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  1. Are you using norton internet security by any chance?
  2. JRS182

    Plane spotting in KSAN

    I would imagine hes using TomatoShade with the reflection profiles for the Airbus installed.
  3. JRS182

    OZx site down

    I was also wondering this, its been down for weeks 😞
  4. JRS182

    Sound popping / crackling

    I had this problem before, and it was related to Active sky and Norton internet security. Basically Norton was inter fearing with Active sky causing latency on the system and causing sound popping. If i ran the sim without active sky the sound popping wouldn't be present. Worth a shot.
  5. JRS182

    Altitude 100 ft increments

    No problem my friend 🙂
  6. JRS182

    Altitude 100 ft increments

    Hold down tab while scrolling
  7. JRS182

    FSL Website hacked ??

    only sad lonely individuals would waste their time doing something such as this
  8. JRS182

    QW787 P3Dv4 - first impressions?

    I like the aircraft, I just wish i could assign the AP and AT disconnect switches to my damn joystick!? why have they made this so hard its like one of the important things to implement. Does anyone know how to do this using the custom commands they posted on their forums? I can't seem to get any answers over there.
  9. Thanks for all your hardwork Adam. I love your presets 🙂
  10. JRS182

    747 Tutorial Videos

    Many thanks I'll try it again later and see if I can do it. Loving the videos!
  11. JRS182

    747 Tutorial Videos

    I have a question, its not really that important but in your full flight video, you can hear the oxygen noise come out of the speaker when you test it. However when I try this I cannot replicate the sound coming from the speaker. I can obviously hear the sound normally when I push the test button on the mask.
  12. JRS182

    A fix for the TSS sound package

    I just tried this out and it sounds great. thanks for the effort you put into this! 🙂
  13. JRS182

    747 Tutorial Videos

    Thanks for doing these videos. Its great to see how these aircraft are operated in real life. I'm only about halfway through the first video so far but will be sure to check out the rest and hope for some more in the future!
  14. JRS182

    Sounds Muted on Lost Focus

    I think the developers will have to rectify this. I don't think their is a simple fix. I hope they can fix it as it is annoying.
  15. JRS182

    Dreaming is not harmful

    Excellent, thanks buddy. I'm going to give it a try now :)