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  1. Enjoy flying the Phenom 300 and thank you for your kind words Amauri. Regards...Cees
  2. Hi Carlyle I've tried to download the scenery via the avsim library but all I got is an unreadable PDF. Do you know what's going on? Regards..Cees
  3. You are absolutely right. It's a never ending story. I think there are enough videos online on YouTube so that people can make up there own mind.
  4. That "someone" was me. I presume you bought and flown it. So can you tell me what the differences (system wise) are compared to the PMDG 777? For me the aircraft flies as it supposed to fly I've got no problems with VNAV or LNAV or with any other system. I highly recommend everyone to read the manuals I can not emphasize this enough. I've flown a lot of hours with the PMDG 777 so I can compare it a bit. It flies different but it isn't the same aircraft.
  5. Well I suggest you ask for a refund then!
  6. I haven't seen one yet but keep an eye on youtube I'm shure there will be one soon.
  7. Where did you read that? I've just checked the QW forum no sign of that statement. I've got several FsDreamteam products installed and no problems whatsoever!
  8. Hi all. Wel.....l've done a few flights went all good. VNAV, LNAV, ILS approach no problems. When I read some of the comments I'm wondering if those people really know how to fly this aircraft. Do they fly it totally blank or did they read the manuals. Most of the "bugs" aren't bugs because those people who are mentioned them didn't read the manuals. Most of the CTD's are caused by using the weather radar they know this is a problem, so don't use the weather radar. I own a PMDG 777 and the 787 is not as sluggish as the 777 and is a real joy to hand fly. I think Qualitywings deliverd a verrry nice aircraft despite a few bugs but they said they will fix those in about 2 weeks. So I am really impressed with this aircraft it's almost PMDG quality and I think it willl become as good as a PMDG. Cheers...Cees
  9. Hi FlyingLimey. LOC and GS does not turn to green. Did you set the ILS frequency and the runway course correctly in the PFD? Did you change using CDI from GPS or HDG to OBS? GCU SEL and arrows are not selectable. Regards. Cees
  10. Take a look at projectfly it's got all you want. Regards
  11. Hi Spiritflyer. Well that sounds a little depressing. I presume you've read my tutorial and followed it step by step. In what way can I help you to make a succesfull flight. Please send me a PM if you want my help. Best regards. Cees
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