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  1. Bumping this just in case it got lost in all the 748 news ;)
  2. junkyspam7

    Big Brown Pacific Tour

    I thought this thread was about something you had flushed!
  3. Robert, I’m interested to know how you did this. Did you have a static summer and winter value programmed for very country in the world or does the FMC dynamically work in the background to figure out what the density should be depending on location, time of year, temperature etc via the internet perhaps?
  4. junkyspam7

    Short Turn Panel State

    I’m def loading the short turn panel state so weird. Will check again when I next can get on the sim, thanks.
  5. junkyspam7

    Short Turn Panel State

    Thanks Robert, I haven’t had a chance to get back on the sim for a while but will give that ago. Appreciate the advice.
  6. junkyspam7

    Tutorial No. 2 Save Missing

    I want to load up the saved flight scenario for Tutorial 2 as per the instructions on Page 11 of the tutorial. However, the flight does not appear in the list of scenarios in P3D. When I look in the My Documents\Prepar3d v4 Files folder, there are no NGX FLT or WX files. When I look in the PMDG\737NGX\Panel State folder in the main sim folder, there are a load of files related to the tutorial as stated on Page 177, from different stages of the tutorial as stated, before approach, pushback, takeoff etc. FMC, sav, and rte files. But the actual scenario save file doesn't appear anywhere. I noticed this recently prior to a reinstall of Windows and P3D from scratch and now that I have done a reinstall, it is still missing so doesn't seem to get installed. Is the file saved elsewhere? Thanks
  7. junkyspam7

    Short Turn Panel State

    Will try that, thanks John.
  8. I tried the short turn panel state for the first time but couldn’t start the APU. I couldn’t see anything obvious on the overhead panel that wasn’t as it should be. Ground power ext 1 and 2 were connected and on. Packs were off. Nothing happens when I click the APU start. What basic step am I missing? It works fine from cold and dark. Thanks.
  9. junkyspam7


    Why don't you do that instead of constantly being the forum police on every thread and self-appointed spokesman?
  10. junkyspam7

    FSDiscover....who can I write to?

    OK, thanks Vic, I will have a look via Google and see if I can find anything. If I do, will let you know and drop in the method here if I find one. Appreciate the quick response and the answer to one of my two FSX to P3D add on prayers, FSDiscover (even if it is only airports) and FSPassengers (one day hopefully!)
  11. junkyspam7

    FSDiscover....who can I write to?

    Hi Vic I know I am a little late to the party but only just found this thread when searching for info on FSDiscover and this is just brilliant! Thanks for the info, it will certainly help me to finally move to P3Dv4 fully and perhaps say goodbye to my dual FSX install. Out of curiosity, and without seeming to want the moon on a stick! do you know if there is anyway you can edit the font size and colour for the TOGGLE_AIRPORT_NAME_DISPLAY option anywhere and also the range at which the info is displayed? If it is possible, that would be awesome! Thanks James
  12. A forum is by it’s very meaning a discussion but if you can’t have a contrary opinion then all this becomes is a corporate tow-the-party-line website where they make hype statements and get sycophantic replies. For a forum to survive and thrive, it needs to welcome different views, opinions and arguments from multiple people. If that’s not what this is, then, my mistake.
  13. You know, Kyle, you really do PMDG no favours with your response attitudes. As a paying customer for both the 737 and 747 for both FSX and P3Dv4, which is a lot of cash, I have the right to air my opinions without being sycophantic towards PMDG. If you only ever received non-critical plaudits, you wouldn’t know what people want from PMDG and therefore where your market is and you wouldn’t know what needs fixing. And if people weren’t here to comment on it, you wouldn’t have a forum. ‘Got delayed for a bit’ 10 months and counting. (for free, mind you) I didn’t have the v3 versions so it wasn’t free for me.
  14. Completely underwhelmed by the ‘hype’ of the announcement. You can see from the posts which aircraft the majority want and none of them are what PMDG are developing. But yay, DC-yawn-6 updates, a unicorn of a 747-8 that never materialises, a JS41 for the ‘millions’ that want it. Meh.