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  1. do you think that the new HP will take it all new level?
  2. got it for the 25$ looks really nice, who knows where the manual located?
  3. and thats why i told to read the manual.. its only 2 pages 😪
  4. did you save and see that in the reflectionmaker you can see the 777-200 colored amber? what about the preset ? which one you use? dynamic reflections is higher than low on the P3D sliders?
  5. you need to add reflection profile to the aircraft with the reflectionmaker that come with TS, please read the manual. you can find reflection profiles by searching the facebook group P3Dv4 for reflections profiles, i also think that TS is coming with few.
  6. Love Greece !! thank you so much, cant wait for the others to be released !! :)))
  7. can someone please explain this? i guess the HT is on because i can see that right click on AS_P3DV4 and set AM, result showing CPU0 to 11 all of them ticked V. that means AS using all cores? do i have to change it? what about the P3D itself? it should use all cores as well, or i need to change the AM to somthing else? sorry but im not really have deep understanding with AM..
  8. i got little confused out of this, if i never touched my AM, and im using my 8700 with no HT on, what it mean? im using only core 0? it is better to turn HT on with the 8700, even when it is not K version? set Vsync ON , TB ON and unlimited, will result for the target XXHz of the screen = FPS ?
  9. im using both ENVTEX and ASCA, and i know they can provide dynamic sky texture, i cant make it work. in the past i installed set of textures from the library and since then, it seem like it doesn't matter what im doing, i cant get the dynamic sky again, what i can do to make it work? and if both ASCA and ENVTEX are dynamic, who is responsible for sky ?
  10. installed but not recognized the glasses either. i think its a problem with the OS, i tries with different rig with 1080GTX and it worked, mean the glasses are ok, does 980TI can run VR if its not VR ready?
  11. you have to apply reflection to the reflection maker for every aircraft subtype, lets say 777-200, 300. not for every livery. i think you have to set preset yes, and its better to do!
  12. 1.check if reflection is on for your tomato prolfie you choose or applied. did you apply one? 2.check if dynamic reflection slider on your settings are at least at LOW 3.check that your aircraft firmware is updated
  13. hello, after installing the glasses with the windows mixed reality portal, looks like nothing is shown in the lens just small box said that the controllers are not connected, there is green dot and its stable green inside the glasses. it looks like the computer not recognize the glasses as a second monitor, neither Nvidia control panel. it connected through HDMI port to GTX980TI. already tried: uninstall driver with DDU and install the last nvidia driver, multi monitor support from BIOS is on, on the other hand i also have mac book and while the glasses connected to it, it shows the desktop. so i guess the glasses are fine.. what im missing here? thanks
  14. i totally got confuse now on what is the right way to lock frame rate. i know lot of users lock it because of the blurriness, does anyone know to explain what is exactly VSYNC and triple buffering doing?
  15. Hi guys, i had a v4.2 texture folder backup on my PC, and i replace it with my 4.3 texture folder, does anyone know where i can get the stock 4.3 folder? what addons do installs files to this folder but ENVTEX and rex . ORBX does install to there? thanks.
  16. i think i know what the problem is! my stock folder is v4.2 and im on v4.3! i will try to get the v4.3 folder now
  17. Hi all, I had tomatoshade worked good on my sim, yesterday i decide to give a try to another preset, the tomato indication was good and finish with success. when i open the sim i couldn't see the aircrafts on the main screen, or either start a flight, the sim was loading the bar and than black screen .. i have backup of my ShadersHLSL folder and when i put it back it works fine. the thing is i also tried to make ENVSHADE to work and also the same problem.. my sim accept only stock ShadersHLSL folder 😕 maybe someone can tell?
  18. http://www.skyforsim.ga/p3dv4 you choose a pack that you want and inside the zip there is installation guide
  19. im looking forward for that! can you tell me what is the similar set for this kind of textuers for V4 that you have on your site? thanks!
  20. Hi kiwi, can you share the ASCA new set for the V4? on your site its still the old one. i want all the sky set, it looks beautiful! do you recommend any tomato preset ? thanks!
  21. Hi kiwi, looks amazing, i need to disable ENVTEX sky textures and install your sky textures into ASCA + enable dynamic sky in order to make it work? thanks!
  22. from what i saw, the maximum turbo boost is 4.6. how you set different speed for different cores without OC?
  23. Hi guys, i have regular 8700 cpu, not K version. it can go 6 cores @ 4.3 or 1 core @ 4.6, what you guys think is better? right now im on the 6 cores at 4.2-3. all of them running to 100% with P4.3 around temp of 78-80c. im not using any AM parameter. another thing i noticed, i see my 1080 card mostly running on 80-90% usage, 80c temp. and only 3000Gb vram used for the card (out of 8 ) if the card is almots kiiling himself why the vram so low? thanks!
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