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  1. Hi Chris, I also have been using P3d v3 with PMDG 737NGX and wanted to install v4 along side without deleting V3. The biggest reason for wanting to keep V3 is that a have many training flights saved that I load for future use. These saved scenarios are a lot of work to put together with locations, runways, approaches, frequencies etc, etc. If I uninstall the PMDG and then reinstall to use with v3 and v4, wont I lose all of theses saved flights and all there data? I would also lose keyboard commands and settings right? If so, can I save the panel state files and then re-copy them into the panel state files after reinstalling PMDG? I just hate to lose all of my settings. Dan Rice
  2. Hello, Just curious if anyone has experienced any noticeable improvements in P3D V4 with NGX. If so, what have you seen? Thanks, Dana Rice
  3. Thank you, rebooted and allowed NGX to initialize and all is well.
  4. Hello, Ive been using MCE with overall good success, but just installed newest version of MCE yesterday. Now, when I give a voice command which involves a number, ie; "set altitude 8000", MCE adds 8000 to the current set altitude. This happens for heading and speed etc.......I think I've read about this issue before, but couldnt find it in the forums. What is the fix? Thank you, Dana
  5. Hello, I'm trying to work with MCE and had a few questions for 737 users. I cannot find any docs showing commands for the EFIS control panel for the NG 737. I have looked thru all the command docs, but somehow I have missed it or it's not there. I would like to change the map scale by voice and also the EFIS mode control switch from MAP, VOR, APP etc. Also, I'm having problems finding the vertical speed commands as well. That is, the V/S button to go into vertical speed and what the commands are to select (+/- feet per minute). Every once in a while the FO does engage vertical speed, but I cant get him to select a vertical speed up or down. One more issue, is that i cant get the FO to select and altitude less than 1000 feet. If I say set altitude 800 or 0800 or 800 he will select 8000'. I would like to set the altitude to zero at times for certain approaches as well, but I am not able to. Thanks for any help. Dana
  6. Ok. Well, I'm also using the CH products Throttle quadrant. Were you able to fix this issue? Please tell me what your solution was. I do not use FSUIPC. Thank you. Dane Rice
  7. Hello, I continue to have issues with Prepar3D and PMDG 737NGX. Had such high hopes for this over FSX, but no difference in my opinion for reliability. The biggest annoying problem is a that both engines fail together randomly at different times during a flight. Usually, they fail on the takeoff roll or climbout. I can get them restarted by quickly bringing both thrust levers to close and then advance them to full throttle again. The failures happen both with autothrottles engaged or with them not engaged. Any thoughts? Another issue is a common FSX issue where after ending a flight scenario, I must completely exit the Prepar3D sim and restart the program or it crashes. This happens even with loading a default sim aircraft first. I have FSX steam on the same hardrive. Any thoughts that this is causing any issues? Thanks, Dane Rice Prepare3D ezdok track IR5 orbx
  8. Hi Bryan, Yes, I use the CH products throttle quadrant. One switch for the gear and another for the flaps. The hardware assignments work for each, but voice command does not. The voice commands worked well with FS2crew emergency, but now with Reboot they do not.
  9. The Gear and flaps work fine with the keyboard and yoke. I guess I don't understand your statement "hardware can override the flap/gear commands sent by fs2crew". How can I check or fix this etc. The voice commands worked fine with previous versions of fs2crew. Thanks. danaRice
  10. Hello, I have enjoyed the older Emergency versions of FS2crew, but I am having command issues with Reboot. Once airborne I am able to command the FO to make changes to speed, heading, auto pilot etc, However, I can't get him to put the gear up or down nor extend or retract the flaps. On taxi, I can't get the FO to extend the flaps. Right after rotation on take off with a positive rate of climb, I command "gear up" or during flight I command "gear down", but nothing happens. This is also true for Flap commands in flight regardless of retracting flaps or extending flaps. I see the green speech bar indicating the command, but no action. Has the gear and flap commands changed from earlier versions of FS2crew? All other commands seem to work. SOP's are great, but every flight can be different and unique that may or may not require certain gear or flap positions. Thank you for any help or info Dana Rice
  11. The Trike is recommended for initial start up on FSX to run the PMDG 737NG. Is this the case for the Steam edition as well? Dan Rice
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