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  1. old fart here checking in.... see below this is correct imho although i prefer rex 4 and softclouds
  2. The failure system in FSX is lacking, its binary... either there is a failure or there is not a failure. What i would like is a system where I could say there is 95% reliability [number is pulled out of thin air] to each overall flight and on that 5% there is a system that fails randomly. As far as I know FSCaptain has some sort of system like this but it seems to be tuned to be easy to get out of... nothing critical will fail. I saw a video of a tube liner project in development where the engine flamed and he went through the emergency procedures. but it seemed that the plane had a control panel to trigger the emergancy. As far as I can tell FSCaptain is the only thing that does something along these lines, but is there anything else out there... Bonus if it works for FSX-SE (which excludes FS Passengers) Double bonus if its in active development (which excludes FS Passengers) triple bonus if it also works with p3d as well (not critical)
  3. Hey guys, will FS Captain run under Steam Edition?
  4. On suggestion I picked up the RealAir Lancair and it has quickly become my go to aircraft. I love it so much.
  5. Skimmed through the thread but did not find this asked already. But is this compatible with FSXSE?
  6. There should be no issues with using Scenery on SE.....
  7. Same problem here... Emailed twice with no answers/changes
  8. Anyone have any experience / recommendations / reviews regarding the 3 planes that orbx put out. They seem to be Kit style GA and I really have no experience in what kit planes can and cant do and my unknowledgeable bias thinks there limited... But let me know they look sexy... are they good?
  9. Well both.. Since im just coming back into things, i am collecting as much info as I can as well. That GTN750 looks awesome b.t.w. Tell me about (well point me to) the aftermarket FMC... whats good in that area? I love this community!
  10. These are the two I am looking at. I tried out Texas for NIGHT 3D but the frame rate got completely trashed and I don't know of any easy way to tone down the settings. It looks amazing. Does not perform amazing. I am told Flight1's Night Enviroment is better and easier to configure for less FPS hit but it is lacking in US coverage at the moment. They are working feverishly on it though. Aren't those two links both the Aerosoft Product? Or am I missing something...
  11. In the responses I saw a few for the Citation by EagleSoft... What about the Carenado Citation II S550 I've heard the initial release had issues but there was a quick fix put out, but really haven't heard much about post patch.
  12. Hi folks What are some of the suggested private jets to get, preferably ones with good FMC style navigation. Or just good nav systems. Thanks
  13. @ Kuragiman you mention the lighting to add in over the mega scenery, can you give me the full names of them, a quick google search did not give me much love,
  14. Gotcha... I assume regions act similar to open land class with region specific stuff.... So the Global Mesh is still a good non redundant purchase.. excellent.
  15. These are the basics. However, default FSX ATC/AI does have some shortcomings, and it is likely that at a later stage you will want to look at addon packages that improve the experience. There are packages which provide more realistic airline traffic, others which allow you to interact with FSX ATC by voice, and still others that replace the default ATC system with something nearer real life. Could you expand on this with suggestions or pointing me to add on that do the replacement of the ATC system, and the best package for AI realism.
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