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  1. hello, after installing for the first time the v4.2, it seem like the picture is really blurry, especially inside the PMDG models, the outside look bit better. i figured out that there is more clear picture as i more get close to the object or zoom in. i tried to look for a solution for Hours in google and i couldn't find the settings that can improve it to much better picture, the best i could get is to add 8XSGSS to Invidia Inspector (30% better) already tried: FXAA off, mipmap in settings, SSAA X 8 , DSR at invidia control panel, my settings: FXAA:off , texture filtering: anisotropic X16, AA:8 X MSAA, Texture Resolution at Ultra, Resulution 1920X1080X32 my rig: i7 8700, GTX1080 (last driver), 16DDR4 at 3000Mhz, SSD storage, samsung 32" 60hz monitor connected with HDMI. i dont really know what else to try, i will appreciate any help, thank you. Lidor look how sharp is the left size, and get blurry on the right side , the conver is really blurry, one thing i noticed, when im at full screen i have missing part on the right side of the screen, it look like a piece is missing, like the picture is moved to the left, now in the print screen i can see that there is another piece on the left..like double picture , but its the same size that missing 😕 , any idea what cause to that?
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