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  1. I signed up for navigraph charts and currently enjoying the beta of moving maps. This is by far the best implementation I have used. Any device will work as long as it has a web browser! The airplane is displayed right on the chart. But this only works for the ifr plates but I started using it this week and it is definitely worth it.
  2. Steam will actually allow you to create libraries, and each library becomes an install location. If you don't want to uninstall there use to be a tool called steam library tool manager. This allows you to move a game install from default location to another library and makes all the necessary links,
  3. Ikr! I wasnt allowed to use a GPS at all during my private pilot. It was inop for all practical purposes haha
  4. Ok now that im on a computer and not my phone I can see it. "In Review" huh. I like Rex products and them as a company, it would be great if they could come on over to the XP platform.
  5. Can someone please tell me why this hasn't happened yet and I fly through billboards?
  6. I know vram is not RAM, I am a computer engineer after all and am familiar with how it all works. The stated minimum requirement for FSW is gtx970 which has ~3.5 gb of usable vram. Yes this is adequate for now but when you start doing add-ons you will blow past this limit. And you do not want your video card waiting for the I/O to transfer in data because you have the minimum for it to function.
  7. You don't see them use anymore because it is technically not possible, those are 32bit programs and cannot use more than 4gb. I ran x plane 11 and it uses all 8gb of VRAM on gTX 1080
  8. I too am currently trying to figure this out. I want to use a android tablet or surface pro 4 to interact with aerobasks gtn750, I own the panthera and eclipse. This is the last piece of the puzzle to create my flight experience. Frustrated. How hard would it be for me\aerobasks make an app to make this functional?
  9. Thanks Jim, I have solved my problem. I have requested a refund and am using the demo of opus live camera which works great. I'm currently studying computer science and have been following ezdok for a couple of years. I feel a $35 investment in that software would be a waste as the developer has done nothing but try to use Band-Aids to fix his software and collect a check. Cheers Brian Pearce
  10. Hello, I know this is not PMDG's fault but I am looking for some help. I have searched the web and these forums for help and I am unable to register an account with flight1 as it is giving me some error, so of course no help from that publisher. I am new to Prepar3d, never had it or FSX installed. I was an xplane user but when version 3 arrived I decided to jump on board (and i couldnt wait any longer for a PMDG aircraft). I am running Windows 10, p3d V3, orbx global, trackir5 and 737NGX. EVerything works flawlessly. Then I install ezdok 1.86 beta which everything seems to work, but most of the overhead panel switches become dissabled. If i dont run ezdok, pmdg works perfect again. I have installed all of the simconnects listed in the readmes in both pmdg and ezdok instructions. Does anyone have any idea why I might be having this problem? Also note that PMDG is the only aircraft i load into P3d, i do not let anything else load. Brian Pearce
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