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  1. Thanks Dave. I THOUGHT I had my Navigraph FMS Data Manager pointing to the correct folder...I did not. My P2A is now on the correct AIRAC 2108 cycle. THANK YOU SO MUCH !!! John
  2. Hope this is the right place for this post...it's kinda related but a bit different... No matter how I get the flight plan entered into P2A (my imports are all successful, whether I import from SimBrief (paste from clipboard), NaviGraph, or even enter my flight plan DIRECTLY into P2A, I cannot get all data to MATCH properly. Example: Flight into KSFO from KSAN. It seems that all sources recognize the SERFR4 arrival (Simbrief and Navigraph), but P2A only sees a SERFR2 arrival. ALL my apps are updated to the latest versions, as well as to the latest AIRAC cycle (2108). I hope I've provided enough information here. Thanks in advance.
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