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  1. dmarques69

    several questions

    First thought that come to my mind is CPU temps, how are they? Second is ram, how much do you have?
  2. dmarques69

    Things I don't understand.................

    I don't understand people that don't understand that an ellipsis is only 3 dots... BTW... God: I'm going to grant you a wish, but is only one, so pick wisely. Some random Guy:I want a road all around the world to travel and visit all the places. God: that's impossible, pick another. Some random guy: OK, so i want to understand women. God: how many lanes do you want in the road?
  3. dmarques69

    X-Enviro 1.10 progress....

    Rob i applied for the beta team of Active Sky for XP and i received an answer, i cant share what it was, but i assure you that is around the corner 😉 Anyway, theres some info here:
  4. dmarques69

    LPPT from MK Studios coming for P3D and XP11 :)

    Dont be sad with me, i just mentioned because a lot of people make that confusion Portugal/Spain 😉
  5. dmarques69

    X-Enviro 1.10 progress....

    I already saw a lot of impressive shots and videos about the upcoming version of xenviro, but i also saw a lot of them in the previous versions, and the result was so disappointing that my expectations are very low regarding anything related with xenviro, and worst the devs are not there to deal with any kind of criticism, not going to talk about their "support". Fortunately Active Sky for XP is around the corner, and until them Ultra Weather XP and FS global RW make a pretty good job dealing with my XP weather. Xenviro is dead to me!
  6. dmarques69

    LPPT from MK Studios coming for P3D and XP11 :)

    But Madrid is not in Portugal, is Spain 😉 their next job is in those Lisbon photos, they left a hint!
  7. dmarques69

    LPPT from MK Studios coming for P3D and XP11 :)

    Same here 🙂
  8. Great news for any fan of my loved Lisbon, LPPT is on the fence to be released for P3D v4 looking like this... And great news also for XP11... More pics here:
  9. My finger is on the buy now waiting for this update, no extra pressure 🙂
  10. dmarques69

    Sound source Root folder wont accept path

    Colin why did you installed P2ATC inside your steam library? not a good thing, only steam apps and games should be there! You answered to your own question... make a backup of your P2ATC database, uninstall it and install it again in a root folder.
  11. dmarques69

    WOW! How things have changed!

    Looking to your list i would say you picked the correct parts, unless you want to wait a little longer and add a 2080ti with is pornographic price or to see if the 1080ti drops a little more. Rather than that, i dont know if that cooler is good enough to cool down the hot 8700k(in OC), i have water cooling, maybe other members that have it can say something...if you go with X-plane more ram and disk are mandatory, because you dont want to miss ortho4xp that is simply awesome in both 2d and VR, in this particular XP runs VR natively with no issues and with most of the planes supporting it, last time i try P3D with is native VR was unplayable and i had to go with Flyinside, but also a great experience!
  12. Did you sold a liver to buy it? 😀 counting on a review from you to see how it behaves compared to the 1080ti!
  13. dmarques69

    Microsoft voices in P2A

    Great find Philippe, thank you 😉
  14. dmarques69


    Really dont like to see military planes in civil simulators, feels to me like eating oranges with mustard, but what da heck, that blondie is a beauty!
  15. Again? why do you keep opening topics to say the same... If you are not happy with XP go back to FSX, is like having a smartphone and going back to a rotary dial phone! Out of the box XP gives 10-0 to any other simulator period, the advantage of the others is the immense addons market around, but as Tony said, this is changing, anyway you cant put XP with all the good stuff nowadays with no sweat...and with one advantage, most of the things are FREE!