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  1. somiller

    FLAI compatible

    Wilhelm, The airline codes are contained in each livery section, withing the relevant aircraft.cfg. If the invalid code is ZZZZ, I suspect that's used as a default blank livery for Vatsim. I suspect there would be a way to change that code to make PSXseecontraffic see it as a default livery, but I haven't researched that. Personally, I've done it two ways: 1.) Within aircraft.cfg delete the livery with airline code ZZZZ then renumber the [flightsim.x] so they are sequential starting with "0" - ends up being a time consuming project if there are a lot of them. 2.) Rather than delete the ZZZZ livery in aircraft.cfg, I just leave them alone and ignore the errors...AIGenerator has not created a livery listing for them, so in my humble opinion, it's no bid deal to just leave them as-is I usually do try to fix any "real" airline codes that are wrong, then when I re-run AIGenerator it will create that livery for PSXseecontraffic. I also fix any bad model codes, and parking codes, otherwise that particular model will not be used by PSXseecontraffic. Kind Regards,
  2. somiller

    FLAI compatible

    Nico, That actually looks pretty good. The invalid type codes are few, and would be easy to fix fairly quickly. I assume the invalid airline codes are mostly those liveries with the code "ZZZZ", is that what you found? Example from my "InvalidAirlineCodes.txt": ZZZZ C:\Program Files\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\SimObjects\BVIA\SimObjects\Airplanes\BVA_A321\aircraft.cfg [fltsim.0] Kind Regards,
  3. somiller

    FLAI compatible

    Nico, Have you run AIGenerator on the FLAi liveries? I'm curious whether they've fixed the many problems with aircraft.cfg and liveries. With the latest version of BVAi, I had to correct many problems that caused errors when running AIGenerator, and I really don't want to have to do it again. I encountered many invalid airline codes, atc model codes, and atc parking codes. Kind Regards,
  4. Nico, I see from the release notes that from version 5.4, all airports with at least 1 parking space will be included. I hadn't run ParkPosGenerator since May, and I probably had the limit set at 5 or 10, so there were many default airports that weren't included because of that limit. I just re-ran ParkPosGenerator, and I now have an ENFA.txt. So much for timing, eh?
  5. Nico, Pretty lonely there for sure! This was a flight a bunch of us did as a group, using JoinFS. It's a lot of fun flying with buddies actually around you in their aircraft. We get to joke about flying technique etc. You ought to join us sometime...just go to: and check out the Saturday flights, such as: Kind Regards,
  6. somiller

    Flight Simulator Disappeared

    Whew, it took a while, but at least now I have
  7. Nico, I think I see the disconnect. Previously I had asked... and you responded... What I meant when I said the departure airport isn't found, was that an airport.txt file for the departure airport was not found. I think that's where we got off track. It appears you were responding to a situation where a flight plan file for the departure airport doesn't exist. So now at least, I think we're on the same page...sorry for making a statement that didn't properly define the condition I was trying to describe. Curious to hear of your results. Kind Regards, p.s.: Since I found a potential bug, can I pat myself on the back, and for once in my life say that I'm special?! - ha ha
  8. somiller

    FLAI compatible

    Nico, I am assuming when you say update to FLAI, you mean you will be changing to FLAI for the default AI_Liveries.txt files. If that's the case, obviously it is not an issue for me, as I create a custom AI_Liveries.txt using AIGenerator. So it's not that BVAI can't continue to be used, you will just not be supplying AI_Liveries.txt for BVAI any that correct? Kind Regards,
  9. Nico, Last night I flew the same flight plan ENFA to ENAL (VFR Flatval to Vigra.pln) that's been giving me problems, this time with the release 10.16. As expected PSXseecontraffic did not populate destination airport, and after flight, after closing PSXseecontraffic, the log indicated... "01:43:12 No flight plan found in folder \\STEVEN\Users\Owner\Documents\Prepar3D v4 Files." I assume the reason for this is that I have no ENFA.txt in my parked directory. As a test, I loaded the same flight plan in P3D, and changed the departure airport to ENVA (I do have ENVA.txt in parked directory), started PSXseecontraffic, and flew the edited flightplan, and sure enough PSXseecontraffic read the flightplan... "02:34:07 Destination ENAL taken from file \\STEVEN\Users\Owner\Documents\Prepar3D v4 Files\VFR Flatval to Vigra.pln 02:34:07 Destination ENAL found in last flight plan in folder \\STEVEN\Users\Owner\Documents\Prepar3D v4 Files 02:34:07 the destination airport is ENAL." So I suppose this is indeed what's been causing my inconsistent problem...if one departs from an airport for which there is no airport.txt file in parked directory, then PSXseecontraffic ignores the flight plan, and won't auto-populate the destination ID. Is there a reason for this...I mean, especially when flying GA aircraft, it's not uncommon to depart from a small airport with few parking spaces, and for which there may not be an airport.txt file, to a larger destination airport for which an airport.txt file does exist. I know it's not much effort to enter destination manually, which is what I always did until about a month ago. I only learned recently that PSXseecontraffic would populate destination ID automatically from the active flightplan, after reading another forum thread where it was discussed. Kind Regards,
  10. somiller

    FLAI compatible

    Nico, PLEASE don't do as you suggest to make PSXseecontraffic " with FLAI instead of BVAI." I for one will not be updating BVAI until sure FLAI is in stable release, as I've made MANY time-comsuming fixes to the BVAI liveries and aircraft.cfg to correct errors. I would hope it's possible to make it so one can either use BVAI, or FLAI? Kind Regards,
  11. Nico, I don't know what to do at this point. I retried the flight using the same flight plan, and no matter what I do, PSXseecontraffic appears to not read the destination of the flight plan. This log is the contents of two separate flights. The flight that doesn't work begins at 01:38:59 in the log. The departure airport is ENFA, and I have no it possible that when the departure airport isn't found, PSXseecontraffic doesn't read the flight plan for the destination airport? I'd like to attach the actual flight plan file, and have you try flying it and see what result you get, but I don't have any means to attach it can I get it to you? Kind Regards,
  12. Nico, In the past, PSXseecontraffic has always populated the destination airport when approaching the destination of the flight plan. In fact my origin was ENFA, as I had P3D load me into that airport automatically as a result of loading the flight plan. I guess the whole point was the fact that clearly PSXseecontraffic attempted to automatically set ENAL as destination as I was approaching the airport, however, the error indicated there was no ENAL.txt in my parked directory - but it was certainly there. Even when I tried to enter ENAL manually, then hit enter, PSXseecontraffic reported that ENAL.txt did not exist. That's why I did the test of restarting P3D and PSXseecontraffic and loading directly into ENAL...when I did that I got no error, and PSXseecontraffic set the location correctly as ENAL and populated parked aircraft. So something was clearly wrong when PSXseecontraffic tried to read ENAL.txt to set it as destination. As you can see from the log, my parked directory resides with C:\PSXseecontraffic. So it's not a network or rights issue. I am going to replicate the flight, and see if PSXseecontraffic will generate the same error...this time I'll use the logging for "Parking"; "Take-off"; and "Landing." I'll respond back with the new log...maybe it will show something that points to a solution. Kind Regards,
  13. Nico, I should mention that I didn't enter ENAL as destination, ENAL was destination of the active flight plan, so I expected PSXseecontraffic to read destination from the flight plan. Another consideration that might be at issue: the flight plan consisted of several airports as waypoints, but ENAL was the last leg of the flight plan. Here's the flight plan: Kind Regards,
  14. Nico, Several instances PSXseecontraffic has failed to read airport.txt files for some destination airports, even though the files exist in the parked directory. As an example, this evening I flew to ENAL, and I got an error message that ENAL.txt wasn't found, or didn't exist (I don't exactly remember the error syntax), but the result is that obviously I had no parked aircraft on arrival. As a test, I shutdown P3D and all ancillary apps, including PSXseecontraffic and Real Live Traffic, relaunched everything and loaded into ENAL, and viola, I had parked traffic and no error from PSXseecontraffic. This problem started a couple of weeks ago, but it's not been consistent, so sometimes I get the error, and sometimes I don't. Any ideas? Kind Regards,
  15. somiller

    Southwest Airlines Shark Week Liveries Released

    Weston, Are these liveries for a specific model, ie.: 737; 738; 739? Kind Regards,