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  1. Hi Josh. I know this may be of small comfort to you, but I had to re-install this aircraft several times as well as the Navigraph extension, before the G1000 unit would show the three options that I was seeing in the videos I was watching. However, it was worth the effort. I now have a working AFCS (Automatic Flight Control System). I would recommend the Carenado Channel on YouTube. There is an option to watch 5 videos devoted to flight planning using the G1000. It makes sense when you follow them through. I have two monitors, so I had the videos paused at times on the second monitor whilst I operated the unit in the sim. There is also a very comprehensive pdf document on the real world Garmin Embraer Prodigy G1000. I found that a lot of the information in the flight planning section of it worked in the sim. Some of it did not, perhaps too much effort for Carenado, who knows. My son is a real world Airbus captain so he is coming to my house to advise me how to use the various autopilot functions with regards to SIDS and STARS as well as the FLC as opposed to VS at various phases of a flight. I'm hoping to also have the VNAV and LNAV modes working as they should. I have had this aircraft a few months now but it is only now that I feel that I am getting to grips with the electronics of it. It has been a frustrating time for me. Even yet, it will sometimes refuse to load into the sim. I have tried loading it directly from the start up flight selection screen, I've tried selecting it after the default trike loads in, but still, there are times when my screen goes black for a long time then I get a Fatal Error message and the sim stops working. I would suggest persevering with it though. Regards...Kenny.
  2. Hi Folks. I am thinking about making a small home cockpit feature based on the Phenom 300 bizjet. The only item I'm not sure about is a T/O config button that checks the take-off configuration of the aircraft. It gives an aural callout regarding the take-off condition. A friend and I spent a few hours going through the LINDA Tracer to try and find the variable that controlled the operation of this button to no avail. Has anyone any experience of making callout type buttons operate? Or better still has anyone done this with the Phenom? There are several variables that refer to the callout sequence but I cannot get any of them to activate the button in the Tracer. Regards...Ken
  3. Hi Folks. I've taken a notion to build a small home cockpit based on the 300. Pretty much all of the switches and levers are mappable onto a board. However, the T/O Config button has me beat. A friend and I have spent a couple of evenings trying to find the L:var for it in both the LINDA and FSUIPC programmes, to no avail. Has anyone else tried this or does anyone happen to know which variables operate the button and callouts? Regards...Ken
  4. Hey Guys. Here is something to try, although I'm not saying it will work for everyone, as people seem to be having conflicting results with this aircraft !! I noticed from the screenshots that the 'Range' on the display is set at 50M. Try reducing the Range down to 15M . At this display range in my aircraft the Fix names etc show up. They are also visible in the FSMaNia videos, so they are available, perhaps just not at certain ranges. Try also the Declutter option. Perhaps the names are Decluttered out, if you know what I mean. I hope this helps and does not add to your confusion. Regards...Kenny Hey Guys. Here is something to try, although I'm not saying it will work for everyone, as people seem to be having conflicting results with this aircraft !! I noticed from the screenshots that the 'Range' on the display is set at 50NM. Try reducing the Range down to 15 NM (Nautical Miles). At this display range in my aircraft the Fix names etc show up. They are also visible in the FSMaNia videos, so they are available, perhaps just not at certain ranges. Try also the Declutter option. Perhaps the names are Decluttered out, if you know what I mean. I hope this helps and does not add to your confusion. Regards...Kenny
  5. Hi Folks. As some of you will know, I have been having a few problems with the 300 in the boxed Deluxe version of FSX. I installed it into FSX-SE and it worked fine. This led me to think there was a problem with my FSX, however a friend from another Forum suggested I try installing FSX into a new folder away from Program Files (x86). I made a new folder simply called FSX into the main C:\ drive root folder. Installed FSX into it, installed the 300 and it works great. I installed the Navigraph Extension pack and updated to the latest Airac cycle and it works just fine. My friend told me that WIN 10 has a lot of new security settings that interfere with FSX in the Program Files (x86) folder. So this new installation location has cured all of my problems with the 300 in FSX boxed. I have SP1 and 2 installed also. Perhaps it could be worth a try for others who are having problems. Regards...Kenny
  6. Hello Greggy. Wow, that looks to be a good find. Thanks for the heads up. This could be the icing on the cake. I'm looking forward to flying those high rollers around the world... :smile: Regards...Kenny
  7. Hi Folks. Another small discovery. I forgot that I had the Mousewheel selected for TRIM in FSUIPC. I have deselected the tick box and the knobs now rotate as they should. It's beginning to look good in the flight deck. Regards...Kenny
  8. Hi Simbol. The mouse wheel does not rotate the knobs either. I'll research that on the web. MY FSX boxed is a waste of time at the moment regarding the 300. I deleted the .cfg file to let it rebuild and it still goes all the way down to 0.4 fps. I'll check out the Acceleration pack for it. You are correct in that I'll go with FSX-SE for the 300. Thanks for all your help so far. It's been a learning curve. I'll post back when I've got some new info. I'll keep checking this post in case either you or someone else comes up with a fresh idea. Best Regards...Kenny
  9. Yahoo Whoopdeedoo. Apologies to my American friends!! I now have SELECT ARRIVAL and SELECT DEPARTURE in FSX-SE. I installed the Extension although I never had the loading database window. I still never had the standby AI so I loaded the default Cessna, started the engine, selected the Avionics Master to ON and shut down the engine leaving the Avionics on. I then loaded the 300. I ran through some basic checks and started the engines. When I selected the PROC button on the GCU 477 the two options were there. Happy days and blue skies!! Mouse is still not working though, no plus and minus signs at the rotary knobs. Mmmm..still needs a bit of thought for this. Very strange. Another little anomaly...the Flaps indicator now shows the word FULL when selecting full flaps in SE. it never did in FSX boxed it only ever went to THREE...most peculiar. Thanks to all so far...Kenny p.s. I have FSX Deluxe boxed. Do I still need the Acceleration pack for the 300 in FSX Deluxe?
  10. Hey Guys. Whew...Okay, here's the deal so far. I do have service packs 1 and 2 installed but no acceleration pack as such. An online friend has set my privileges to Everyone and Full Control. I assume that will sort out the security restrictions. I have read the Carenado fix in the FAQ's page but I was a bit lost with that, hence the reason for my friend helping out. If I need to do more than that, or that is not quite correct then please let me know. In FSX the 300 will load in okay at about 29 fps locked at 30, but quickly falls away to 0.6. So no joy there. This afternoon I had the same thought as Simbol and installed it into FSX-SE. When I launched Steam I received the standard alerts about allowing gauges. I don't remeber getting them with FSX but I suppose I must have. On initial load I had 29.9 fps for over 5 minutes. Great stuff, but no standby AI aligning itself, just a black space. I had the three glass screens okay but still no SELECT ARRIVAL or SELECT DEPARTURE option. I then loaded the default Lear45 and then reloaded the 300 and the standby AI was there and aligning okay. Fine, I thought, I'll go for a quick flight, fps still holding at 24/25. However, still no Arrival and Departure options and the mouse would not control any of the Autopilot functions, heading, VS, course, altitude etc. I have a paid version of FSUIPC set for mousewheel trim but that does not obstruct any of these functions in my FSX, so not sure what's happening in SE. I have not had SE all that long so maybe it's simply a settings problem somewhere regarding activating the mouse wheel. I don't see why though. It should work straight off the bat. So to recap. I'm going to uninstall my FSX completely and re-install with a bit of thought. I'll need to figure out why the mouse is not working in Steam and I'm no further forward re. the G1000 options. Oh...hold on, I've still to try and install the Extension pack into Steam!! Hopefully, that's why I'm not seeing the Procedures option. I'll install it and report back. Thanks for all the help so far...Kenny
  11. Hello Scoob. Thanks for the input, although I have no problems with the AIRAC data. I can update to a cycle and use it in other aircraft. It just seems to be this option of the SELECT ARRIVAL and SELECT DEPARTURE that has me stumped. I'm not usually so dense!! I've been simming for years and am reasonably savvy with my pc, hence my frustration with this. In hindsight, looking at some other forums and blogs Carenado seem to be well known for pretty aircraft with no real substance. Empty boxes was one scathing remark. I would not like to pass judgement at the moment because everything else seems to work apart from these two options. I can't think what I'm missing here. Mmmmm thinking about what you said, I did not think that the FSX database was updateable from Navigraph. I know it can be done from the aerosors site, but when I tried doing that a while back I was seeing the old FSX names plus the new updated names for ISECS etc. and some of the frequencies were not recognised. Regards...Ken.
  12. Hi Simbol. Thanks for sticking with me on this. I appreciate it. Okay, here are my details regarding my setup... Windows 10 Auto updates=ON, Intel i3 2120 3.3GHz, Nvidia GTX660 2 gig, 16gig RAM a) Phenom 300 version 1.3 EM200X v1.3 I'm not too sure about the HD part of the Phenom 300 HD that you mention. I can't see that anywhere. B) Phenom 300 Navigraph Extension Pack....ES200X v 1.3 I already have a Navigraph subscription, so maybe did not need the extension pack but it may install a base for other updates. c) FSX and also FSX-SE although I have installed into FSX only. SE for my VFR flying club students. d) Yes, aircraft first then the extension pack. e) Aircraft installed into Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\SimObjects\Airplanes\Carenado EMB505_Phenom300 Sometimes the 300 loads in with 29 odd FPS locked at 30. Other times stick on grey coloured VC panels and opaque windows. Other times it loads in okay but gives 0.6 FPS. Initially the Extension pack was very slow to install, overnight in fact and stuck at 75%. No further movement. I tried several times and then tried to load the aircraft. I have only had the database loading window twice but it stuck also, I had to use Task Manager to close the sim. I then used the Navigraph Manager to install the latest Airac cycle. The text document shows it as being the current cycle and the correct folders are in the CarenadoNavigraph folder. I've double checked the files that Jim said to check However, as I said, no ARRIVAL or DEPARTURE available. I've tried all of the available instructions that I can find, but always the same. Funnily enough, and I have no idea why, but my Feelthere Phenom 100 does the same thing. No ARRIVAL or DEPARTURE available. That is why I gave up on that aircraft and now the Carenado 300 is showing the same !!! That is why I am thinking that I am not following the correct procedures but I am sure that I am, if you know what I mean. All of the material I have seen tells me to select a DEPARTURE but that option is greyed out. The MAP page shows the aircraft at the selected airfield okay and the geography is correct in the G1000. It's just that those darned SELECT ARRIVAL and SELECT DEPARTURE options are greyed out....Arghhhh I'm looking for someone to simply say, " Ah okay, you need to select this first" or "You need to do this first" but I'm sure that I'm doing the correct setup routine, but maybe I'm not. My plan is to update to an i5 or i7 with a 970 or 1070 card. That might explain the sticky/slow loadup times but not the missing G1000 options. Regards...Kenny
  13. Hi Folks. I've decided to start a new topic for this as I feel that I am not alone in having this issue and I do feel it needs some fresh discussion to sort it out. In other posts I've stated that my G1000 unit does not have the SELECT ARRIVAL and SELECT DEPARTURE option active at startup. Jim has been good at pointing to various factors but in his last reply to me in another post he said to follow the G1000 pdf document. The first page of that pdf clearly shows both of these options as being active (cyan). My unit has these greyed out and it's driving me nuts trying to find out why. The FS MaNiA videos show them as active at startup also. No matter what I try I cannot select the Departure as is stated. Can someone point me to either what is wrong with my installation, or, what am I doing wrong when making my flightplan? I have tried all of the options that have been given but nothing works. I cannot get these two options to light up in the G1000. Tom has written a quick tutorial but again he says to select the DEPARTURE, I cannot, it's not available. I see that some people have been using another FMS unit but FS MaNiA seems not to have had to resort to that. There must be a reason why some folks cannot get this unit to work whilst others can. Regards...Ken
  14. Hi Folks. Here is an interesting observation, which would suggest that I am not using the Flight Planning system as it is meant to be used. I have the Feelthere Phenom 100 and I thought that I would fire it up and see how it compares to the Carenado 300. Now, it is a while, a long while, since I last flew the 100 and I have realised that the Garmin unit in that aircraft also does not show the Select Arrival and Select Departure option in the G1000. Now that I remember, that is the reason I stopped using it. Given that information, it looks like I may have to re-think my flight planning routine. The Phenoms obviously do things differently. On that note, I'll go away and have another think about this and also really take a long hard look at all of the available videos. It may well be that I have jumped too soon in assuming that the FMS in the 300 was wrong. Jim. I'll do as you suggest and use the 477. It may well be a few days before I post back as there is some family stuff in the offing. Regards...Ken
  15. Hello Jim. Okay, regarding the download, is it the installed aircraft folder in FSX\SimObjects\Airplanes that you copy\paste to your Downloads folder? Incidentally, I also have a Downloads folder where I keep the zips. I have checked out all the gauges you mention and there are all there. I have progressed on a bit now. I have sussed out a little of how the G1000 unit makes Flight Plans and made a simple one last evening. However, still no Select Arrival and Select Departure available and the FSX still locked up and I lost the mouse pointer in the screen. It took a while to unlock and give me back control. This happened a few times. There is a quick but detailed tutorial on how to make a flight plan in another post. I've printed it off and I'll give it a try later. I'll keep persevering...Ken
  16. Okay, another clean install straight from the Carenado server. I do not know if I am getting the same download all the time because of my dedicated serial number and email. I'm hoping it is a fresh install of a 'new' aircraft. If not, then the same problems will be there. I do have the Navigraph folder plus associated sub folders and the db file as you say in the CarenadoNavigraph folder. However there are two other folders there also. One is called Default FSX and the other is called G1000FSX. Should they be there? you do not mention them in your reply. I look forward to making this work. Ken
  17. Hello Jim. I'll reply quickly to you whilst you are online. Yes, I do have the entry in the dll.xml file. I have an entry for Everyone with Full Permissions. The Baron has nothing to do with the 300. I only mentioned it because I was advised to get something faster for the IFR flights, hence the 300. My UAC is disabled and I'll check my AV to make sure it allows the 300 and the database. In the interim I tried to load it up again just now and FSX stuck on a black screen after selecting the 300. This after having the default Cessna loaded in. Cheers...Ken Hello again Jim. You mention a bad install. I have made several installations of the aircraft now. I used the uninstaller to take it out each time, so I'm assuming it would be a clean re-install. Do you have any thoughts regarding the installation. I have had my Extension pack download allowance reset by Carenado because they told me I had exceeded my limit. I'll keep downloading until it works...or not as the case may well be. Ken
  18. Hello Jim. Thanks for pitching in with your thoughts, I appreciate it. Brian, I hope you don't mind or feel that I'm hijacking your thread, it's just that I would love to get the 300 working as it should and you asked for some opinions. Jim, here's where I am with my 300. I've been a simmer for lots of years and my son is a real world Airbus Captain and his son,my grandson, is hoping to enrol in a flight training school after he finishes his 'normal' schooling, so aviation runs in the family. I am a flight instructor with an online VFR club and am now looking to achieve my own P4 Vatsim rating with a North American VA, although I live in Scotland. I have installed the ISG1 FMS and a controller into the default Baron for the purposes of IFR with SIDS, STARS and Airways. I was advised that the Baron may not be quick enough for some of the IFR flights and because I have the Feelthere P100 without a navdata base of course, I opted for the 300 because of the fact that I could install an Airac cycle. I do have a Navigraph subscription. I only fly with FSX and FSX-SE and have installed the 300 into FSX. I have an i3 2120 and a GTX660 card with 16G of RAM. I've looked at the FSMania videos prior to my purchase and I was very impressed with the aircraft on screen. However, my problems started when the Extension pack did not fully load, even after an overnight run. The folder for it is there with all of the cycle information as I would expect. I've tried deleting the folder and simply installing the Navigraph cycle via the Database Manager, again all of the data shows to be installed and the txt file shows it is the current airac but the aircraft appears to be stuck. The mouse will not do anything. I have no option but to call up the Task Manager and End FSX. However, here's the thing. Without the Carenavigraph folder the aircraft will load up and give 29/30 fps only after loading a default flight. If I load it straight away the VC loads up slowly in sections and I only get 0.6 fps. So, on loading it after another aircraft and checking the fps, I then try to set up a flight. However, both the SELECT ARRIVAL and SELECT DEPARTURE options are greyed out. In the FSMania videos they are clearly available. Right, I thought, it needs the database to source the correct Arrival and Departure procedures. However, when I try to re-install the Extension pack, the VC shows up with white panels and grey windows, the 'Loading Database window' sometimes appears but stays black, sometimes it shows at 10% for hours at a time. So I'm back to square one. A flyable aircraft with no database or an aircraft that refuses to load the database. I'm quite prepared to accept the fact that I'm not doing something correctly and am keen to get some hints, tips and advice but I can't think what to try next. I know some aircraft have peculiarities but this has me beat. To be fair to the aircraft, if I load the base aircraft I can enter a Departure airfield and when I scroll through the 'Alphanumeric' options I do see the info for the airfields, this is, I think, on the Procs window. So, it must be getting info from somewhere, although it could just be the default FSX navdata. I would appreciate your thought on this because I do not really fly IFR and this G1000 system may require input in a way that I am not familiar with. Although, again, my a/c nav systems seem to be different from the FSMania startup screens. I feel that I'm stuck in a loop. Regards...Ken p.s. sorry for the long post but that's my thoughts at present.
  19. I have a lot of problems with the 300. If I load it from scratch I get 0.6 fps. If I load it after the default Cessna I get 30 fps, locked at 30. I have had the aircraft about a fortnight now and still cannot get it to load the Navigraph Extension Pack. It states that it may take a few minutes. I left it running overnight and got no further than 75%. I have tried it all ways and it still refuses to load the database. I would stay clear of the 300. Regards...Ken
  20. Hi Raoul. Yes I have the correct pack. I've double checked just to be sure. Easy done I suppose. Get this though. I started to re-install the pack at 2300 on Tuesday evening and at 1400 Wednesday it was stuck at 75%. I had the message saying that it may take a few minutes, LOL. I've uninstalled it again via the uninstaller and I'll manually delete out the folder. I'll have another go later today. Another friend from my online flying club has suggested making sure that I have certain C++ 10 and 12 dll's installed, as he had problems with another aircraft and installing these dll's seemed to fix it. I'll keep in touch...Kenny
  21. Hello again. Okay I'll try that routine. However, when I press the PROC button I do not have the DEPARTURE option lit up. I have tried several re-installs and still nothing. I'll report back later with any result of your routine. Cheers...Kenny p.s. I'm running Win10. Is there a difference there perhaps?
  22. Hi Raoul. Do I in fact need to install the Carenad Navigraph Extension pack? Should I simply install the Navigraph cycle 1610 into the aircraft? Regards...Kenny
  23. Hi Folks. Only had this a/c a few days and still learning the tricks for it. I have updated the Nav. Database to 1016 via Navigraph. Now, FSX stalls at the start/splash screen. I thought that maybe the database was updating in the background but the screen just sat there, over the time it took me to eat my lunch. I am going to uninstall 1016 and go back to the Extension pack update, However, I would be grateful for any thoughts as to what is going on. Cheers...Kenny
  24. Hello Raul. Yes, I did purchase the Extension pack as I have a Navigraph subscription. I have noticed from the FSMania vids and some posts on here that the G1000 is glitchy. I am about to watch the second leg of the FSMania flight departing from Belem. I have spotted straight away that he uses the command unit to call up the PROC page rather than the Garmin. So,, perhaps early days in my learning curve for this aircraft. Blue skies...Kenny p.s. apologies for not mentioning the fact of the Extension pack. Isn't it funny how we assume everyone knows what we are talking about!!
  25. Hi Ian. I too am new to the 300. Here is what I did regarding the popups, I like to think it is more like using a Pad Select type of unit in a modern bizjet. I went into the settings menu of FSX and used the Buttons and Keys tab to select the Num Pad buttons to open the popups. I deleted the Shift+1 etc entries and simpy replaced them with the Num Pad keys 1 through 8. Be aware though that the Num Lock key must be either On or OFF in the aircraft, I can't remember at the mo. It will be evident straight away though as the popups wil either open or not as the case may be. It helps me feel like I'm using a proper Key Pad iin the flight deck rather than a computer keyboard when using the Shift key as well. Regards...Kenny
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