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  1. Yes, totally agree Michael. Great scenery's, but updates can be hit and miss. You really need to be active on their forums to hear about one if you purchased from their store. Orbx Central (and others like Contrail) make it a lot easier.
  2. Orbx is now selling it. https://orbxdirect.com/product/flytampa-cyyz-msfs
  3. From the Contrail product page, "Download size, 3.61GB, Installation size 13.31GB"!
  4. I agree with your grievance regarding the vagueness of the EULA, but did you read the EULA for MSFS 2020? It basically states that you agree to giving full access of your computer to Microsoft. Similar agreement exists to installing and using Windows. Scary wording when looked at closely. Just how literal they are with those privileges is anyone's guess.
  5. I see Sim Studio have released a version too - https://secure.simmarket.com/studio-sim-kcrq-mcclellan-palomar-airport-msfs.phtml
  6. I think a lot of the hype actually comes from us. It seems all a developer has to do is put out a picture or two, or make a vague statement about an upcoming project, then sit back and watch us as the future consumers take it and run. In a lot of the cases, we are the marketing department! 😄
  7. I'm not seeing the issue with rudder authority you are. I've got full authority in all tested scenarios so far. I have noticed a problem with the payload calculation where 50% or more payload maybe being represented as 100% plus, resulting in an overloaded plane with no control at takeoff. I tried 25% payload and it is as expected if it were set at 50%!?
  8. I just had a play around with the payload amount and noticed when I get near 50%, the aircraft will roll left and be unrecoverable at takeoff. I also noticed that when payload is set to 50%, the aircraft is full of boxes. I would have expected it to be half full. When I lowered the payload to 25%, the aircraft was half full of boxes, and was fine at takeoff. I wonder if there is a problem with the cfg where 50% payload is actually being represented as 100%, and therefore overloaded!
  9. I note Orbx just released it on their site and it comes with a 15% discount if you own SWS Okavango scenery. Not much but a bit of a saving over Simmarket. Too late for you though Bert...😉
  10. https://contrail.shop/collections/frontpage/products/lfbo-toulouse-blagnac-msfs
  11. If you have a suitable 3D printer, or a shop nearby that does 3D printing, you can download files for flap lever slots for various aircraft and throttle handles for free. https://www.freesimstuff.com/downloads--honeycomb.html https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4787184/files
  12. Do you have the PMS GTN installed with JD's panel mod from flightsim.to too? If so, it's not compatible. I had the same problem, but resolved it by removing the TBM GTN panel mod.
  13. https://flightsim.to/file/8288/tbm930-improvement-mod Compatibility with update 5 confirmed.
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