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  1. You will have to re localize if you go back to V3 I assume, only take a sec. Sorry I am not an expert and I know what its like when I get stumped but it seems logical to me.
  2. Select manage v2/v3 Then Localize V3 In the text box type or paste your pathway to V4 click OK Have a look at this thread, it probably explains it better than me. http://www.prepar3d.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=122412
  3. Just click on localize V3 but then browse to V4, don't forget to make the changes to simobjects.cfg as stated above. in documents\Prepar3d -V4 Files Edit : apologies Browse to C:\Program Data\ Lockheed Martin\P3Dv4
  4. No new install, Just change path in communicator to V4 all the rest is the same install sequence. If you search Poppet did a guide.
  5. I suppose in the case that you want to uninstall V3, which is my case. I was only waiting for Orbx then I will uninstall V3
  6. I ran FTX it asked to update, selected V4 then it updates Libraries. Once completed I just selected global all LC's then Areas. It will auto copy from your local source if available. Took 15 minutes and I have all areas. Edit: apart from Aus
  7. Select V4 then intsall, it will copy from V3 if its still available
  8. It is fixed now, just re-run FSDT live update
  9. I have had this if I start new scenario but not from first loading.
  10. Well i did a clean install but only did the V4 patch after it, don't know but maybe that's it.
  11. I was just looking at UT Live, maybe not then, I have MT6 working in V4 but I have never liked the far too short take offs and landings.
  12. What an idiotic statement, 1. who flies at night... A lot 2. We are only comparing, If you would look at the main reason for the thread, which you obviously have not. A question was directly asked about an XP 11 comparison. I own all the current sims and like them all for different reasons. I don't see any reason to be defensive about one or the other. Fact is fact.
  13. Well considering I own an IT company, no your right
  14. Entirely agree I was trying to post a pic to show the difference but cant remember how
  15. Still a little to go edit: well that didn't work
  16. would you mind passing on results please
  17. Sorry no it did'nt make any difference, same error. Thanks
  18. Doh what a Muppet. Thanks I will try that
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