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  1. Not sure about this Vulkan. I deleted this a few years ago, because it was a CPU hog. I will wait and see.
  2. Your right, and that is why you see so many airplane crashes now. I know airline pilots make more than 30k a year. I know an airline pilot flying a airbus 320, making 150k+ a year.
  3. Don't be scared. A cross wind landing is very easy. Takes practice. No pilot error, I do not make errors, that is why I the best of the best. Cheers!
  4. This is being discussed in the X-Plane forum. Amazing screenshots and some good reviews.
  5. IVAO network does not allow those flight numbers to be used.
  6. Maybe? But FS2020 may turn in to another money pit, paying for all the addons. This is why I switched to x-plane 11, lots of freeware. Time will tell, you may be right.
  7. I have heard, there is a pilot shortage. I think for most people, becoming a pilot cost too much money. It was for me. That is why I use a flight simulator. I do not believe in global warming. But I getting close to the end of my life on this earth to see all the ice melt.
  8. WOW, looks good, but I do not have the system to run it. nivida 1060 6gb vram is not enough.
  9. And the debate rages on. I do not see any mind changing yet. Microsoft will make a killing on FS2020. Question is how much will Microsoft make in the first month it is on the market? And after FS2020 going on the market, people will be ripping it apart as ya all are doing x-plane 11. Can't wait for that debate! A good day to fly, See ya all in the air. Cheers
  10. FS9 is a very good simulator. I used FS9 up until I switched to x-Plane 11 about a year ago. The flight dynamics in x-plane 11 is awesome. And I still have FS9 on my drive. Cheers
  11. FS2020 is not going to hurt x-plane. I have heard Austin say many times, "I know how to compete with Microsoft". And I am to going follow Austin and buy a Tesla. X-plane is the simulator for me. Cheers
  12. Airspeed is good, your ground speed is around 10 kts. You have to drive the plane to the ground by dipping your wing and taking the lift off the wing that is into the wind. Ground speed is so slow, you can drive the plane to ground and your not going hit hard, stay off your front wheel. Once on the ground, I was able to stop the plane in less than 10 feet. Man, I am a GREAT pilot! Cheers
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