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  1. I apologize if I offended you in my PM. You were very aggressive in the way you were talking. I still would like to talk about your products, someday. Just saying.

  2. I have to say MSparks, your writing is very interesting reading. I too love flight simulation. I have over 11,000 hours in x-plane 11 and 15,000 hours in online flying on networks. Why I am in here, I don't know? I will say I did a four year apprenticeship in the trades and learned from the best how get under peoples skin. If you are thinned skin, you will never make in the trades. The first two years you are treated like dogs. But I am not a violent person, but love to run my mouth and I cuss a lot too. LOL that is why I get kicked out of websites. I need to stick to what I am very good at. Flying a airplane in a simulator. And stay out of here. This is the only place now I can advertise my virtual airlines. I have been kicked out everywhere else. I have to behave.
  3. There are other websites to buy aircraft for x-plane. Much better support also.
  4. Air Nevada will be upgrading to SmartCars 3 in April 2024. SmartCars 2 is coming to end on September 18, 2024.
  5. I am looking forward to seeing you at the FSEXPO2024 in Las Vegas! I will be looking for you.

  6. Looking forward to seeing you in Las Vegas at the FSEPXO2024. I will be looking for you.

  7. And we cross paths again. Your aircraft is no good. try again.

  8. looky looky who I found?? Can't kick me out of here. LOL

  9. Air Nevada is a general aviation airline. We fly general aviation aircraft VFR and IFR. We have 55 aircraft in our fleet. Over 500 destinations in Canada and the United States. And 3 Hubs. Fly anytime, any route on the schedule, with any aircraft listed in the fleet. Now Hiring! https://airnevada.org/
  10. Air Nevada has a fleet of 42 different aircraft. Over 2500 routes to and from 400+ airports to choose from. New routes and airports are being added often. Fly any aircraft on any scheduled route (no charter flights), anytime. No manual PIREP's allowed, must use SmartCars. One flight every 90 days, 4 flights a year is required. Registered Virtual Airline with IVAO. Come fly with us on the IVAO Network. Enjoy. Discord server is available. Air Nevada is about flying airplanes. Gitty up! https://airnevada.org
  11. Air Nevada Virtual Airlines is small airline registered with IVAO. You like flying prop and turboprop aircraft in Canada and the United States on the IVAO Network? 42 aircraft and 2100 + flights to choose from. SmartCars is our flight recording software and our website is powered by phpVMS, hosted by TFDI Design. Pilots are required to do one flight every 90 days, 4 flights a year to stay active. We have a discord server, if you wish to join and hear all plans for the VA. First husband and wife team to run a virtual airlines. Check us our at https://airnevada.org/ Staff of Air Nevada VA
  12. I have spent money on games and only played them once or twice and deleted them. I wasted more money on programs or add ons for FS9 and FSX that did not do what they said it would or add ons that did not work. Scenery add ons for FS9 and FSX that cause my sim to CTD because of bad files in the scenery. X-plane do not do that. This sim leaves a note, but does not CTD. Flight Simulator creators are in business to make money. As is the developers. Right now MSFS2020 is a money maker for most developers, They hope it will make money. Microsoft and Bill Gates built a big company that knows how to make money. And it looks like they are making a killing on MSFS2020. This all circles around money period. For me, I love flight simulation, I love x-plane 11.50, I own my own VA and I spend 5 to 10 hours a day using x-plane 11.50 and flying. And my stats prove it on my VA website. https://airnevada.org/ Why I am here reading this forum, when I could be doing what I love to do, Flight Simulation!!! A good to fly! See ya.
  13. WOW! This will never end. Comparing Microsoft FS to x-plane. I spent a lot of money on FS9 and FSX add ons. I have spent less than 500 USD on X-plane 11. I do not buy any airport scenery or terrain mesh. I have bought x-plane 11 and some aircraft. The default scenery in x-plane is great. 10 times better than FSX or FS9. I have been using x-plane 11 for just over a year and love it. I will not switch ever again. Long live x-plane.
  14. X-plane is the flight sim of the future. As hard as microsoft tries, it will never take down x-plane. X-plane 11.50 is great! Love it. MSFS2020 is a big money pit.
  15. Air Nevada uses Smartcars for flight reporting software from TFDI. TFDI has put out this information about Smartcars and MSFS2020. Air Nevada website Rick CEO and Founder
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