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  1. Anyone notice the Stranger Things kids on the TV screen riding their bikes?
  2. P3Dv4Pilot

    Captain Sim 757-200

    Flightfactor is an xplane addon, this is the p3d forum
  3. this addon is great and fsw with Truesky looks awesome....try it!
  4. P3Dv4Pilot

    Update 8: Truesky (1.2.19365.0) Now Live

    hell yah! thank you DTG!
  5. P3Dv4Pilot

    Just outrageous frame rates!

    no clouds = high frames
  6. P3Dv4Pilot

    Community Update V6 (1.0.18508) Is Now Live

    i bought fsw yesterday and i'm pretty impressed so far. I can run it fully maxed out on my Alienware Aurora Desktop and it never dips below 20fps.....so far so good in early access
  7. P3Dv4Pilot

    FSW and its future

    Early Access FSW is FSX..........Early Access ended over 10yrs ago.
  8. P3Dv4Pilot

    FSW and its future

    i honestly think FSW has no future, i think DTG will abandon it in 2018 just like they abandoned Flight School.
  9. P3Dv4Pilot

    First Impressions...not as bad as some are saying

    even if you like fsw, don't expect many addons from 3rd party devs.
  10. P3Dv4Pilot

    Just 2 days away from the Historic Day !

    heres another live now
  11. P3Dv4Pilot

    Just 2 days away from the Historic Day !

  12. P3Dv4Pilot

    Compatible Hardware

    save your money, it's fsx with rain drops.
  13. P3Dv4Pilot

    VERY Bad Reviews so far on Steam

    Steam offers refunds
  14. P3Dv4Pilot

    Just 2 days away from the Historic Day !

    jcomm will uninstall this in under 5mins