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  1. Again, it DOES adversely affect the flight model! E.g. when you are moving the passengers to the 'correc' left/right off-center distance, the 560 will start rolling if the passengers are not distributed equally. This doesn't happen IRL. If you change the forward/aft position you are ruining the realistic CG / trim relationship and you might run out of elevator trim, etc. etc. Any change you make, makes the 560 less realistic and under some conditions maybe even unflyable.
  2. No, since there's no auto throttle system on the 560. You have to adjust the throttles manually.
  3. DON'T change the station loads. FSX/P3D are exaggerating all off-CG weights a lot. These numbers have been chosen to replicate the real loading of the aircraft. The same goes for the C90 (and most other Carenado/Alabeo aircraft)
  4. As raymie pointed out, the left turning tendency is realistic. It's the BIG pilots job to counteract this moment. Haven't read about or experienced the other problems.
  5. I doubt that since they posted this on Facebook: All our aircraft are compatible with the new P3D v5
  6. Piracy. Usually there are no anti-theft systems in any aircraft.
  7. The reason for my 'absence' is easy. There's a lot to test and discover in the new sim, so that there's very little time left for a second forum if you take alpha testing serious. 🙂
  8. The change over altitude depends on the IAS/Mach ratio, it's approximately FL280 (+ a few thousand feet) TAS starts to decrease with higher altitude once you keep the Mach number. Enroute safe altitude usually indicates the lowest useable altitude. FL280 doesn't make sense IMO.
  9. FL280 is usually the fastest flight level (where the change over from IAS to MACH occurs). If you want to get somewhere fast in a jet you have to fly at this low altitude.
  10. Ask Carenado for a refund. Should be no problem.
  11. Which parts of the aircraft.cfg are you talking about?
  12. Not very much. The basic FDE is still the same and some of the serious flaws can't be eliminated with this ancient FDE. It's that simple. I don't know why you believe that Level-D simulator are so super realistic. Ever heard about 737 Max Level-D simulators and their 'realism'? Level-D simulators are very expensive procedure trainers, and the can be noticeable wrong at various parts of the envelope.
  13. Ich hab' die D18S nicht installiert, aber zumindest bei den anderen Fliegern bewegt sich der HDG bug um einiges schneller als der Flieger den Kurs ändert. Ebenfalls frohe Ostern 🙂
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