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  1. Hello, i'm trying to install livers for the flight1 atr 72 but whenever I select template option northing happens ? Any solutions to this ? I'm on Windows 7 64 bit. Thanks
  2. Thank you, it's looking a bit better now. :smile:
  3. Hello, just wondering if there is any way of getting rid of jagged lines in FSX ? Take this picture of a Dash 8, the edges of the wings for example, they are very jagged and uneven, how can I prevent this ? Thanks in advance.
  4. Hi all, I was just wondering where I can find good freeware turboprops for FSX? I'm looking for passenger aircraft like the Dash 8, Fokker 50, ATR, Saab or something similar...also with a VC. :smile: I found a site called Dreemwings but they appeared to have shut down. Any other recommendations? Thanks :smile:
  5. Hello, ive recently downloaded flight1's text o matic program but when ever I try to use it the template button doesn't work...? I'm on Windows 7 64 bit FSX. Any help or advice would be much appreciated, thanks :smile:
  6. Good news! ive finally done it!.... it works! Thanks to this guide on how to install: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/12271908/ESI%20Installer%20Help.pdf but just one question, any recommendations how the graphics settings also the ground textures are very blurry ... it's lagging allot? also thanks to everyone who helped me. Rich
  7. Just did a quick search in the main FSX folder and the Earth simulations files seem to be in there but are not showing up on FSX but when i start fsx this error comes up ?
  8. when I click on "resister boxed product" it comes up with a page saying "We regret to inform you that Earth Simulations Ltd has ceased trading" and yes i have entered a code when i was connected to the internet but it hasn't asked me for it again....
  9. just an update on things... ive tried to install without being connected to the internet and this is what happened.... 1. I put disk one in to the DVD drive and this came up. 2. I then clicked "next" then this came up. 3. i then clicked "next" then this came up 4. i then clicked "next" and it begun to transfer the files 5. once it was complete this came up so i then clicked "GO" 6. then this came up 7. then extraction complete came up so i clicked "okay" 8. then after 10 sseconds or so the ESI installer came up automatically 9. so i then clicked "install now" then this came up? "please complete the set up firs"? this hole process took just over half an hour to do. but its still not installed onto my fsx... :( and this was all while i wasn't connected to the internet... Rich
  10. Thanks for that stufer,but the thing is I don't have an earth simulations account and I'm unable to crate an account because they are no longer traiding... I bought the IOM boxed edition from flight store for £10. it was in the clearance... I also contacted the support page, that was two days ago and still no reply...
  11. well it was on 4 disks and it took about an hour to install once it had installed i came up with a message saying "extract and install scenery" so i clicked "yes" and then it extracted the files and installed them (where I don't know) and after all that the ESI installer appeared on my desktop, but I carn't find the files that it said it installed anywhere.... :(
  12. Thanks you for all your help, I went to that folder but there was no Isle of Man folder there and ive uninstalled it and re installed it 4 times now! This is so frustrating, i'm beginning to think ive wasted £10 on this.... :(
  13. okay thanks :smile: also when I had to uninstall and reinstall that was my hole FSX that i had to uninstall and reinstall for some reason it crashed it! well just to let everyone know im going now but I will be back on on Saturday to try and sort it all out, hopefully...
  14. Yes, it has installed onto my local disk (C:) drive, oh and there is a folder in my fsx scenery library called (ES-SFX) but I clicked on that last time and clicked OK and then it crashed my FSX and I had to uninstall and re install the entire thing! Rich okay will do, but when I go onto the ESI it says i need to sign in but I don't have an account and can't make on because they are longer trading.... :( this is so frustrating... Rich
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