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  1. Hi Elaine, 

    I saw on another forum on helicopters that you posted quite awhile ago about having the Dodo 206. I am getting into Helis now, and wondering if the 206 works well with P3D version 3.4?  I do not have FSX on my computer if that has any effect on installing it in P3D. 




    1. Poppet


      Hello Bob 

      Yes that's right,  I actually forgot about that.  To be honest I have not Installed the Dodo now i would say since Prepar3D v2.5 and even at that i cant remember how i Installed it.  I will dig it out and give it a Twirl.  From what i remember it was very realistic on systems but very low on eye candy,  You can get free upgrade Texture packs but there just Ok.

      The Milvz MD 530F,  Is a nice little chopper,  good systems as well,  Its notoriously hard to start which makes it great for the system nerds out there,  Nice textures as well.  

      Another one i like is the  R66 TURBINE by Careanado,   I'm not sure of its compatibility with 3.4,  But low on systems,  great textures amazing sound when your tipping along