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  1. Victor, can you please give us some guidance on getting the new PMDG 737NGXu working with your hardware?? I have gotten the knobs to work (by accident) but the displays on the MCP don't show anything. Also the remote CDU doesn't connect. Please atleast communicate with your customers. I paid real money for these modules...I'd be willing to test a beta....anything....


  2. Well I have made some progress....I was actually trying the flightsimapps CDU and the program changed some settings for me in the 737NGXu SDK. Now most of the knobs on the MCP and EFIS manipulate the corresponding knobs in the cockpit. Only problem is the numbers don't light up on my hardware. I feel like I'm very close to getting it to work. Anyone got any ideas??? Also does anyone have a better email address to try and reach Virtual Avionics? Thanks, Max
  3. Those flightsimapps CDUs are great. Sure wish there was an alternative to getting the VA MCP and EFIS to work. I emailed them and offered to help test. They are completely non communicative....I can't believe it. It sure cuts down the immersion when I have $900 worth of hardware sitting on my desk and I can't use it on the new 737. I'm sure all of their other customers agree. Atleast make the software open source so someone smarter than me can write the code. Really disappointing.
  4. Hey all, I'm having trouble downloading the exe. I'm assuming it's an over aggressive antivirus. I attempted to download with 3 different browsers and the download failed. Finally downloaded on my phone, uploaded to Google drive and changed the extension just to get it on the computer. Switched it back to an exe and I get an error message that the path can not be found everytime I try to open it. I've given it all permissions, ran as admin, no joy. So frustrating. I'm basically lost when I fly the ngx now. Fumbling around to set the autopilot and cdu with the mouse....oh well, I appreciate that virtual avionics is working hard to get the module updated. If you could get me the file in a way that it will work, I'd be happy to do some beta testing to move it along. It's the last piece on my migration from version 3. -Max Fixed it! MCP works great so far with the ngx. I do need to select the profile and it does say it's connected to fsx steam. The virtual cdu says connected but stays on the "connected to vainterface version" screen. However, the buttons work so that may get fixed with a restart. All for now, Max
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