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  1. Gerald, Yes, I installed it into the \Prepar3D v5 Add-ons. The installer gives the choice to install it into the main P3Dv5 folder or into Add-ons. Obviously, this may be the cause of the issue. It works fine from there though. Please let me know if I can help troubleshoot this further, Be glad to help. Thanks, Dave
  2. Thanks Gerald, that's how I'm configured. Running P3DV5 and using the feelThere ERJ-175 latest, MCE will not recognize the aircraft. ChasePlane shows it as the "feelThere PIC E175". I was successful with this setup under P3DV4.5. I appreciate your patience and help. Best regards, Dave.
  3. Gerald, Where do I get the installer? The download version is Thanks!
  4. I'm terribly sorry. This is my fault. I set this up as an add-on, and pointed to the wrong fsinsider64.dll. I pointed to the one the in Multi Crew Experience, which is dated 2017. Thank you for your help, you've gone above and beyond. Be safe.
  5. No work-arounds to the .exe file. FsInsider64.dll: File version 2..8.3.8 Product version Date modified 3/17/2020 12:03 PM 569,344 bytes [OPTIONS] Debug=0 DialogReference=0 KeepLVLDcopilot=0 KeepCSDC9copilot=0 RestFocusOnJoysticZoom=0 UseAlternateDllLoad=0 MCEStartDelay=30 NoTranslateAtc=0 AtcPTT=46 VatsimPTT=0 AssumeSimVersion=0 AssumeOSversion=0 Func1Param=5 Func2Param=5 FsxPrintParam=6 NoEventForward=0 MonitorVatsimPanels=0 DisableLinkage=0 AppendVASinfo=1 CheckAdminStatus=1 ShutdownRC4OnExit=0 ShutdownPFEOnExit=0 KeepWin7AeroDisabled=0 EnableGSXsupport=0 [Other] AgreedToNGXEula=1 [Prepar3D] GBordinal=24 ReduceAtcFlicker=0 AtcWinLeft=0 AtcWinTop=60 AtcWinWidth=220 AtcWinHeight=60 [SHUTDOWN] AddonTitle1= AddonTitle2= AddonTitle3= AddonTitle4= AddonTitle5= AddonTitle6=
  6. The MCE display is now showing Bombardier CRJ-700, which is different than before. Command/VoxScript shows the expected existing scripts. Command are being understood by MCE but no actions are taken. The Safety Check Flow ran to the end, but no changes to the panels were made. Same with Set Nav Lights On or Set Dome Light On. MCE did respond if the switch was already in the commanded position. I've reproduced the problem when starting MCE using SimStarter or from the desktop. P3d and MCE are being run as administrators.
  7. Thanks for the quick response. MCE dlls folder exists and contains mcasoftCRJ.dll data 10/12/2018 107 kb, [fltsim.11] title=CRJ700 Pro United Express N770SK sim=CRJ700_AMM model= panel= sound= texture=SKW_N770SK kb_checklists=BombardierCRJ700_check kb_reference=BombardierCRJ700_ref atc_id=N770SK atc_airline=SKYWEST atc_parking_types=GATE,RAMP ui_manufacturer="Bombardier" ui_type="CRJ700" ui_variation="United Express/SkyWest" ui_typerole="Regional Jet" ui_createdby="Aerosoft/Digital Aviation" description="The CRJ (Canadair Regional Jet) family of aircraft was derived from the Canadair Challenger business jet, which began its operational life as the LearStar 600. The Bombardier Canadair CRJ700, which entered service in 2001, is a stretched version of the CRJ100/200 regional jet, with increased seating capacity from 50 to 70. With increased length and upgraded landing gear, the CRJ700 features a longer wing span and leading edge slats. Like other members of the CRJ family, the CRJ700 features an electronic flight instrument system (EFIS) avionics suite and “glass cockpit” instrumentation." category=airplane
  8. I've just reinstalled MCE and it no longer recognizes my Aerosoft CRJ-700 Pro aircraft. It defaults to the Bombardier_CRJ_700 and of course does not execute any command. Help?
  9. HWInfo - I believe it has OSD capabilities. I use the strip charts.
  10. Sorry to reopen this issue. I just had this happen to me with 1.4. I was cleared to 380, but had had the departure page set to 360. I responded to all of the challenges, including 1000 below altitude (360), and continued on to 380. After that I had the blinking climb flow through the rest of the flight. I did however get the cabin secure intercom, and the automated GSX deboarding. Just to let you know.
  11. I also have the same cpu. I have found that running with HT off and an AM of 254 provides me with the best FPS and scenery loading times. I use AM 1 on other tools/programs. No AM was slower!
  12. Jim, thank you very much. I removed the last major add-on, FSL A32X, and the problem seems to have gone away. I noticed that FSL leaves an active add-on even when not flying the A320! I appreciate both your and Kyle's insights.
  13. Thanks, Dave. No Carendo and no VATSIM. The faulty module was Prepar3d.exe.
  14. Starting in the last two months I have been unable to complete a flight in any aircraft: PMDG NGXu, FSL A3xx, and CRJ. Every flight results in a silent CTD sometime during the flight (so far never on the ground), where P3D stops showing a wait icon and then disappears. In each case, I get the same appcrash report: "Stopped Working, 0xc0020001 exception in KERNELBASE.dll, The string binding is invalid." Event viewer shows the same event, different format. I completely rebuilt the system. All disks departitioned, fresh OS and P3D installations. CPU and video card not OCed. Memory slowed from ratings. System specs in signature. System adequately cooled and stress tested. I have seen several others report seeing this error recently both in sim world and other areas. So it seems to be a OS related error. I have followed the CTD guidance both from here and AvSim. Any suggestions accepted. Very frustrated at not being able to run P3D.
  15. MCE Version 2.8.06. MCE states: Copilot Iistening on: Boeing B738. This does not seem right to me. Ir seems to have found my scripts. The voxscript button shows my NGX scripts, but I am unsure which folder is being read, since I copied them into several folders. MCE is having problems with multiposition knobs and with the CDU. Note that NGXu has 4 pages of Ground Services selections now. Here is an example of the problem: Running the following script: [OPTIONS] Suspend=0 Verbose=0 RequireConfirmation=0 [REPLIES] Reply1=power up with apu procedure [COMPLETED] Completed1=out side check completed [SCRIPT] battery on COMPLETED OK standby power auto WAS ALREADY ON ac meter set to apu generator SWITCH IN TEST POSITION AND RETURNS HERE test fire detection COMPLETE OK pause=4 left aft fuel pump on FAILED test wheel well fire ENGINE FIRE SYSTEMS TESTED pause=4 start apu COMPLETED OK Pause=55 connect apu generators FAILED position light steady COMPLETED OK Pause=5 parking brake on WAS ALREADY ON Pause=30 Notify=going out for the out side check Pause=120 Pause=120 I cannot set the AC meter to APU - it returns to TEST on attempts to change. Engine start leaves the engine start switches in GROUND and they can not be changed. At pushback, the co-pilot CDU started to be very active with many buttons being pushed for over a minute and anomalies occurred with the cabin door, chocks, and other events. In summary, many switches were not configured, and rotary switches were not operational. These issues are reproducible. Thank you for your assistance and please let me know if I can be of any assistance. Regards, Dave
  16. Unfortunately the copilot does not understand the CDU pages any longer, nor many of the switches, including start switches, probe heat, etc. The copilot CDU is being accessed and modified rather vigorously.
  17. 737NGXu_Options.ini is the correct name.
  18. You have to disable the axes and buttons in P3D for them to work in FSUIPC. Having them active in both causes the symptoms you are seeing.
  19. On the CDU takeoff page, do you see Flaps 5 CLB2? Try to leave Flaps 5 until above 10k. You are probably very heavy and require additional lift at low altitudes. Purely empirical solution. Dave
  20. There response was that they are not supporting Insider previews. Although the responder did mention that he was successfully running the 1703 Creators Update. I'm running one version beyond that release currently and having no problems. All I was trying to do is give them an early update on a problem that they, Microsoft, or LM have Now if I could keep my USB 3 hub plugged in properly, my yoke and quadrant would work well. So it goes... Dave
  21. Thanks, I was aware of that and confirmed that I had the latest GSX. The behavior happened without GSX (and everything else. This version of Windows had changes to the core, and probably broke something subtle. The rollback version of Windows allows PMDG planes to work.
  22. PMDG 737NGX, 777, and 747V3 aircraft cause "Error creating child Window" in P3D 3.4.22 after loading. This prevents the green window containing status, GSX, AS16, ProATCX, and other data to be displayed and the add-ons from functioning. I removed all add-ons and reinstalled PMDG products to test. In all cases, the error occurred for PMDG aircraft. The default F-22 did not show this behavior. I rolled back to Win 10 16170 and the error did not appear and P3D behaved normally. I have submitted a PMDG support ticket.
  23. Elaine, Thanks for the input. I am running 2.09 for certain. Thanks to you. I looked in my event log, and found that the program was crashing with an 0xC0000005 error. I checked on the UT2 forum, and found that this has been seen since late 2015, and the only suggestion was to disconnect for the network, which does not fix the problem in my case. Continuing research... Regards, Dave
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