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    DD Liverpool - Very Dark Shadow Textures

    I also had this issue after only updating the Client. Updated the Content and everything was OK.
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    Affinity calculator

    Great little program, thanks very much.
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    Altimeter Setting Warning rarely works.

    I only fly the PMDG 737 as I have built a full cockpit. Don't know about any others.
  4. Hello I am using RAAS 64 bit on Prepar3D V4 with the PMDG 737 NGX. Firstly, thank you for a great program which in general works extremely well. One problem I do have is that the Altimeter setting warning hardly ever works when passing the transition altitude or at any point afterwards (which is really frustrating as it is the one thing I always forget to do!). Just wandered if anyone else has reported this or if you have any ideas why it is happening. (Where does the software get the transition altitude from?) Thanks for any help! Clive Caveney.
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    Best PBR airports

    Digital Design, available on SimMarket.
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    [Help] Terrain shadow degradation in v4

    Thank you, I will give it a try.
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    Altimeter Setting Warning rarely works.

    No sorry, no real pattern it just seems totally random when climbing. When descending the pattern is that it never works. If I notice anything else I will let you know. Thanks again Clive.
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    Altimeter Setting Warning rarely works.

    When climbing and passing the transition altitude, If I forget to change the altimeter setting from QNH to Standard (1013mb) I would expect the software to give me the aural warning to change it. It has only done that 3 or 4 times since I purchased it in October 2018. On the majority of flights it does nothing - no aural warning when passing the transition altitude or at any other time up to the cruise altitude if I forget to change the altimeter setting. The same thing when descending and passing the transition level - no warning to change the altimeter setting if I forget (this has never worked once). I have both 'Altimeter Setting' warnings ticked in the RAAS menu and I have set the transition altitude in the menu to 6,000 feet (UK transition altitude). I don't know what else to tell you or how else to explain it. Everything else in the software works fine. Thank you Clive.
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    [Help] Terrain shadow degradation in v4

    Yes please!
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    Altimeter Setting Warning rarely works.

    As I said in my previous reply, the settings are correct. I have/had set the transition altitude in the box to 6000 feet as I mainly fly from the UK. I am aware that I can disable the callout, but I do not want to disable it, I just want it to work properly.
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    Altimeter Setting Warning rarely works.

    Hello Yes, the settings are correct. The warning does sound occasionally, but 90% of the time it doesn't work.
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    P3D v4.5 Hotfix - Aliasing Increased ?

    Wow, always avoided FXAA as so many people said it made things look blurry. Just tried these settings and as you said I had no jaggies, no shimmer and the smoothest flight I have ever had in P3D. Also the bonus of being usable at night with Dynamic Lighting. Textures were also the sharpest I have seen with no autogen popping. I'm a very happy bunny. Cheers.
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    Does anyone else get double wind socks on the same pole at this airport? Doesn't happen all the time but sometimes get two windsocks blowing in opposite or different directions. Could it be a SODE issue? Otherwise a fantastic airport. probably my favourite.
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    Great new Time Manager program

    Once logged in, it stays logged in every time you run it. If you write a simple start-up batch file to auto-run the program then you don't have to do anything.
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    Also having problems saving presets and assigning buttons PMDG 737 NGX.
  16. I currently use FSX SE with the 737 NGX. I have a home built cockpit and I have the ND and PFD on a separate monitor in full screen mode (This is achievable in FSX SE by entering windowed mode, undocking them, moving them to the separate monitor and then saving. Then when you return to Full Screen mode they appear where use placed them with no border - great!) I really want to move to P3D V4 but I need to know if this can still be done in P3D or is it even easier in that you can just undock and move them in Full screen mode? Also, I have a VRInsight Overhead Pro Panel and I can't find anything to suggest whether this will work in P3D V4 (I believe it works in V3 but don't know if 64bit causes a problem with the drivers). I have trawled the internet but can't find anything. Any help or advice with these issues would be very much appreciated as I really want to move to P3D. Thanks Clive Caveney
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    Unable to save new Presets

    I have just purchased and installed Chaseplane Alpha 2 and I have exactly the same problem! I can type in a preset name and the green tick is highlighted but pressing it has no effect - only the red back arrow works.