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  1. Turn it down from Max to normal only change was 1/2 FPS Tried every setting I can imagine still cant get it over 15, unless I set it to settings that are pointless
  2. I'm talking stock Heathrow I enjoy 40/60 FPS at KSFO, KMEM on the tower view but Heathrow I get 12/15. All the same settings Just curious if you have had similar results
  3. Just select them, they will copy from v3.
  4. Any airliner would do me right now,"you don't what you need until its not there"
  5. Yes in V3 because I did, V4, shouldn't see why not.
  6. step 1, localize (as with image) step 2. edit simobjects.cfg step 3. add to scenery library
  7. No, with the pathway to your sim, it cant do two sims at the same time so you will have to change the pathway to which sim you wan to use.
  8. Sorry never read your full post, The box only relates to the install path of your sims. I think your getting confused with the path for simobject.cfg. Just edit that in notepad, everyone says notepad ++ but i used the normal one ok
  9. Just change it to your V4 location, e.g. x:\lockheed martin\prepar3d V4. then click ok. it will stay with that. all you need to do if using V3 is change it to V3 location and click ok again.
  10. Excellent, glad to be of help. I know what its like.
  11. do not go into options, its should be the forth one across from the left
  12. So your in P3D V4 do you have menus showing? if not press "alt"
  13. This is my pathway G:\Lockheed Martin\Scenery\World\scenery
  14. Look here http://www.prepar3d.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=122412
  15. goto scenery library in the sim and select add.
  16. Im no longer SLI so I cant comment on that im afraid
  17. Im assuming so, not had it with the newest driver
  18. The text box with the OK button must have the pathway to you Sim, not anything to do with traffic
  19. Its the path way to the Sim itself not my traffic
  20. The image I posted, the test box to localize should have the path way to V4 e.g. X:\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3d V4
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