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  1. NB... I think these instructions are referring to the default/stock 747 and 737. This thread is about the PMDG 747.
  2. I love the IXEG but the lack of updates situation is frustrating a let's down a marvelous development. It's hard to believe that we still don't have opening pax doors on the aircraft!!
  3. Here's one for you; I've not used X-Plane default weather since XP9 days. I'm using XP11 and bought SkymaxxPro as soon as got XP11 and have used it ever since. Watched a Jeff Favignano video where his weather looked amazing! He said it was default! So I removed SkyMaxxPro a week ago and ......voila! ..... with XP11.25 default, a huge improvement to my weather, and better FPS! XP11 just rocks.
  4. Hey Mario, Can't wait for the release of the vFlyteair C42 (been following your development posts on the ORG). ...and best of luck for your cross country flight - bet you love every second of it. Cheers, Bill
  5. Yes, the FMC was a separate addon. Still available on Simmarket.
  6. Alpilot and Tonywob absolutely define just how hi-fidelity freeware can be, when there are people prepared to commit to staggering amounts of work, given freely to their community. I wish Andras the very best for the future, and a huge THANKS!
  7. I've exclusively flown XP11 for about 3 months now. I spent the last two days re-installing P3Dv4, all of my addons, and then bought Orbx Netherlands TrueEarth. It's good, but it's not as good as my UK set up in XP11, with Orthos, GB Pro, etc. Really, really not as good. So after the 2 days downloading and installing, I flew for about 2 hours in P3Dv4 in Netherlands TrueEarth, in an LSA. 'Quite nice' is how I would describe it but after the flight, I took a break them came back and flew the Aerobask DA-62 in XP11 ........ I'm coming to the conclusion that I think I've become a 'XP11 only guy'. I don't really want that to be the case and wish I could re-bond with P3Dv4 again. But the experience of flight, the Ortho scenery and the smoother performance of XP11 just makes using P3D less and less likely for me. Not bashing P3D! ... and each to their own. Just an honest anecdote of where I am at the moment with the two sims.
  8. Late to the party on what the announcement was..... but..... sounds GREAT! I love add-ons that add to the immersion of flight operations (from LSAs to heavy jets) just as much as I love new aircraft. Congratulations, Robert, Kyle and team, very much looking forward to this!
  9. What's going on today? ... has everyone being chewing on raw meat? METAR: Stormy conversations, "from the hip" shooting, and disproportionate responses will be widespread today 😀
  10. +1 To be honest, I'm embarrassed to be a Brit, reading some of the diatribe in this thread. UK2000 airports aren't the most 'visually obsessive' - I'm glad; I never fail to get excellent performance and frames at them and they are more than good enough. Also, consider cost - it's not like Gary is charging £35 each for them - actually, half that. Not everyone wants the 'glassy' looking Flightbeam look, nor working elevators in the terminal and toilets that flush. Total lack of reasonable decency and respect from a tiny minority in this thread - you stick out like a sore thumb; not because of your opinion on UK2000 products, but your lack of measure and reasonableness in expressing that opinion.
  11. Use both and love both... but the Aerobask DA-62 has kept me purely in XP11 since it was released a month ago.
  12. @alexsandrocaires, Ok, let's say that the highly specific, non-checklist event that you describe with the landing gear CB isn't functional. That's one very small factor that I dare say wouldn't upset 99.99% users of this model. Can you list all of the other "problems" that justify reaching conclusions such as ; - it's crap - it's utter crap - Aerobask "aren't even into aviation". - it should be freeware. Surely you're not basing that lot of diatribe above on this one bizarre fixation with a landing gear circuit breaker. Wonderful, high end complex models like the PMDG 737 NGX have no modelled circuit breakers. Are you suggesting they too are "crap" and should be freeware?
  13. This is absolute nonsense. The Aerobask DA-62 is, in my opinion, the best GA aircraft released for any sim I've used. It's exquisite. Your comment that "nothing works" is bizarre, considering that it's almost fully functional including circuit breakers, accurate icing simulation, accurate oxygen use and depletion, etc, etc. I'd encourage anyone interested in the DA-62 to check reviews on YouTube, or the .org forum, and you'll see little but commendation for this truly stunning aircraft. - Or, you can take this guy's word for it!! 😁 This guy has 2 posts on AVSIM; both to slate the Aerobask DA-62, so I think we can assume there's an axe to grind here.
  14. Congratulations Tony. Picking this up tonight. Orbx getting you 'in the bag' is the perfect move to ensure their XP ventures are successful.
  15. Haha, I did exactly the same yesterday, looking for this mysterious "Fog be gone" file at the org, and also trailed through all of the utility downloads! I was even starting to wonder whether the org's search engine was broken!
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