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  1. There was indeed an in-sim update recently Paul, but I didn't get to see the release notes, and I haven't flown any of the Fokkers since. If you have it, there will be an update for it if you go to your profile. It isn't automatic.
  2. From my experience, Moose is spot on regarding everything he has said above!
  3. Corfu was due a long while ago, so I hope it is this, as it will be an instant buy for me. They normally include good scenery and elevation data for the whole island, and I know the place quite well so I love flying around it. It will also be good as a starting point for a trip across Greece to Orbx Skiathos which I own on the other side. The Mankini will just be a bonus. I actually wore one identical to that for 10 minutes on a beach in Fuerteventura (as a bet). My wife has now banned me from wearing it again. Luckily the island of Fuerteventura hasn't banned me from returning, but just in case some of the locals still remember me, I am going to Lanzarote this year anyway.
  4. I have the Orbx NZ mesh - it's good, and has recently been updated along with Iceland. I don't own Inibulds Queenstown, but there is a really good free version of Queestown that is compatible on flightsim.to. That might suit your purposes if the Inibuilds one gives you problems. I own Flightbeam Wellington. I didn't see any problems there - that is a superb airport with the rocks and surrounding area added etc.
  5. How big was it? The size of a football pitch by any chance? Also, was it moving approximately from south-east to north-west?
  6. I thought that was real until I saw the pilot in the Hunter. I'll be going to Duxford in July. Really looking forward to it.
  7. Inertia. There is some inconsistency. The planes still seem to change direction very quickly as if they have no mass to them. I think this might contribute to why they weathervane all over the place on take off and landing as well. Especially in GA aircraft, it doesn't seem like I am flying anything with any significant mass. Just watching some video reviews of the new Chipmunk, and it seems to flip about like a paper plane, but it isn't just limited to this aircraft of course.
  8. OK. Let's hope then! I have their Cessna 140 and the Spitfire mk1a, and they seem alright, but obviously I don't know if the flight models are authentic. Like you say above though, you can tell instinctively if something feels a bit too wrong.
  9. Ah!.. Another philosopher. Cool! Filou! Is that you? Has your other account been suspended again?
  10. Was that from a previous communication? I have re-read the text, but I can't see it in this one.
  11. Just looking at the texturing, cockpit, and models included, I am tempted to get it, as we know the flight model and sounds should be decent being from Airplane heaven. The only non-positive comments I can make based on the screenshots are that the exhaust tip seems to be transparent at the end (unless it is cut-away at an angle and I am not seeing correctly), and the custom pilots eyes are scary - psycho or what! Other than that, the screenshots showing the detail of the aircraft are superb.
  12. I believe he did, although his favourite aircraft was a trusty old De Haviland Dove. He was a good guy by all accounts, a decent pilot, and obviously he had very strong links to the UK. I saw him strolling about at the UK Air Tattoo many, many years ago. I can't remember if it was at RAF Fairford, or at the old venue, Middle Wallop. The Jordanian Falcon's display team was there, and he flew in on a Royal Jordanian Airlines Tristar if I recall correctly, although I think it was specially modified for him internally for his overseas trips.
  13. Well, Dave is really putting the effort in on this... Updated to V1.1 already. Use the link above. Version 1.1 June 22, 2022 Mach meter needle animation fixed. Oil pressure needle animation fixed. F4 model errors fixed. Canopy material adjusted. Over stress G limit increased. ATC callsigns added. Throttle code changed. Camera views adjusted. Wingtip vortices effect added. Payload pre-sets added. Payload visibility code adjusted for users with MSFS set to metric system. I am glad the canopy has been adjusted, it looked a little too dark. This plane is already a corker for the money!
  14. I find it is best not to take some things too seriously on this forum. I would never block anybody, as I find some of the different opinions very amusing. Taking them the wrong way only causes unnecessary stress. We are only talking about pretend planes anyway. PS. I like weetabix in the morning... Crackers should be for the evening with a decent cheese!..
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