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  1. somiller

    Help lots of time put in

    Truer words were never spoken! I've restored from system image a couple times after P3D, or my system became unstable (for whatever reasons I was never able to understand). I'm simply using the old Win 7 backup and restore function in Win 10, and it works a charm! Realizing your best laid plans and backups are useless, requiring a complete reinstall is a stomach churning revelation! One thing to remember when you try to restore...make sure you boot your recovery disk using the same bios type (bios or UEFI) as used on the system you are recovering, otherwise you'll get errors telling you you system disk is formatted differently than the image you are restoring (MBR or GPT). I had this happen once and realized I had selected the wrong DVD drive listing in BIOS. Kind Regards,
  2. somiller

    Learjet L35A Ver 4.0 Update Available

    My download link has expired at fspilotshop, hope I'm not out of luck for getting this update, as they want me to pay full price just to reactivate the download link. fspilotshop shows the last file update as August 23, 2018.
  3. somiller

    Vertx DA62 has launched!

    rickgo, I've emailed Sean, but unfortunately I emailed the address on their website, not the support email in the manual - received no response after 2 days. I just forwarded to the support email, so I'll post here when/if I hear something from Vertx.
  4. somiller

    Vertx DA62 has launched!

    I have found the DA62's G1000 to be fairly robust, but I continue to have some problems with RVAV LPV approaches at some airports. I am using the latest Navigraph AIRAC, and have updated P3D database with fsaerodata. I have tried RNAV LPV approaches at several airports in my region...some work fine, and others don't. Lateral guidance works fine, it's glide paths that don't work on some approaches. Examples: (P3D stock) KTOL RNAV 25 LPV - glide path indicator shows on the PFD, approach mode selected, with GP armed (white). Well past what should be GP intercept, the GP indicator is still pegged top of the scale and never moves, and GP mode never becomes active...UNTIL...almost over the runway, requiring a 1700 - 2000 fpm decent to make the touchdown point. Interestingly, KTOL RNAV 07 LPV works perfectly. (P3D stock) 7W5 RNAV 28 LPV - same thing (P3D stock) KDFI RNAV 12 LPV - same thing (Orbx) LOWI RNAVZ 08 LPV - same symptoms, however, instead of GP indicator pegged at top of scale, it's at the bottom, and I can descend to the ground several miles before the runway, and it never moves up on the scale. My fsaerodata library insertion point is at the top of my scenery list. I've flown most of these same approaches in aircraft with RXP GTN750 (AIRAC 1803) and GP function works flawlessly, so I'm thinking some kind of bug in the G1000 implementation in the DA62. I'd be curious if any of you with fsaerodata have encountered similar problems, or if you could try some of the above approaches to confirm my findings. Kind Regards,
  5. somiller

    Possible flashlight for VC use in 4.4?

    Oliver, Once again you come through with another GREAT, FREE tool. Thank you so much for all the value-added you have given to the community! Kind Regards,
  6. somiller

    Flightbeam/Dreamflight SEQM Quito announced

    "... Towering 15000' cumulogranite clouds all around..." Sounds like Navy flier terminology...and darned funny. Good one! Kind Regards,
  7. somiller

    Moving P3d To A Different Drive?

    I've experimented with and it is a miracle for your exact situation. Basically, you move a directory to wherever you want to move it, then in the original location you create a link. It's so easy and seamless. I've not done this with my entire P3D directory, but I have moved several sceneries that were installed in the P3D directory, including all my Flightbeam sceneries, and it works great. The cool thing with sceneries like Flightbeam that use a scenery manager, is that is doesn't break the functionality of the manager, because when the manager queries the original scenery location it encounters the link that seamlessly redirects it to the new location. It really is stupid simple. I have even bought a new SSD to contain all my scenery, and I'm going to use the link tool to point to it on the new drive. Since this tool works so well, I may end up just moving my entire P3D directory instead. Kind Regards,
  8. somiller

    New Mexico: WEDNESDAY 26th Sept.

    Ron, Are you still doing the Wednesday flights? Regards,
  9. somiller

    5.5 Degree ILS Glide Slope

    On the ILS approach charts for EGLC, there is a comment at the top of the approach diagram that says: "ONLY FOR ACFT CERTIFIED TO CARRY OUT APPROACHES AT 5.5 DEG." I suspect not many, and possibly NO aircraft with a GTN would be certified to fly a 5.5 deg. GS. Probably has something to do with both aircraft performance, and navigation equipment capability. Kind Regards,
  10. somiller

    G-sync 4k monitor

    This is patently false...Gsync works perfectly at any fps at or below monitor refresh rate. Kind Regards,
  11. somiller

    G-sync 4k monitor

    Ray, I'm not sure why you would comment on Gsync monitors, as in you own words..." I don’t know what G-Sync does" clearly aren't qualified. Probably best to let those with knowledge and experience discuss Gsync monitors. I spent my extra $300 on a monitor, and you spent your extra $300 on a video card...mine works for me, and evidently your's works for bout we leave it at that. Kind Regards,
  12. somiller

    G-sync 4k monitor

    I run an ASUS PG279Q (QHD - 1440p) which is a Gsync monitor, and for P3D I'd never go back to a non-Gsync monitor. The advantage of Gsync over Vsync with a fixed refresh of say 30Hz, is that you get the same non-stuttering smoothness when your fps drops below the monitor refresh rate, where with Vsync, anytime you don't maintain fps at least as high as the refresh rate, your going to get stutters. Any recent Gsync model will work great with fps as low as 1, and as high as the monitor refresh rate. Watch this video to see how Gsync works: Kind Regards,
  13. somiller

    Remote EFB - Available Now

    I own the PMDG 747 QOTS, but not yet the -800 addon. Once Mark's EFB is available for the "8" I will be buying the "8" and the Remote EFB. To any that are not owners of, or not familiar with Marks products, I can tell you they're top notch. I have CDU licenses for every PMDG aircraft I own, including the Remote Overhead for the NGX; Aerosoft CRJ (includes DAVE); Leonardo MaddogX. All of the products are easy to configure, and for me, they work 100% correctly, 100% of the times I use them - which is EVERY flight I make in any of the above aircraft! I am in no way affiliated with Mark, other than as an owner of his products. Kind Regards,
  14. somiller

    f1vc xml request

    @ryanbatcund, I'd like to try the click functionality, however the links are blocked because of too many downloads. Kind Regards,
  15. Rob, Have to agree with you...I've only experience with the MaddogX and the stock F-16, but I'm VERY impressed by what I see with PBR - I think it's game-changing realism.