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  1. On 10/7/2018 at 12:47 PM, signmanbob said:

    My point is that if someone expects these expensive, accurate, in-depth aircraft simulations to work realistically, they also need to have the hardware that is conducive to that result.

    If you only have room for a "twisty-joystick/with trigger", then you are not benefitting from the extensive realism and expensive coding that is built into the simulation.  It is simply counter-productive. You just have to be aware of that.

    With the PMDG 747-8, you have to have rudder pedals that can gently increase brake pressure.  It is exciting because you actually have to learn how to slow down and stop without overheating your disc-brakes and blowing out your tires. If you look outside, your disc-brakes will be actually glowing bright red! It's made to be that way.

    I had to learn to use "autobrakes", reversers and spoilers to slow the aircraft quickly when landing. Then when it reaches around 60kts, retract the reversers and barely touch the toe-brakes to release the autobrakes. Then just let it roll for a while with the spoiler slowing it down.  When it gets around 30kts, just ever-so-lightly touch the toe-brakes to bring it down to a speed where you can turn off of the high-speed exit and bring the "Sovereign Queen" to a stop.

    One has to have good hardware to reap the benefit of these expensive deep-system simulations.

    I use all PFC and JetMax hardware and it truly adds immensely to the experience.



    Behold: the nonsensical ramblings of a PMDG fiend.

    Nonsense. Arrant nonsense. 

    You operate under the assumption that fidelity and lack of rudder pedals are mutually exclusive. FSLabs has proven that isn’t the case; their A320 caters to both ruder pedal users and joystick-only pilots, and is extolled as the most realistic piece of simulation software there is.  

    How I love drawing parallels to hold PMDG to account. 

  2. 3 hours ago, AnkH said:

    Well, if you talk about how the systems are modeled, yes. If you talk about the 3D model, I disagree. V1 of the Queen had the main gear fixed to the fuselage about 2m off the real position (and PMDG never cared about it), in V2 it was slightly better but still not correct and in V3 it seems to be almost real. The 737 on the other hand, due to the age of the addon, is simply not state of the art regarding 3D model anymore.

    You say there is no contest... correct, the price tag for a PMDG plane is more than twice what you pay for the QW787, they are simply not in the same category of addons. For a 130$ addon, I expect that the outside 3D model is state of the art as well, not only the systems.

    I mean, you also do not compare TE products from ORBX with classic landclass based addons, no? But for both, you have a market and for some, the landclass based sceneries are sufficient, for others only TE is the real deal.

    Means: you can disagree, this is your valid opinion, but the statement from Christopher remains entirely correct. For an aircraft with "some depth", the QW787 is perfect. Many enjoy flying with this bird (including me), whether you like it or not...

    Have you SEEN the exterior modeling of the 787?! There's no anti-skid! Absolutely absurd. Not even any chocks!




  4. 14 hours ago, CaptKornDog said:

    I get the same using P3D v4.2.  Particularly in an external view centered on the aircraft (e.g. spot view).  Panning around leads to short camera stutters.  VC experiences the same but far more noticeable for me on the exterior.  Sim itself is running fine, but appears to be the camera movement itself stuttering.


    My stutters are more prominent. I know it's an issue with CP because when I close it and pan around with the default mouse, all is fine and silk smooth.

  5. 9 minutes ago, riccardo74 said:

    I don't know if it's ChasePlane related, I'm using EZCA.

    But, if may help, have you turned on auotosave function on FSUIPC if you installed it?

    Don't believe I do, but I'll double check. I've heard that may be an issue.


  6. 6 minutes ago, HighBypass said:

    Have you tried departing from a backwater isolated airfield? Panning around the plane after departure means that there's a lot going on - all that airport scenery, plus some of the outlying area in great detail. 

    It may sound obvious, but Chaseplane may be the one add-on which has tipped your system over the edge performance wise. You know, that "one extra teensy-weensy add-on can't hurt" etc. etc.:happy:

    Have you tried reducing some details in the sim? It's hard to lower our expectations when we all want immersion and superb visuals I know.

    Now for the really dumb question, sorry! I don't have chaseplane & I'm running FSX:SE (as we all know MSFSX was the base for LM P3D, some issues are still there!) - I'm just a fellow simmer who's throwing ideas out there which might help.. Could there be anything in chaseplane's documentation, a readme file which may mention some recommended settings? Had to ask!

    Guess I'll have to continue experimenting...

    Thank you for your help.

  7. 1 minute ago, HighBypass said:

    No it's an indication of what can happen in an official support forum with user-base access. Yes, developers may pop in here from time to time, but you will get product users chiming in. Usually this is a good thing. USUALLY, it can save time in that someone else may have the fix.

    In the interests of trying to help - do you get stutters flying over the Gobi desert at FL390 or does it just happen departing Heathrow with full AI and all sliders maxed out? I'm sorry you felt you had to go through a total re-install process before asking.

    Thank you.

    It happens just after departure, and is not present when I pan when ChasePlane is closed.

  8. 7 minutes ago, Bill Griffith said:

    With that kind of demand above, probably not.



    I apologize, however I am livid that such an issue could persist even after having been told 'major performance updates' have been implemented over the past months!

  9. I've been receiving revolting STUTTERS - OF ALL THINGS - with ChasePlane in my P3DV4 application. I've confirmed this by panning without starting the application to begin with, and sure enough after departure my simulator was smooth. Excuse me, SILKY smooth.


    I'm very fed up with this application because I've spent nearly all week uninstalling every add-on and the simulator itself and then reinstalling it all on the idea it was something else and NOT CHASEPLANE that was causing this-this repugnant issue.

    I would like assistance without delay. Thank you.

  10. On 11/16/2017 at 3:22 AM, kcpilot1420 said:

    Hello Folks,

    So recently I have had alot of people message me about an issue with P3D V3 throwing an error "error creating child window" and or crashing due to a recent Windows 10 update. I did a bit of investigating and saw that the issue was caused basically due to some invalid string and return data within the included .NET 4.7 update. After reaching out to a friend whom is an engineer with MS and him looking into it, I was informed that the November 14th patch would resolve the issue, but it didnt of course.. Well, here is a fix that i've tested with a couple of friends experiencing the issue and it resolved the error from coming up and crashing. It's as simple as removing .NET 4.7 and I have included the simple instructions below;


    Step 1: Click on your start button, search for and open "Control Panel"



    Step 2: Click on Programs



    Step 3: Once in Programs, Click on "Turn Windows Features On or Off"



    Step 4: Once the Windows Features window opens, Uncheck ".NET Framework 4.7 Advanced Services" and then press OK.



    This should remove .NET 4.7. Afterwords, you may need to reboot your computer (I would anyways). After the reboot, run Prepa3d and the child window error should not occur! During testing, I also loaded all the addons I could (Such as Active Sky, vPilot, and a few others) but thankfully very little programs are .NET 4.7 dependent therefore there should be no impact to any other programs. 

    NOTE: In the event that Microsoft get's it's sh** together and they release a working update, you can easily re enable/install .NET 4.7 by replicating the steps above with the exception to the last step in which you will enable the checkbox and press OK.

    Have any issues or questions? Send me a private message and I will be more than happy to help. I'll be looking into the FSX-Steam issue that has recently came up with the latest update and once I find a fix for that, ill post in the appropriate board. 

    Can you notify your MS friend about the issue?

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