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  1. Hello Everybody!


    I bought this plane few days ago. And the Navigraph addon for Prepar3d


    I have serveral question that I don't find on the forum.


    I read the documents in the EMB505_Phenom300 folder.



    Is there any tutorial who explain a flight for departure to arrival (like some other plane editors)


    About the Flight Plan :


    I see we can set Departure, Arrival and Approach but how about Enroute? I don't see any place for the enroute phase! If I have to add some point so do I have to add them in the departure section? The cruise route is in departure?


    Can I save the FP? of load it? Regarding my research I guess not :(. I can't save the scenario if it's a long flight ...


    Does this plane have the autothrottle? I see the TO/GA button but when I press it nothing happen... Maybe I miss something. For the moment I manually push the throttle to the TO/GA line.


    About the trim setting for TO, in the PDF Normal procedure, I see a table who give  the trim in function of the CG %..

    How calculate the center of gravity? I see in the Fuel and Payload in P3D that there is a spot who show the CG but how convert it to %?


    Thanks in advance for your help




  2. Hi



    From a technical side setting a language for speech recognition which is different to the operating system language is no problem in Wondows 10. You just have to add the respective language then select this language within the speech recognition settings.



    Windows 8.1 is different. As far as I recall there you have to change the operating system language to get another speech recognition language.


    Nevertheless I still would prefer keeping German as operating system language. But nevertheless I certainly want to use my FS2Crew. So any help running a system in this environment and especially having the possibilty of doing the speech training would be appreciated.




    Hi Andreas,


    Yes I'm able to chose the english-us for speech recognition but like you say you can't run the train.

  3. I think that LM has moved the tree autogen to secondary CPU threads and the GPU a while ago (from the 2.2 update page):


    AI Traffic can be "fixed" by using the Traffic Optimizer app.  Building autogen is still a CPU hog.



    what do you mean by "Traffic optimizer app"?


    do you have some names?

  4. It doesn't support Crossfire, but it has supported SLI officially for some time now. I'm not sure, but I believe it was nVidia driver 352.86 from last May.



    It's probably everyone's CPU. Take a look at the single thread performance of various CPUs here:




    Sure, one can OC them a little more, but basically they are all going to be in same general range of single thread performance. P3d does use as many cores as are available to load scenery, but one core usually limits performance. GPUs are making much greater performance strides than Intel CPUs are, as Intel previously assumed that adding more physical cores was a general panacea. But it is very challenging to write a multithreaded x86 app that doesn't use one thread to keep track of everything else. This "main" thread tends to be the bottleneck. Further, LM is still fudging around with ACES's old ESP code base, which really wasn't efficiently multithreaded in the first place. 



    yes you're right.

    Autogen, taffic, even the cars on road belong to the CPU


    CPU is the limiting factor in my case in high autogen, traffic


    I have to deal with it



    Thanks everybody

  5. Try flying thru some Dense clouds/weather or run some high particle density FX in a complex scenery KSEA or KSFO or EGLL at 4K ... watch those GPUs gasp for air :)


    Cheers, Rob.


    You're right I reach the 99% with 4k but 15 fps in EGLL and heavy ASN clouds


    With my native resolution 2560 x 1080 I'm at 25 fps with the PMDG 777  and 33 with another random plane and about 50% GPU charge.



    So i'm able to increase the charge but at the expense of FPS


    Why the GPU doen't work more to increase FPS?


    Instead of 50% charge 25fps --->  80¨%   35fps


    Is it due to my CPU?


    It's a I7 4930K  OC at 4.4ghz

  6. Try using nVidia Inspector and forcing higher levels of AA. 


    I assume that you are using P3d 3.1. 4K resolution, dynamic reflections are both killers, as is using ASN with dense clouds. Also, try using as many 4096 textures as possible (clouds, gauges, buildings, runways, etc.). 


    Anyway, what you are experiencing was predicted a year or so ago when people were clamoring for for an official SLI profile in P3d. Even though P3d makes far better use of the GPU, there are still a lot of threads bound to the CPU and this often "pins" CPU0 at 100% use.


    Maybe Rob A. has some additional ideas on how to further stress the GPU.





    Indeed I obtain now about 43-40% GPU usage!  :Party:


    It's much better i'm at 35 FPS now

     So the GPU is much more stressed, it compute more but the FPS are not increasing.


    Here my NVI settings :




    Is it enough?


    In p3d setting i set the 8 MSAA, 16x anisotropic

  7. All this shows is that something else other than the GPU is limiting frame rates. You should try increasing all the GPU-sensitive settings and sliders to the max. See if GPU utilization goes up.


    Do you mean settings in the p3d app? All is at max, FPS unlimited

  8. Hi,



    I just upgraded my PC with a GTX 980 TI SLI  (I had 780 TI SLI before)


    With my 780 Ti the FPS where clearly more important when SLI enabled.


    Now with 980 TI my FPS are less with SLI.



    WIthout SLI




    With SLI




    I see that the GPU load are only 30% for each card with SLI! Why the card is so less exploited?


    Of course without SLI the card is better exploited 50%



    Do I need to do something?


    I deleted the shaders and the CFG to be sure ...





  9. Hi Dorian


    Just ensure you follow the following sequence and you should be good to go.

    1. Correct departure runway inserted.

    2. On the "Thrust Lim" page, iinsert De-rated Thrust followed by Assumed Temparature, as required.

    3. On the "Takeoff Ref" page, as you have supplied, just "Line Select" the V1, VR and V2 and the fonts will turn big.

    4. Manually set the V2 in the MCP speed window and then ARM VNAV.

    That's it!

    Best regards






    I did all but sometime (not each time) see what happen :






    Dorian Baroz

  10. Hello everybody,
    I'm new to PMDG, I followed the tutorial 1 everything gone fine.
    I wanna fly by myself and sometime the takeoff refs are not taken, when I clik on the LSK R, It show me TAKEOFF SPEEDS DELETED and impossible to validate the speeds




    I noticed that is correlated with the incapacity to  enter a temperature in Thrust ref, SEL field



    Any ideas?




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