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  1. Hey Guys. Is anyone familiar with the old style FSX XML code? I've been looking to change/correct a couple of lines of text in the G1000 Cockpit Safety Checklist digital display in the MFD. I've opened up the various CAB files and changed the actual text to read what I want but the MFD is still displaying the original checklist. Either I've not saved the files as I thought or the xml is 'reading' the text from another file somewhere. The text is easy to change but I am a novice regarding the xml code. There does not seem to be a lot of code as such for each of the checklists. The text is where the check says to switch off the batteries. The displays just die when you do that. The other line is where the Bleed Valve 1 and 2 switch is repeated. I've edited the text but cannot get it to display. I'll keep trying because it's possible I've simply became mixed up with all the different files. There are about 6 to 8 files that seem to use the same text and I've changed them all. I have the originals backed up, so I'm still okay if things go belly up. If someone could get back here and give some help, that would be great. Another friend has said to just live with it, but I'd like it to be changed if possible. Cheers...Ken.
  2. Hi Bert. Sorry for the late reply. I do remember reading in another thread, a reply from Bill Leeming, where he mentions making use of Folders in place of the CAB files. I'm having an issue with the xml code for the G1000 unit. However, I'll post that as another topic. Cheers...Ken.
  3. Hello Bruno. That's looking cool. Thanks too for the info on screenshots. Okay, here's what I do regarding the CAB file. I'm assuming you have the SDK for FSX. In the SDK folder there are four other folders. One of them is called the SimObject Creation Kit. Inside that folder there are three other folders. One of them is called the Cabdir SDK. Inside there are two files. one is the html instructions and the other file is the Cabdir.exe. The Cabdir.exe is what remakes the CAB file for you to place back into the Gauges folder of FSX.....I hope you can follow this down so far. Here is what I have done, and I know that you may have your own way of wanting to lay things out, but I'm not a techie as such. So KISS applies for me. On my Desktop I made a new folder and called it Make_CAB I then copied over the Cabdir.exe file into my new Make_CAB folder. I also have a new Desktop folder called Carenado G1000 files. In here I copy the EMB505_G1000N.CAB after having made a backup of it in the Gauges folder. (just in case things go belly up) Once you have made your changes and saved back into the opened up cab file, which I have in my Carenado G1000 folder on my desktop, you then open the Make_CAB folder on the Desktop, which now has the Cabdir.exe in it. You then simply drag the EMB505_G1000N folder across from the Carenado G1000 files folder and place it onto the Cabdir.exe file shortcut in the Make_CAB folder. You should then see a small window open that will show the progress of the recompilation. It only takes a few seconds. You will then have a new EMB505_G1000N.CAB file in the Carenado G1000 files folder. You then place this back into the Gauges folder of FSX and overwrite the original, hence the need for a backup. Phew,,,, I do hope this makes sense to you and there may well be a better way to do it, but this works for me. Write it out on paper first and make a flow diagram. Although once you see how it works and you make the folders it is actually quite straightforward. Just remember to backup the original!! Best Regards...Ken.
  4. Hello Hilkiah. As far as I know, one cannot import a flight plan into the G1000 unit. Others may know differently but I cannot do it. Regards...Ken.
  5. Hi Louis. After turning on the electrical power if you look up at the LIGHTS panel, the central section for the cockpit has a PANEL rotary knob. If you left click once this gives 50% brightness in the cockpit. Left click twice and you will get 100% brightness in the cockpit display of the switches and knobs.. Right clicking will reduce the lighting. With regard to the PFD and MFD brightness, if you pop up the PFD and select the MENU button it will open an insert panel. This will allow you to select an option for either AUTO or MANUAL illumination by left clicking the mouse.. If you select manual then you have the option to select the percentage of illumination you desire for the PFD and MFD by left clicking. Clicking the MENU button will hide the Insert panel. I hope this helps. Regards...Ken.
  6. Hey Bruno. Right, I've found the bmp file that shows the MFD startup screen. It is called mfd_splashscreen.bmp and is in a CAB file called EMB505_G1000N . The CAB is in the FSX\Gauges folder. I have unpacked it using 7zip and I've made changes to the image to show the current cycle date. I will repack it and see how it looks. The thing is, I'm not terribly keen on unpacking the CAB every 28 days to change the date in the image. It might be okay but there again I might corrupt the CAB file. I've made a copy of it right enough, so I suppose it would be worth a try a few times. Regards...Ken. p.s. remind me how to add a screenshot here, if you don't mind.
  7. Hi Bruno. I'm sure I've looked in all of the Phenom folders and the only bmp I can find is one called General. I opened it in DXT2bmp and it is a purple coloured mess of digital noise. They must have used a code of some sort to extract it. I'm no expert, so I'm stumped at the moment. It would have been nice to have a normal bmp that we could manipulate to change the dates. Cheers...Ken.
  8. Hi Bruno. Yes, my start up screen is the same. It must be a graphic, there must be a bitmap somewhere with that image. I wonder if it can be found and edited. Yet another project!! Cheers...Ken.
  9. Hi Bruno. My apologies for the late reply. If you are using the G1000 display then the MFD will show you the current cycle that is installed. Here is how to see it. In the MFD there is a small window at the lower right side. There are four options in it plus some small boxes. These options are MAP WPT AUX NRST. Use the outer (larger) FMS knob to scroll to the AUX option. At the top of the display it should indicate the AUX - TRIP PLANNING page. Use the inner Smaller) knob to scroll to the last box. The display will now show that you are on the AUX - SYSTEM STATUS page. On the right hand side you will see four sections, the third one says AVIATION and the third line will show the EFFECTIVE cycle mine shows as o4-JAN-18 in yellow. The fourth line will show the EXPIRES date, mine is 31-JAN-31 in blue. If you are using the Flight1 GTN750 then that depends on Garmin updating the AIRAC database in their trainer. I am sure though, given the fact that you mention you have a Navigraph subscription, then you are using the G1000 unit. Also as ******* has said you will see a small information window appear in FSX when you load the Phenom and you have updated to a new Navigraph cycle. This window states that it is updating the Carenado navigation database. I hope this helps. Regards...Ken.
  10. Hi Stinger. That is great news. I'll have a look later. Best Regards...Ken.
  11. Hi Mark. I have the 300 series but the Prodigy unit may be the same for the 100. If you have the Prodigy display try this... In the bottom right corner you should see four options. These are MAP WPT AUX NRST there is a good chance the MAP option will be lit in blue with the others greyed out. There should also be four boxes. These are other pages within the MAP section. By rotating the Outer wheel at the lower right, where it says FMS you should be able to scroll along to the AUX section. Now you should see five boxes. The first should be lit and it will show the TRIP PLANNING page (look up at the top). By scrolling the inner wheel, select the fifth box, at the top it should now show AUX - SYSTEM STATUS. There are various bits of information in this page. On the right hand side the AVIATION box will display the current cycle and its EFFECTIVE date and its EXPIRES date. To get back, simply scroll back to the MAP page by scrolling the outer wheel. I hope this is of use to you. Regards...Ken p.s. remember that the unit will POP UP/DOWN for a bigger view by clicking on it.along its top edge.
  12. Hi Stephen. You may already have found the original post but here is the link to it... It requires a login for, I think...One Drive or a Google app, I can't remember. If you cannot access it post back or PM me. Regards...Ken.
  13. Hey Folks. That is a great piece of detective work!! I'm thinking that it is a bit beyond me at present but I'll get together with my friend from the CIX club who uses LINDA for his A2A aircraft. I'm sure he will make sense of it all in the correct context of working the variables. Best Regards...Ken. p.s. what a great hobby and a great bunch of guys.
  14. Hi Keith. Yes, that is correct. It will give an aural callout if any or all of Flaps, Parking Brake or Trim is not set correctly for take-off. I press it prior to taxy and again at the hold before entering the runway. If everything is set correctly it will give a callout of 'Take-off Okay' Good work with the cockpit so far. I have not as yet made a start as we are thinking of re-working our front room bench. My wife Sandra likes to make Greetings cards and I help out with the graphics. I have the other side of the bench for the sim and we overlap a bit somewhere in the middle. We are going to be re-flooring the room, so that will require the bench/desk to be dismantled. This is where the rebuild of the bench will come in, so there's not much point in starting a cockpit build at the moment. Cheers...Ken.
  15. Olá bigpenze. Ainda não comecei, pois não queria que este botão faltasse na compilação. Minhas desculpas por enganá-lo. Atenciosamente ... Ken.
  16. Ah well, the more I looked I suspected it was a photo. Maybe one day as you say. Thanks for posting back. Regards...Ken
  17. Hi N2382R. That is a great graphic. Is that your sim? Or a photograph from the real 300? If it is your sim, could you post your specs please? I am running an i3 2120 with a GT660 card and 16G of ram. My graphics are good but not as sharp as your screenshot. edit...I am flying FSX boxed version. Thanks...Ken
  18. Hello again Stinger. Do you know about the 'Almost Aviation' videos on You Tube? There is an ebook of the same name on Amazon. The chap builds a Twin Otter cockpit in some detail and has a lot of good information. He talks in detail about LINDA and LUA scripts. It's worth a look. Cheers...Kenny
  19. Hi Stinger. Negative on the T/O Config. button, I'm afraid. In fact I've put the cockpit build on hold at present because of this. The lack of replies would indicate that no one has tried this either. I've been busy with real world stuff lately but am thinking now about researching this again. Cheers...Kenny
  20. Hi Jim. Regarding the mention of a Navigraph manual for the G1000. I thought that you meant it was a manual by the Navigraph people who do the Airac cycles etc. I have the G1000 manual but it is the one that came with the aircraft. I also have the real world Garmin G1000 user manual downloaded. Thanks for your reply. Cheers...Ken.
  21. Hello Jim. You mention a Navigraph G1000 manual. Could you point me to it please? I can't seem to find it on their site. I can 'work' the unit okay but more info would not go amiss. Regards...Ken.
  22. Hi Cees. The tutorial is really great and is well written and easy to follow. The graphics though, are what makes it outstanding for pilots who are new to the aircraft. It's a pity Carenado did not take the time to do a tutorial / sample flight along the same lines. Thanks for taking the time to produce it. Regards...Ken.
  23. Hi Cees. Just to let you know that Al and I have been in touch over the last few days and he now has the tutorial. Regards...Ken.
  24. Hi Guys. There is a neat programme called FlipHTML5. This will make a flip page style booklet for your pdf files. It has a free version, which is the one I use. It can be a bit of a guddle to set up but once you have it working it will, as I mentioned, make flip over page booklets. I like it but you may wish to simply keep the pdf format as is. I have used it for this Phenom 300 tutorial and it looks great in booklet format. Here is a link to the Realair Beech Duke B60 in FlipHTML5 format. http://fliphtml5.com/dikf/abwf/basic Regards...Ken
  25. Wow, Fonts....who would have thought that one. That was an excellent spot and fix. Cheers...Ken
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