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  1. 1 minute ago, Hilkiah said:

    I use UTL myself and see this problem at various Addons airports (LFPG is notorious for this).  Do you use addon traffic yourself?  If so what level do you have yours set to?

    I am now using UTL, I was using MT6 before that. I will take a look at reducing but its not very logical that it does it dependent on where you look, I would say its about 10 degrees looking forward at gate 20 at EGKK for example

  2. Ok but surely they would disappear all the time not just where you look. Also it does it mid-flight with only my aircraft in view.

    For example if i'm at gate 20 at Gatwick, looking forward in the 320 with dymanic interior lights on I see no lights, if I look down towards the floor the come on.

    Externally if I orbit the aircraft I see all the lights until looking from behind (same direction as in cockpit) they disappear.

  3. I am having exactly the same problem, always when looking at the same direction external and internal. If aircraft turns it comes back if i turn my view to the original direction they disappear again.

    Don't know if its Chaseplane or P3D but its not down to scenery as it happens mid-flight.

  4. 5 hours ago, ErichB said:



    AS16/PFPX/ Flightbram KSFO/T2G Seattle

    Yesterday planned a flight from KSFO-KSEA in the 747-400 using PFPX.  Saved the .rte to the required folders (as per normal)  loaded up the flight, entered all my fuel, ZFW data, uploaded the route into the FMC.  But alter entering all the PERF and weights, cruise altitude,  assigning a flap setting I had no V speeds displayed.  I also had no VNAV display data alongside my waypoints on the LEGS page.

    I've been at this for a long time, so was stumped as to why this was.  I tried another planned route the other way around - same thing happened. I have changed nothing else, although, logically, something must have changed.

    I know it's (probably) going to be something really stupid which I've overlooked - but be damned if I know what it is.

    Any stabs ?



    Make sure you click GW in perfs

  5. Only trying to help, if you get so annoyed by this little post then all I can say is you must have a miserable existence.

    C'mon guys whats wrong in informing like minded individuals about news of releases. Unless you have 30 tabs open and spend your days scouring the internet it could be missed, also if you are doing that you need to get out more.

  6. 27 minutes ago, AviatorMoser said:

    Nope. There is some trick with task manager to uncheck the affinity for CPU 0, then re-enable it and it's supposedly evens the core usage. Whatever that means ultimately for the sim, I don't know.

    That did the trick, it hasn't increased my FPS much but the load seems more spread

    9 minutes ago, Sethos1988 said:

    It's actually on the low side for the 5960x, as I'm staying around 1.3 volt. It's not recommended to go over 1.3 with these for daily usage.

    But it takes a bit of messing around. Using my ram's 3000 Mhz XMP, which enables a BCLK of 125. Ratio at 35 and then play with offset voltage, as manual voltage kills power saving features and auto voltage just applies way too much. Run a few stress tests and you're golden. 

    Yes, I know, easier said than done.

    Erm Yeah ok. I should really look into this, I paid for a watercooled processor on a Asus Rampage extreme and never really took the time to investigate it.

  7. In a previous thread I was discussing Heathrow.

    I have been making a lot of changes to the setting to get the FPS better.
    The last time I did this the buildings all stayed black, so I thought I would shut the sim down.

    Bad move, it will not fire up at all now, fails after 10 seconds.
    So be careful out there guys.
    I will try and install client again and see if that helps.

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