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  1. I sort of agree but it goes both ways, Msfs devs should be flagged if they go on Xplane/P3D threads.
  2. Arrgghhh.. just had another CTD approaching EGLL. Temps and everything else seemed fine.
  3. The bean counters have the final say unfortunately.
  4. 41% after about 1 hour 50 mins NE England.
  5. I suffered from CTD's after the last update, so I've done everything that MS recommend this time to try and get a good install.
  6. Thanks the FBW team, your unpaid work is much appreciated.
  7. We'll have to wait until release of this product to see if they any similar problems?
  8. Although this is welcome as a stop gap, until we get a better add on, whether it's payware or freeware, I'm a bit puzzled with this being a commercial product, surely they have the same legalities regarding the use of copyrighted liveries and company names as Microsoft do, yet Microsoft have continually stated that the middle sized airlines are too busy just staying afloat to be bothered about entering into agreements with a flightsim program, yet it seems that's exactly what Aerosoft has managed to do pretty easily. I hope Jorg can answer how things seem different for the relevant devs.
  9. My system will be more or less the same except I may buy a 5800 or more likely a 5800xt if the latter CPU gets release towards the end of this year.
  10. They didn't say they wouldn't work on Windows 10, it's just that at this point of time Windows 10 isn't fully optimised for big/little yet, if ever?
  11. I think I heard on a PC podcast that to really gain any advantage from the new desktop big/little architecture we'll need to wait for Windows 11?
  12. I hope you recover from your accident, hopefully the low life that done the dirty deed gets some Karma coming their way.
  13. A great interview, very interesting, thanks for the link. This is only the beginning for MSFS, we have many great years of simming ahead of us... and a massive thank you to Jorg and the Asobo team.
  14. I don't know if you can answer this question, but will this update work in the soon to be released SU5?
  15. If most of the Xbox crowd have already pre-downloaded their copy it might not as bad as I initially feared.
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