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  1. Hi, I was wondering should I apply the shaders while P3D is running or not? Also should I load the aircraft in night on default airport with clear whether and then apply the shaders,also do I need to load a shader profile every time or is it saved? Thanks,
  2. Analytically you are right but when I read your comment regarding how much work has to be done to engines alone MD-90 also seems light years away if even that.
  3. My personal opinion is that they could go for MD-11 since there are numerous companies still using MD-11 around Europe,as cargo plane tough,but MD-90 is only available in mainland US. Agree we have lack of data on the MD-90 TFDI didn't get all the data for 717 and they are in US.
  4. Nope.Cockpit as well as systems are similar to MD 80 with some huge improvements in regards to engines,flight controls,brakes...etc. Although Saudi Arabiain ordered an MD-90 that has a cockpit similar to MD-11 rather than 717
  5. Ok thank you for replying. So we can't expect MD-90 that's logical since there isn't any availabile data in Europe only operator that I am aware of is Delta.
  6. Thank you for replying mate,but I believe that they said same thing for 83/88 at the beginning or am I mistaken. Thanks for replying,
  7. Hi community, Does anyone of you have any info will good old Leo make MD-90?I've heard from a guy on FS Elite(via comment) that there were rumors circulating around their facebook page that they could possibly make one.Bear with me,I don't have facebook so I can't see what's going on in their group so I can't come up with any conclusion on my own. Maybe someone has a info he/she could share
  8. Yep, After 747-8 release I believe that they are working on implementing performance on -8 as well as putting EFB on 777 and after that NG3 and maybe 787 707 too old most of us haven't even seen the aircraft in RL yet alone fly on her. 787 for the win QW might be good,but it ain't excellent and with PMDG standard.
  9. Ok thanks, Let's hope that this won't end up like 200ER promise since performance for 747-8 are more important.
  10. What's up community, I have one question before I buy this bird, -Will PMDG include data for derated take off? Will it be implemented in the EFB?If so when? I read throughout the forum and someone suggested that PMDG isn't planning on doing so. If any of you chaps knows the answer please share it with others that hesitate buying this bird because of this problem.
  11. Hi Angelo, If I were you I would sumbit a support ticket via PMDG website,there you would get support more effectively than here. I hope this shines some light on your problem,all the best,
  12. Hi guys Is there any way I can turn on the autorudder on Leonardo Maddog MD-80.After landing I have to switch it back on again several times in order to stear the beast. Thanks in advance for advice, comment,suggestion.
  13. Well they aren't active.Maybe they are working on updates but for sure they should have someone to respond on the forums,or at least the support tickets.I've been approached with several individuals, that I know of course, and said that they aren't replying to support tickets and so on. I needed to bring this up since they haven't said anything like:„Guys will be busy and we can't follow the routine that we used to“ I love the plane myself, but they should have posted something about it. Are they FINNALY planning to include flood lights for us Dogs on fsx and v3?
  14. Where are the developers looks like they have disappeared from the face of the earth.No support is given no one answers emails.Did they decide to abandon the project?Are they working on updates? Where are they?No one knows.
  15. Engine performance is posssible for tuning but only thrust raiting.Weights arent possible to modify.Every modification that you are trying do may have side effects.
  16. Hello I dont have flood lights in the cokpit as well as logo light is there any fix/beta fix that I can use to fix this problem at least to fix the flood lights.Ticket hase been aslo sent.There is fix in the topic:http://www.flythemaddog.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=9717&hl=flood+lightsBut the link is broken Thanks in advance Prepar 3D V3.4
  17. Instalation of liveries via OP's is easy. If you have any problems in ragards to liveries try to instal the different one because .ptp may be corrupt.If you cant download via OP's try via PMDG's website.Server aslo must be down or sluggish due to many requests. Try it again in evening of morning. Clear skies and fly safe,
  18. Probably PMDG developers went on holiday till September, chilling around on some beach and drinking cold cocktail spiced with salty tears of anxiety of ours and watching and laughing at 3 topics per week that are opened on 748 matter.
  19. Probably they are waiting for the P3D V4.3 to be released in order to fix any aditional problems that may occur with the new version of P3D or they are working on other projects,and resources are allocated to those projects.But be patient lads. “Trees that are slow to grow bear the best fruit.” ― Molière
  20. Yep,NG3 is coming but in several years after the official announcement, as I recall 747-8 was anounnced in October of 2015.It took over three years to develop a new product.New fames like 748 and 737-MAX take longer time to develop due to data availability but knowing PMDG the prodcut will look awesome and importantly it will be as close to a real thing as possible.EFB will come to 748(not 744 cause it dosent have one),NG3,and 777.
  21. PMDG is a good company great to be exact.I'm tired of people bitching about new product that they launched look at the amazing products they have produced over the years.Just wait to see 747-8 and NG3 im sure you will be blown away. At the end success of new product will be determined by the market and consumers not some discourageing comments on the forum.
  22. Yeah the 737 is very dirty not only cockpit but whole aircraft,as explotation progresses it gets dirtier and dirtier.I remember once we removed good 2kg of dust when cleaning the aircraft.A/C is especially filled with dust and I feel sorry for the people who breathe this air in a plane. But this project is good because it will give factory state to the 737(same tha 747-8 will have),and some people love to fly with brand new planes.
  23. How is the project going are you finished or still working?
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