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  1. After seeing this post a couple of months ago, I had this Issue happen to me for the first time tonight.

    I am not even in doubt that there is something wrong here (i've flown both the PMDG777-200 and the 300 a lot) The way the aircraft behaved after the main gear touched down was completely different to anything i have seen before and exactly as described by others in this post. This was into 30L in OMDB and the 77W usually stops fairly quickly. But this time it just kept the nose up by itself until like 2/3 down the runway making the nose come down just in time for the brakes to work making the aircraft stop just short of running off. i touched down with a 200fpm'ish landing just on the touch down marker.

    i will try and see if i can make some footage of it.

    P3D V4.3.

  2. 2 minutes ago, Budbud said:


    You could post a video of the engine start up with that click.

    But are you sure that it is not the start switch going back from Start to Norm?

    100% sure it isn't the knob going back to norm, that's a whole different sound 🙂 if you're able and willing to try please go to your Rootsim/sound/pmdg/777x/various/ and play PMDG_777_EngineStart2c and tell me if you can hear the click between 13 and 14 seconds.

    I'll sort out a video or upload my sound file as soon as someone tells me its okay to upload.


  3. Hello.

    I have for a long time had an issue with the sound of the startup sequence of the right side engine on the 777. There is a static "click" during the right hand side engines startup sequence which is heard 44-45 seconds after turning the engine start switch to start. i started noticing it back somewhere in P3D V3 and have had the issue ever since. i am now on P3D V4.2.

    I have found that the click could be coming from the sound file PMDG_777_Enginestart2c because you can hear a very loud similar static "click" if you play the sound file outside of the sim. It is heard 13-14 seconds into the recording when playing that file. If i play the sound file PMDG_777_Enginestart1c there is no static click and it also sounds fine when starting that engine in the sim.

    I am unsure whether i am allowed to put the actual sound file from my machine up on this thread because you're not allowed to share files, but if someone can say it is okay i can put it up so you can hear what i am talking about.


  4. On 1/26/2017 at 10:00 AM, dazza1980 said:

    I have managed to eradicate many of the background stutters by tweaking the cfg file according to the AVSim Guide.

    Flying along the sim runs as smooth as anything from 20 fps upwards. 

    However, I am still stuck with the panning issue. I believe its purely related to the refresh rate of the monitor, which doesn't want to ply ball regardless of what I do.

    Care to explain what you did? :) 

  5. On 5/31/2015 at 3:52 PM, mcnobody said:

    Hello fellow 737NGX simmers,


    this is a small project I had on my mind for a long time but I never really felt the need to do it. I always wanted to have a generic Normal Checklist I could print on a DIN A4 paper which doesn't reflect any airline specific items, phraseology or logos but still has got a clean and easy to read layout. As of today I have finally started and finished it and addtionally created a replacement texture for the yoke checklist shown in the virtual cockpit of the 737NGX.


    The items of the Normal Checklist are based on the information coming with Boeing's Quick Reference Handbook (QRH) document provided by PMDG. So these are not made up by myself or contain any airline specific data but should reflect the most common things you would see on a 737 Normal Checklist.


    You might ask why I did a replacment texture for the virtual cockpit of the NGX. I always felt that PMDG's default yoke checklist contained lots of items not mentioned in todays Normal Checklist for the 737NG. In 2005 Boeing actually revsied the Normal Checklist and simplified it by only retaining the critical items, primarily those related to aviation safety. I don't claim that PMDG's version is wrong but I just do prefer the simplified version of it.


    Here are two previews of the Normal Checklist and yoke checklist, so you can see what you are up to if you consider downloading it.






    You can download the files here.


    The rear page doesn't contain any information yet. I am still considering adding content here (i.e. wind component chart etc.). Feel free to give your input here. Also I have got a DIN A4 long version on my mind but I am not really convinced so far.


    I printed out the checklist on a DIN A4 HP flyer paper – which is a bit thicker than a normal A4 paper – and  laminted it. I am quite satisfied with the result.


    Comments welcome.


    Best regards,


    Hello Christian.

    Any chance you can re-upload these files (the checklist and yoke texture). or put them permanently in Avsims library?

    I would highly appreciate that, a plain checklist like the one you made is impossible to find apparently.

  6. Hello.

    I get this error(see below) every time i try to open the "livery downloader" in the PMDG operations center. This happens with all PMDG products i own (737, 777 and 747) and it worked fine two days ago. Between now and then i have not installed any programs on my PC or been running windows update.

    My operating system is Windows 10 home 64 bit.



    TLS 1.2 is enabled as instructed by the box.




  7. You are not alone. Infact i dont think the most of us have the same great FPS on takeoff as on approach. And NEVER flights beyond 3 hours.


    I am curios if its relatedto Windows or just a week platform not designed for longhauls.


    Thanks Michael Moe


    I completely agree that FPS usually is a bit lower on approach compared to the departure no matter how long the flight is.


    But from 40 to 17 just out of nothing must be some specific (i hope :D)

  8. Hello


    I’ve been a bit curious to where I should post this because I am not a 100% sure if it is the 747, P3D, my hardware or something fourth that is causing it. So i've decided to try and start here.


    I’m seeing this consistent frame drop when flying long hauls. After about 4-5 hours into the flight the FPS suddenly drop to around 20-25ish in the VC, the drop also appears in the external view and takes it down by approximately the same %. Over the course of writing this post my FPS have dropped from around 20-25ish to a steady 17ish and I suspect it will keep going down. My usual FPS is around 40-45 in the cruise in the 747 V3, with about 35ish on the ground at Aerosoft EDDF. I’ve seen the issue three times in 747 V3(the 3 long hauls I’ve done) and I THINK I’ve seen it in the 777 once a while ago but I am not a 100% sure so I’ll test that at a later point.


    I’ve attempted to close Ezdok and AS16, plus creating a clear sky envirorement, none of that helped. If I go ahead and restart my sim everything is back up and running as normal.

    It’s a bit hard to test the issue because it requires you to be airborne for at least 4 hours until it triggers, so I will keep testing and report my findings, I just hope someone else can say they’ve seen something similar or know a solution.


    I’m suspecting this could have something to do with hardware throttling but none of my hardware(CPU/GPU) are exceeding their limits on clock rates or temperatures, not even in overcast conditions. I usually monitor it even though there is no problem just out of interest and I have a log showing 20 minutes back all the time, which I immediately checked after the FPS drop happened. According to that beside my GPU temp and Fanspeed going down a little bit then everything else remained the same (GPU usage, CPU usage, CPU Temp etc) as in what it was prior to the FPS drop.


    I noticed that when it happened around 4 hours and 20 minutes into the flight, that I went from a consistent VAS of 3.3GB to a vas of around 3.6GB where 3.3 had been consistent within 20-30MB since unloading Aerosoft Frankfurt on the departure.


    System: 4790K (OC: 4.4ghz) – GTX 1080 376.33 – 16gig 2133hz ram – MSI Z97 Gaming 7 – Windows 10 64bit – Samsung 840 EVO 250gb.


    Addons: P3D V3.4 HF3, AS16, Ezdok V1, Orbx Vector, Global, OpenLC Europe, Rex texture direct, Rex soft clouds, Numerous scenery addons, GSX, FSUIPC free edition PMDG 747 V3 (+ numerous other aircraft).


    All addons are updated to the latest versions which all were updated this Saturday (Feb 11 2017)



    Update: i noticed in my windows logbook that i got a warning and an error about the same time as the FPS drop i dont know if it is related. I went through the logbook and found that on the 5th of Feb 2017 (last time i did a long haul) i received the same error and warning prior to the FPS drop.


    I got a warning saying the following (translated from Danish so might not be exactly the same on the English version if windows)

    The maximum size for the session “eventlog-airspacechannel” is reached, As a result from here on actions might be lost (Wont be logged) for the file C:\WINDOWS\System32\Winevt\Logs\AirSpaceChannel.etl” The maximum filesize are at the moment set to 1048576 byte:


    Followed by an error saying (again translated)

    The session “eventlog-airspacechannel” was eneded due to the following error: 0xC0000188

    Source: Kernel-eventTracing

  9. Navn på program med fejl: Prepar3D.exe, version:, tidsstempel: 0x5758bb31

    Navn på modul med fejl: ntdll.dll, version: 10.0.14393.479, tidsstempel: 0x58256ca0

    Undtagelseskode: 0xc0000374

    Forskydning med fejl 0x000d9d11

    Proces-id 0x231c

    Programmets starttidspunkt 0x01d27ed71b2824a5

    Programsti: C:\P3D V3\Prepar3D.exe

    Modulsti: C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\ntdll.dll

    Rapport-id: 687cbd4e-1de6-4f5a-b1a5-09fd838bae2a

    Fuldt navn på program med fejl: 

    Relativt program-id for program med fejl: 


    Got this error today en-route in the 747v3 from EDDF to KIAD. i dont know if the error you have and the one i have are related in another way than the ntdll. 


    P3D V3.3.5 on windows 10 64bit. Prior to the flight i did update couatl to the latest version.


    The crash log is in danish but i assume the codes are the same across all languages 

  10. Thank you for pointing out these small issues (the light leaks and EICAS label issue).  We'll be sure to address them in a future update.


    As for the small white bar: We are trying to ascertain out the origin of this.  What is the dpi and screen size/resolution you are using?  Are you applying any windows scaling (windows option) in your display properties?


    Finally, the pitot/static portion of the check list: There are no pitot/static system checks conducted by a 400 flight crew.  It MIGHT be something that LH keeps on the 400 checklist for consistency with other fleet types where there IS a check made...airlines do that sometimes.

    Thank you for the quick reply.


    My monitor is an Asus PQ279Q 27 Display port at 2560x1440 144hz. I do not use scaling. In regards to DPI its not something I've heard about on monitors before so i am unsure what my setting/amount is. I am flying at the moment and will look into it if you need at a later point.

    My graphics card is a GTX 1080, and i have a second monitor connected as well (Asus VH242H 24 HDMI at 1920x1080 60hz) but the sim only runs on the PQ279Q 


    It might be worth adding that the issue on the PFD is only periodic and does not happen all the time. I will keep monitoring it, but as far as i can recall the only time out of the 5-10 flights I've done so far, it have only appeared once, which was on approach into Dubai last night. (where the screenshot is from) I am doing the return from Dubai right now in the same livery/model and have not seen it yet.

  11. Hello, I have a few questions regarding the 747, which is absolutely fantastic by the way.


    First one of the panels to the left of the captain and right of the first officer have a hole in them at the corner towards the back of the panel, is this intended? It appears in both Cargo and Pax liveries (tested Cargolux 747-400F and Lufthansa 747-400 – see picture below)

    First officer: https://gyazo.com/384eaa2c90fc1315b3b6417ff91704d0

    Captain: https://gyazo.com/505b2be2a9713ca20bd9caa35ac3fb26


    Secondly I noticed a white bar on the captains PFD right next to/below the QHN, what is that?

    Cargolux: https://gyazo.com/00cf89496a2ef0a03c085fd5c07f3d39

    Lufthansa: https://gyazo.com/060e3818fe5fe36fb4bed0ce72885caf


    Thirdly in the Cargolux livery (747-400F), the panel above the engine display that reads “EICAS” is covered by a panel attached to the underside of the MCP, is this intended? It is not covered in the Lufthansa 747-400 pax livery.

    Cargolux: https://gyazo.com/9f82b02b5699def6cc650edd752be765

    Lufthansa: https://gyazo.com/060e3818fe5fe36fb4bed0ce72885caf


    And at last more as a, do anyone happen to know question:

    I noticed that the Lufthansa 747 pre-flight checklist, have a check called “Pitot/static” with a response of checked from both the captain and the first officer. I can’t seem to find out what exactly it is they check, is it a setting in the flight deck, is it a verification that they were inspected from the walk around, or something third?


    Thanks in advance – back to flying J

  12. This is from prior to our entry into P3D (so it refers to the NGX and the 777):

    "Some have expressed concern about forward compatibility with LM version changes.  We have already indicated that our current product licensing will carry you through at least v3.x and x64bit conversion, which we anticipate taking place in v3.x... (based on publicly available information.)"

    http://www.avsim.com/topic/461729-08feb15-p3d-pricing-policy-some-facts-on-this-issue/ (emphasis mine)






    Still. I'm not seeing how the logic is being applied here (particularly in light of information that has been publicly available for a few weeks short of two years). The work required to bring the 744 into a 64 bit version of P3D is going to be about the same amount of work that the 777 would require. Age has nothing to do with it (particularly in light of the fact that the 64 bit version has been known and anticipated for quite some time now). That's also not mentioning the logistics of having yet another license version to support.


    Thank you for clarifying that.


    i guess there is nothing to worry about then :)

  13. You probably have track up display and your ND shows track. Track is the direction of flying, and heading is the direction of airplane's nose.

    In normal flight difference between this two is caused by crosswind component. Airplane's trajectory is moved into direction of the wind.


    In tutorial flight it is recommended to use default weather with insignificant wind that's why there is no shift angle.


    I tested this with clear skies and there was no problem, thank you for your help.

  14. Hello everyone.


    I am experiencing a problem with my PMDG 737-800 NGX, the problem appeared suddenly and i can confirm that it has worked before, as in two weeks ago, i have not installed any addons or changed anything to my setup in the time between it working and not working, but the problem does not occur if i load one of the tutorial flights, i have tried to check if there is any difference between the aircraft setup configuration in the tutorial flight and when i load the plane in freeflight but i have not been able to find any difference yet.


    When i choose heading select it consistently flies 3-5 degrees to the right of the heading i put into the MCP.


    The problem does not appear when i select LNAV.


    I appreciate any help/advice.


    Best regards.


    Frederik Pedersen.

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