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  1. no problem, thanks for your help any way Olli. Perhaps this plane only has a flight path flight director... although that would seem very unusual.
  2. so my problem was that I had not entered the aircraft weight in the PERF INIT page. so you were right Olli - thanks for the help. i now have vnav (smile) the next problem i have with the feelThere E175 / E195 is that after take off, as soon as I engage any flight director mode (eg... HDG, NAV or IAS or VS, etc, the dual line / cross hair flight director indications are (permanently) replaced with an awful flight path angle (FPA) "bird" depiction. I can't get the normal dual line / cross hair flight director back once this happens. - there is no setting in the CONFIGURATOR for the FD type. - i checked the INI doc in the aircraft folder and there is nothing there for that either. any clues? thanks james
  3. altitude is always set up in the alt window before take-off (usually for an intermediate alt like 6,000) but still, I've had problems with vnav not being selectable. this isnt the cause of my issue but thanks any way. you might be on to something here. this might be an area i have missed something. thank you olli, i will take a look here. james.
  4. hi there, i know it's not a new add-on but i was wondering if anyone could tell me the 'requirements' in order to get VNAV working on the feelthere e-jets v2 (175 and 195). I've tried following the manual but i must be missing something as VNAV just will not arm or select for me after take-off. i was hoping someone with experience of this addon might be able to give a list of things that must be satisfied in order for VNAV to work in this unusual bird. eg.... - A/T on and armed - Speed controller set to FMS - Climb power set ? - etc - etc thanks in advance if anyone can help james
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