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  1. kianlark4564

    Direct scenario start

    @mihajlo123 I've found the solution for me. It was Reshade. So if you have reshade - uninstall it and try again. Here's info to uninstall:
  2. kianlark4564

    Direct scenario start

    Hi everyone, I'm also having this issue I have tried the things above as suggested but they aren't working. Thanks
  3. kianlark4564

    Aurasim unscheduled downtime RESOLVED

    Great thanks! Hopefully it’ll be up again soon that tool is an amazing help!
  4. Hello all, I am using the exact profile for URP 1.1 plus reshade and when I'm in an outside view it looks perfect then go inside and everything brightens up and the sky and ground are all extremely bright. If I then go outside again it changes back however I have HDR luminance effect off using the PTA button. Any help appreciated, Kian
  5. Well I understand that this is a heavily debated topic but I was looking to get some suggestions I also understand that each PC is different but suggestions would be good as I could then work from there. I invested in a new PC which has solved my frame rate issues but now the main issue is OOM I like to fly the PMDG airliners into Heathrow often and I am looking for one settings that can get excellent realism without an OOM. Someone who understands each setting much better than I do will not be rare to find I am sure so I was wondering if people could recommend a good balance of detail and no OOMs. I am running P3Dv3.4 latest hot fix and Aerosofts Heathrow and other complex adding around Europe as well as top down coverage of ORBX for Europe and England, ASN16 and ASCA. Specs - Intel Core i7 6700K Skylake, Nvidia GTX 1080, 16GB of RAM Well that gonna be hard to answer good luck and I know there isn't a magic cure for OOMs and I know there will be very varied answers. Thanks in advance!
  6. kianlark4564

    Sandy Looking Textures P3D3.4

    Yes I am however the problem lies with FTX England as I just reinstalled client which didn't work and now I have deactivated ftx England and I do not have the same problem.
  7. kianlark4564

    Sandy Looking Textures P3D3.4

    Yes that picture was taken out of Gatwick
  8. kianlark4564

    Sandy Looking Textures P3D3.4

    Thanks for the quick response! What's the best way to sort that out then?
  9. kianlark4564

    Sandy Looking Textures P3D3.4

    Hi there guys, Hoping you could help me... Never seen textures like that before sandy coloured textures out of Gatwick. Only thing I have different to before is I'm now running the Ultimate realism pack. I have REX4 and ORBX installed don't know what it is. Any help appreciated. Many thanks I've tried running the vector elevation tool many times with no success. Screenshot:
  10. kianlark4564

    Traffic at Gates Prepar3d v3

    I don't mind paying for it, as it will save a lot of time which is the best compatability and performance wise UT2 or MyTraffic? Any advice would be appreciated.
  11. kianlark4564

    Traffic at Gates Prepar3d v3

    Hi there guys, I have Prepar3d v3 installed and have some great scenery but I would like to have some more detailed aircraft sat at the gates than the default ones that come with the scenery packs. What add on will be best for this? Thanks, Kian
  12. Hi there everyone, I know this issue has been posted before but I couldn't see it when scrolling through the posts so sorry if it has. I have had p3d v3 for a while now but I loaded up yesterday for a night light and under the floodlights in all sceneries (UK2000, Aerosoft, Taxi2Gate and FlyTampa) but no matter how bright the floodlighting in the scenery is the aircraft (Aerosoft Airbus/PMDG 737 & 777) remains black/dark as if there was no lighting outside. Thanks in advance. :smile: