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  1. I have had exactly the same problem after installing win 10 updates. For some reason, the brilliant minds at microsoft decided that their updates need to reset sharing settings. Has happened to me 2 or 3 times with win 10 updates. Kind Regards,
  2. Mike, I was concerned that maybe you didn't wear your welders goggles on Saturday, and were possibly still experiencing temporary blindness from that paint.
  3. Mike, The aircraft I flew was the PC-6 in this livery (screenshots included in the download)
  4. Roman, Great pictures...and isn't that scenery spectacular!? What a bunch of nice looking aircraft, and the "Tiger" looks pretty good, I'll have to fly that one next week. Thank Roger for a fun flight plan.
  5. Wonderful flight Mike, and some very nice pictures, Roman!
  6. FunknNasty is right, the ASUS PG279Q is a GREAT monitor...but a bit pricey. Kind Regards
  7. somiller

    Alps In Style

    Nick, How did you insert the image inline in your post?
  8. somiller

    Blurries out of nowhere

    Bob, I don't know that my test demonstrates anything, other than eliciting the symptom I encountered...I'm not trying to win a popularity contest with the best bug find. Certainly most of what you say is reasonable and logical, and I'm aware of the PMDG recommendation to not load any of their aircraft more than once per sim session. The reason for my consecutive airport loads, was that after installing the updated GSX (I don't own the level 2 addon), I simply wanted to take a look at the new jetways at several FSDT airports. The reason specifically to look at FSDT airports is that in my situation, with level 2 running in demo mode, I wouldn't see the new jetways at airports other than FSDT. Admittedly, it's an unusual test, however, while PMDG has a recommendation against multiple loads of their aircraft, I've never seen anyone, anywhere, suggest similar conditions do/could exist with scenery. I don't think it's unreasonable to assume that when loading a different scenery, that P3D would completely flush any buffers/memory of the previous scenery. Further, I would suggest your last paragraph is so unreasonable as it relates to my condition, that it doesn't merit a discussion. I tried in good faith to work with Umberto at FSDT to investigate the problem, but it is hardly a 2 way street when his first response is that it couldn't possibly have anything to do with his product, and his second response is I need to wipe my system and reinstall everything. I wasn't trying to help the average joe, I was simply adding an experience, and wondering if it could be related in any way to the subject of the thread. I'm sorry you got nothing out of it, so maybe next time just move on without comment. Kind Regards,
  9. somiller

    Other Addon conflict

    Oliver, Thanks for the response. I suspected as much, that's why I figured it was okay to just delete the SimObjects.cfg entry, and leave the remaining add-on.xml reference. Kind Regards
  10. somiller

    Other Addon conflict

    Oliver, I did an "Other Addon" conflict check, because I noticed that "SimObjects" is light red. Here's the text of the report: C:\Program Files\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\SimObjects\BVIA\SimObjects\Airplanes | C:\Users\Owner\Documents\Prepar3D v4 Add-ons\BVAI\add-on.xml C:\Program Files\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\SimObjects\Airplanes | SimObjects.cfg I checked my "SimObjects.cfg" and found BVAI listed...I think this is for I deleted it and restarted P4AO and check conflicts, and there were were none. I don't use Vpilot, so I assume deleting the entry is okay, or should I put it back? Kind Regards,
  11. somiller

    Blurries out of nowhere,18432.30.html,18564.0.html Umberto's solution to my problem, discussed in the first link, is that I should wipe my system, reinstall windows, reinstall sim, etc. etc. This is his solution for someone that had no problems before downloading and installing the latest GSX. I don't even have words for the type of person that would suggest something so moronic. My better solution: system restore from a disk image made the day prior to installing the new GSX - problem solved. In short, my issue was such: start sim and load into default scenario (Eglin, F22), once loaded, change airport to FSDT KJFK, once loaded, change airport to FSDT KCLT...typically on the third airport load, progress would creep slowly to 36-37%, where it would stay for about 5 min. then creep slowly to 69-70%, where it would sit for another several min., then slowly to to 100% with long pauses to load weather, and traffic (which I have set to none) - total time for last airport load about 10 min. I can run the same scenario at any series of airports, P3D, or addon, as long as it's not FSDT airport, and this problem doesn't exist...but of course, it's not related to any FSDT product...and if you don't believe me, just ask Umberto. To make sure I hadn't lost my mind, I just did a test: load default scenario (Eglin, F-22), FB KBOS, Orbx KEGE, FT KTPA, Orbx KPSP, FB KSFO, DD KSEA, UK2000 EGLL - all loaded fine with no delays. I'd be curious if those that have the blurries, would also experience my issue if you tried loading several FSDT airports, one after the other? Kind Regards,
  12. I beg to differ - I have been using a 27" ASUS 144Hz, GSYNC monitor for about a year, and it's been fantastic. I don't know where folks keep getting the idea that GSYNC doesn't work below some magic framerate threshold, but it's NOT true. Any recent GSYNC monitors will work perfectly with framerates as low a 1 this video to see the ridiculousness of the low framerate argument. My experience has shown GSYNC actually shines when fps is low! Kind Regards,
  13. somiller

    p51C video

    Leon, Would surely be an exciting experience to fly a P-51. At the end of the video when he stepped out onto the wing, it was interesting to compare the pilots size against that giant prop. It must really be something to fly an aircraft that has the power to turn that monster! Thanks for the video.
  14. somiller

    Live Traffic,PSX seecon problems

    John, Sounding more like a SimConnect problem...have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling all your SimConnects (I don't remember specifically which one is required for PSXseecontraffic)? Kind Regards,
  15. somiller

    Live Traffic,PSX seecon problems

    John, GRR, I was hoping for an easy fix for you. Are you running PSXseecontraffic on your sim machine, or on a networked computer?