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  1. Impossible to order from Carenado. Site just won't work for me. Tried many many MANY times. Must order from Justflight. Price is little more higher but it works. Strange thing... (Dornier)
  2. There is larger images in Simmarket: https://secure.simmarket.com/samscene-rome-city-x.phtml Maybe it's not that bad? (i'm interesting only this Rome)
  3. Edit: Got it work better. Not 100% OK but not looking SO very stupid anymore.
  4. Hey, I have same problem. I don't use FB anymore (never liked it) and can't speak Russian (well, maybe 10 words). what i did notice is that i don't have all those bgl files (some are really missing) with this scenery i bought yesterday from The FlightSim Store. Is it possible to get these files somehow and make elevation correct? - Eero
  5. Yes of course. Sorry I did not already Seems to be so that in my case the problem (maybe) was combination of my relatively new antivirus program and first Ezdok and in last days use of FSFX Chase Plane camera addon. Not 100% sure yet but i like to think that when i made antivirus system little bit lighter crashing is now over. At least I hope so...
  6. Same thing happened to me in last few days. New problem to me also. Perskeles!
  7. I've had OK performance in OrbX SoCal BEFORE very famous recent update. Now it's blurry as face after shotgun - like Whole Tellus is. And I'm terrible sad...
  8. ("We're still using Jay's hosting infrastructure and the operations centre is migrating a bunch of their servers. Expect more outages through this week. We will be moving to our own hosting providers soon as well as announcing other initiatives later this month. Apologies for the interruption to our service." (- John Venema in ORBX -forum 7.6.2016)) - E
  9. ORBX -forum works again. - E EDIT: Or it did work for a couple of minutes...
  10. Yes, so it does. Can not avoid downloading that mysterious file when one trying to go ORBX -forum. Very strange... :(
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