfk textures and copy and paste them. But I followed everything right.




    What the airport should look like:



    What I am seeing in game:


  3. Okay I was able to figure out how to save the camera and aircraft cfg files.


    My sun is smaller now. But I still can't seem to get that sweet lens flare. I disabled the sun effects in rex4 texture direct. Made all my showlensflare=true on my cameras and Pmdg aircraft cfg. Which I went into simobjects and found the aircraft.cfg. I also have lens flare checked in my fsx settings

    Here's what I am seeing.




  4. I have been recently getting into the payware airports. I currently have the orbx pnw. Thinking of getting the orbx central Rockies and kjac. Since I already purchased the flightbeam kden, I love flying back and forth from Denver to Jackson hole. Since the orbx kjac requires the central Rockies region, does anyone have this?


    Also any coupon codes for orbx right now since I will have to buy the region and kjac together? Thanks

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