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  1. I know it's not what you are looking for but if the haze really bugs me after I have downloaded real weather I just switch to manually configured and adjust the visibility slider keeping all the rest. Not ideal but allows for the sort of flight I might be looking for that day.
  2. I imagine there are differences between what makes sense to you and what makes sense to Ben.
  3. Truly a fantastic aircraft in XP11. I buy all the decent looking aircraft when the come out for XP, I bought this for 10 hoping it worked in 11 but alas 'twas not to be. I really must say that of all the aircraft I have, this is the best in the stable. I'm not a pilot but I've participated in many a check ride in 172's and from what I can see this feels like the real thing, certainly as real as it gets in a simulator. This brings me real joy! What more can one ask really?
  4. When you code you own sim, you'll also have the luxury of deciding what's prudent and wise. Until then you can do what everyone else does and wait patiently for what you want. Anyone who's been around XP for a time knows this is your only realistically available option. You have the best cpu/gpu combination for XP so you should be getting excellent performance. You'll have to adjust your expectations I'm afraid.
  5. Did anyone make this work and if so how? I tried removing the offending lines and regenerating a tile I'm familiar with but the runway contours are not what I'd expect. Any further guidance would be appreciated.
  6. Tried it with i7 5820k, can't say I noticed any difference at all tbh.
  7. Plane-Maker.exe is in your XP11 root folder. As for the rest I must say I share your frustration. Icons should be generated automatically. I think 3 of the same aircraft show because there are a few models but not sure at all. All I know is I'm never going to go through the time consuming process of generating icons for them all. I miss the more useful UI from XP10.
  8. The "ORBX Officially Coming to X-Plane!" thread on the .org is not even two pages long with most of the second page dealing with them not actually coming. Something gives me the impression that the XP community aren't too bothered either way.
  9. Austin was right to stick it to him imo and he can well afford to. X-Plane has stood on its own for some time now and will continue to do so without JV. No great loss!
  10. Bought and tried and I agree with the above. I don't know what goes into coding such an addon and as such have no appreciation for the amount of work that goes into it. All I know is I feel that there's just not enough in each iteration to make it worthwhile paying out everytime. Don't get me wrong, I'm a low level flyer and I like SMP but there's just not enough gained by the end user to convince me that the upgrade was worth it. Caveat; I'm using on XP11 only so I may yet have reason to change my opinion.
  11. I'll buy it at the discounted price but unless they start making greater strides between versions it'll be the last one I'll buy I imagine. We'll see, it'll be interesting.
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