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  1. 3 hours ago, Casualcas said:

    Didnt Vulkan explode in the last movie?

    Their code probably exploded, we are more than 2 months past their initial beta release window.  I hope no one was holding their breath.  And I know Vulkan will not bring major changes to the platform, however for years I have suffered from the occasional stutter and un-smooth game play which is completely distracting.  I am tired of having my hardware sitting at 40% utilization and running like garbage so for me, Vulkan is important for hardware optimization reasons.  @Colonel X

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  2. Dear X-Plane, update please?  We were told for months and months "end of 2019".  We are in February and you still have not addressed the community.  I am fully aware how software development works (Computer Scientist), but that doesn't mean you cant at least give the community a status or projected timelines.   Thank you.

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  3. On 11/15/2019 at 11:16 AM, Alan_A said:

    Among the herd of elephants in the room is this one - developers may not be playing on a level field.  It's possible that PMDG's announcement of the NG3 for MSFS is a marketing ploy to generate present income.  It's also possible that, even in the absence of an SDK, they're having informal back-door conversations with the MSFS development team about what, in broad terms, might be required to bring a product to market.  PMDG is big enough and influential enough that Microsoft and Asobo might have a commercial interest in getting them out of the gate fast.  Such informal conversations happen from time to time.  I recall A2A reporting on a discussion they had with Laminar in which, by their account, they explained to Laminar what kind of hooks they'd need into the X-Plane engine in order to make Accu-Sim viable in X-Plane.  Not an exact analogy since there is in fact an X-Plane SDK.  But it's comparable to the extent that it represents an informal discussion between a major developer and a sim development team.

    It's also possible that big developers are having these discussions even though the majority of developers are not.  That would be patently unfair to the majority of developers, but such things do happen in business.

    The usual big caveat here - this is all speculative on my part.  I have no information about any of this and there's a good chance I'm wrong.  All I want to do is point out that we really don't have any idea what's in play in the MSFS development effort, and the absence of an SDK doesn't necessarily rule out some fast-track add-on efforts along the "first among equals" lines I've described.

    I'd actually prefer to be wrong about things like this.  But in business, stuff happens.


    According to the interview with FSelite with the Flight Simulator devs, they have already confirmed that they have contacted 60+ developers and will be providing the necessary tools for the addons to work.  Everyone here is also delusional if they do not think that the entire community will shift over to MSFS 2020.  Why would you stick with a platform that is aged and has reach most of its limitations (referring to Xplane and P3d). Sure you can say X-plane will EVENTUALLY support vulkan, great. That still does not provide volumetric clouds, a vastly improved lighting engine, or global satellite scenery. As a software developer and someone who has been actively following the development and policies from Microsoft's Xbox platform, which btw will include MSFS 2020 I do not see Microsoft abandoning this project at all.  It is a first party title, and all of Microsoft's current first party titles are included with their Xbox Game Pass, which is their main focus moving forward.  They are very actively buying studios to grow this content and MSFS will be one of their crown jewels.

    On a side note, i think consumers would be wise to save their money and wait to find out more about what is to come.  I, personally have spent close to $4000 in flight sim addons and could easily live for a couple months without spending more money on legacy platforms.  

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  4. 1 hour ago, Paraffin said:

    Well, let's start with the claims on the SkyMaxx Pro sales page:

    So either the clouds are 3D and "volumetric," or they're guilty of false advertising. 🙂 I think there is a clue in VR compatibility, because that's where 2D billboard clouds vs. full 3D clouds is so easily seen.

    I don't have VR so I can't test that. However, In terms of what I see on my 2D monitor when I fly the sim with SkyMaxx Pro running, I don't see billboards, except maybe in the more distant clouds that may be 2D for the sake of efficiency.

    When I actually fly in and out of a cumulus cloud puff, it looks like a 3D object to me. I don't get the sense that it's stacked 2D layers at close range to do that. If it is, then it's doing a good job of masking the effect. And at that point, I don't really care how they do it, as long as it looks like a 3D cloud as I fly through it. It's down to semantics at that point.

    And again, I'm not really promoting SkyMaxx Pro here over anything else. But we need to be clear about what each different add-on has to offer, as well as the weak areas. SkyMaxx Pro has some problems looking realistic up in the flight levels, for one thing. I mainly fly at low altitude where I like how it renders clouds in mountain valleys. But the default XP cloud rendering is good enough now, that I haven't bothered to re-enable SkyMaxx Pro lately. I'm just using default XP clouds with ActiveSky now, and waiting to see what ActiveSky brings out later in the year with their own (extra cost) cloud depiction add-on.

    I'm basically keeping my eye on everything, and will buy any likely candidate for improving the weather in X-Plane. Then choose whatever works best for the way I fly. 

    It would be hard to describe the difference. But the effect will actually be neat. Skymax has to use textures to create clouds. You don't actually fly through them but around them. The noise based rendering is more like particles and you fly into them. Volumetric just means three dimensional. Xenviro is completely different from traditional flight simulator tricks. Just saying...

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  5. I went to Matt's channel, the $50,000 they are offering vatsim is for the stats of the current users on Vatsim.  I guess its a way of allowing people to leave the vatsim network and still keep all of their stats.

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  6. 18 minutes ago, Chapstick said:

    I just wish PMDG included dynamic lighting for the -8 cockpit. It’s becoming more common at this price point. Hopefully we’ll see it in the future...

    Alex Pugh

    This would be nice, especially at the price point.  But still buying the -8 when it comes out and my refresh button is hurting right now.

  7. 54 minutes ago, Drumcode said:

    LOL, pretty typical from Rex to over promise and blow deadlines, not surprised tbh.

    EDIT: I'm reading in their forums that their over promises weren't really accomplished and they've only made the software usable in P3D4. What a crock.. I thought that the 15 months that it took to make this ready was mainly caused by all of these new textures.. 

    Ok so its a compatibility update and they didnt really do anything.  Ill pass, they should consider a new software development team....

  8. 4 hours ago, lasnubes said:

    Even in operation, this airframe might well be the best mix of automation and manual flows yet! She’s smart enough to keep up technologically with the likes of the 77W, 787 and 737Max, but she keeps all the resident charm of the 744 series. A quite enchanting combination.


    Hey Carl,

    How has the overall stability and function been?  Is this bird ready to fly?

  9. 2 minutes ago, GSalden said:

    No AM , no HT

    Rob A has a 7900x and he had the best performance/smootness without custom AM and without HT.

    Myself , I have a 7940x and the same for me : no custom AM and no HT

    I too find running no Hyperthreading was the best way to achieve smoothness.  I would stop worrying about afinity masks...

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