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    I was born in Norrköping in Sweden, in 1967. I work as a Dentist and I currently live near Northallerton in the North of England.
  1. stella artois? lol! yes, it really deserves that title!! very strong lager. in england they call the small size tin "wife beater" and the large sized tin "riot size" one of the reasons i chose to work in england though was for the newcastle brown ale. its the only beer i drink in one sense all booze is bad for us, so a league table is a bit pointless. none of it is good for us, but life is about moderation
  2. agree. the potential for a nose wheel down first, if your landing pitch is wrong too, is also real to the real plane.
  3. Fly either NGX, Aerosoft Airbus X A320, MJC Dash 8-q400. One at a time for about 1 week, Real world airlines. Real(ish) routes. Plan route in rfinder.com Make FP file in SimRoutes.com Fly off-line with Opus weather (no interest in on-line flying), don't use ATC just 'clear myself' Fly using checklists whereever possible. Very occasionally I mess around in a GA plane at airfields back home in Sweden or in Norway or UK.
  4. i want P3D but i really like enjoying myself and being entertained, so i guess to be legal i better stay with fsx, where i promise not to learn anything! :lol: any way back on topic, i have about 6 hours in the Cherokee now and it just gets better. i love taking it on long distance trips (well, long distance for a Cherokee; maybe 300nm). i'm really angry because i'm an airliner flyer really, and this bloody plane is keeping me away from my dash 8 !!! :lol:
  5. just bought the plane an hour ago. it is exquisite..... really beautiful. in my opinion it's not just a "Cherokee version of their 172". I think it's an evolution of their 172 offering. The VC texturing is far superior to the 172 (which was already good but not class leading). The Cherokee is seriously one of the most realistic VCs you will ever see. It is stunning. Again, the sounds which in the 172 were already way above what most developers offer, are in a different league in the Cherokee. and although I'll go out on a limb and say that i don't actually enjoy flying their 172 much, the Cherokee feels divine. It is beautifully responsive, weighted and feels so 'right' on approach. (where i could never get their 172 to feel 'right'). this is a real special release for the hobby. whether you like GA or not, whether you think you want a trainer or not, you really must buy this - it's without doubt one of the highest quality aircraft ever released for flight sim. 5/5.
  6. this is my dilemma. as good as the 172 is, instead of FSX > P3D rebates, I wish I could get a trade in on my A2A 172 for the A2A Cherokee! because i know that when i get the PA28, the 172 will not get used. prefer low wing.
  7. I don't know the guy myself, but a hug's a hug - we all need one!
  8. FlyBE are the biggest operator of Q400s in the world (they fly 57 and have 3 more on the way), and have an extensive route network. http://www.flybe.com/en/route-map/ Also, Wideroe (a Norwegian regional airline) operate Q400s too, and fly some very interesting and beautiful routes:- http://www.wideroe.no/en?cur=GBP&gclid=CjgKEAjwkpacBRCNlprWw-u-nBwSJACwHiw-GClJe2JafzVzWghLbYuUfhZBMW4BhBnqcky16nTxp_D_BwE I can't help with US routes for the aircraft, but I'm sure someone else will.
  9. I was going to wait a couple of weeks before getting the Cherokee - because I bought the C172 on day of release and had a number of problems (clickspots, brakes, etc - all now resolved). However, I am seeing no bug reports whatsoever for this Cherokee, which is amazing for a brand new software as complex as this (the maintenance etc). So I think I will snap, and buy today.
  10. + 1 brilliantly articulated. I think there are cultural differences at play too; for example maybe Europeans are a bit more liberal and see there being a 'duty' of civilness to explain your objection. Americans often seem more direct and more libertarian than liberal; eg... why I should I do this or that? ........ Maybe a bit more individualistic....... I'm not judging either outlook btw - each has it's advantages and disadvantages. (plus of course it's a generalism). I'm from the most egalitarian country on the planet - so we're brought up to heavily consider other's views & feelings, and I do see a sense of duty in explaining if I have a problem with something that was said by someone, rather than just numerically registering my disapproval. But.... I have used the votes. I guess because theyre there ........ I can appreciate the other point of view too; that there is no duty to do this. #Philosophy101
  11. I think people should be allowed to post an OP, and then all replies should be disabled, and only votes can be made....... (Joke). My own view (which I don't propose to be worth much) is that the debate on "ratings" versus "comments/explanations" is actually a case of "quantity" versus "quality". If someone goes against the majority view on something (as an example; "I don't like A2A addons"..... that's an example: i am NOT saying that by the way, I love them!!), they will be obliterated with negative ratings, and perhaps there will be less discussion on the reasons why they hold that view. On the other extreme, there is the 'populist' posters who just seem to agree with everyone, go with the flow and are mostly concerned with being popular and liking the same things as other people. I've actually fogotten the point of what I was rambling off about now lol!!...... but maybe sometimes quantity is the best tool, and maybe sometimes qualitive (correct word?) responses are better. different tools in the toolbox? that's my logical or objective viewpoint. my emotional / subjective view is that i dont like karma or rating systems at all. i dont like people getting labelled with a 'record' of their popularity and prefer discussion in place of the ratings. final anecdote; i am a dentist from sweden currently living and working in the UK and in our surgery we have 'customer feedback' ratings very similar to on this forum lol! ..... but the verbatim qualitive feedback is always of more interest. Not so many people rate 'like' for me drilling a root canal in their mouth!
  12. The starting issues, referred to in the posts above yours were about the A2A C172, not the new Cherokee.
  13. i agree! i mainly fly airliners, but when I fancy some GA i like to go to the very opposite end of the spectrum from airliners; so i tend to fly microlites, and my go to plane is the IRIS Jabiru C160. I'm not as keen on the Alabeo as it dosent have so much 'feel' to me, but i do love the ants airplanes p92 eaglet. like the iris jabiru, that one is very special. great pics!
  14. hi, i know it's a very common thread, and apologies if it frustrates you, but i was interested to know what people are finding their favourite aircraft add-on to fly in FSX at the moment? (as of May, 2014) ? I mainly like smaller (short haul or regional) airliners, and my favourite of the moment is the Majestic Dash 8 Q400 I still cannot believe this level of complexity and interest is available in an entertainmment product for 40 Euros. amazing! what about you?
  15. It's funny because I tried RoF and found the flight dynamics dreadfully twitchy and over sensitive. I have real time in C172 and PA28, so clearly the WWI era planes in RoF are quite different, but still it didn't feel realistic at all to me. DCS I tried and did think the flight dynamics feeled (is that correct word - apologies if not!) really good. Very convincing and refined. But, the interface and control methods (all those hundreds of key combinations!) were just so complicated and because I'm not fundamentally interested in combat or combat sims, I lost interest. With the new projects we have on the horizon (DA CRJ, Aerosoft A310, FSL A320, QW 737CL and 787 etc) I am delighted to still be in the good old-fashioned FSX camp. It gives me so much pleasure.
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