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  1. Which version of Prepar3D do you have installed? Flight1 has dropped support for the F1GTN750. I'm reading that there will no longer be any updates, so it's only working with version and below. https://www.simforums.com/forums/please-update-gtn750-complete-to-p3d-v5-3-17-28160_topic64572&SID=8538-5af268dbc8937a285e595591319444.html I'm not sure if the RealityXP version will work with that Aircraft.
  2. It's back up. https://www.alpha-india.net/forums/index.php?topic=38571.msg372978;boardseen#new
  3. Still waiting on Chaseplane and F1GTN Compete for updates. I'm kinda surprised Chaseplane hasn't hit already, they're usually pretty quick.
  4. Now that the version changed from 0 to 1 after the new hotfix update to the hotfix update, I guess we wait again for a update. Happy Holidays
  5. All the best this holiday season to all from Northern California, USA. Stay safe and stay well.😃
  6. Can someone tell me how we are supposed to download new versions of the software now that they have changed the website?
  7. Where did you find it? I'm on the forum now but all I can find is the announcement. Thanks, Keith
  8. With the exception of the stars, all the pics look the same
  9. So nvidia released another driver the doesn’t work???
  10. GeForce 466.11 released today. Anyone have a chance to see if it's worth using?
  11. Quick question guys. I've been following this thread and wanted to ask, what would you guys consider the best NVIDIA driver to install for P3D right now? The new drivers 465.89 has played havoc on my system and my sim so I need to reinstall an older driver. Thanks, Keith
  12. Just a quick question. I've been following this hoping to find the same fix. Can you tell me exactly what would be the exact name of the dll files you mentioned? the closest I could find is d3dx11_43.dll in the P3Dv5 main folder, but nothing like that in C:\Windows\SysWOW64 or the Win folders. Thank you
  13. Thank you so much for all you do. I don't think there would be a flightsim community without Avsim. All the best to you all and your families this holiday season and a blessed new year. Stay safe, Keith
  14. I'm assuming it's going to be like this until they get the servers back up. I feel like this is the same way the Flight Sim Store went down. Just waiting. Keith
  15. Has the FSPS store closed? It's been several days and their website only states; "In order to perform website maintenance, our online store will be temporarily offline. We apologize for the inconvenience and ask that you please try again later." Also their twitter account seems to be suspended. Reminds me of when the Flight Sim Store closed. Thanks
  16. I loved the video, but when I went to edit the registry my installation of windows 10 became unstable. Where did you find 18 voices in your windows 10 install? I think I found 6, but lost them all in my reinstall of windows.
  17. It' It's a full install and points directly to P3Dv5, it's not a patch.
  18. It was a free download for me off their website. http://majesticsoftware.com/mjc8q400/support.html
  19. It's available on the Majestic software website, user area, patches and updates. http://majesticsoftware.com/mjc8q400/support.html I downloaded it and installed it not to long ago. Works great. Pro version 1.021 full installer for Prepar3D v4+ and v5+
  20. I found this: https://www.simflight.com/2020/07/05/majestic-software-dash-8-q400-p3d-has-been-updated-for-p3d5/
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