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  1. Live updater? Sorry, were is that?
  2. I have posted her due to your forum being down, if you could help that would be great. I purchased Aerosoft Twin Otter today for P3D V4 but if I use it at KMEM, KSFO, Couatl fails. I asked at Aerosoft but no joy. couatl v3.2 (build 3823) panic log started on Wed May 31 13:16:44 2017 problem raised by addon <unknown> Traceback (most recent call last): File "couatl\common\__init__.py", line 137, in onSimStart File "couatl\common\collisions.py", line 54, in reloadGeometries File "couatl\common\aircraftData.py", line 1262, in getAircraftData File "couatl\common\aircraftData.py", line 694, in __init__ ValueError: need more than 21 values to unpack {} Loading aircraft data from Airplanes\Aerosoft_DHC6_300_WHEEL intelliscene.cfg provides aircraft data with priority 1 Using aircraft data from intelliscene.cfg Traceback (most recent call last): File "couatl\GSX\__init__.py", line 732, in onSimStart File "couatl\common\aircraftData.py", line 1262, in getAircraftData File "couatl\common\aircraftData.py", line 694, in __init__ ValueError: need more than 21 values to unpack {} Thanks
  3. It is very good, massive improvement, but at the risk of being pummeled X Plane is still the king of night lighting.
  4. I believe the faster it redraws, but i'm no expert I could be wrong but i used 80 ok in V3
  5. If you dont see 12bPillot in ther you must not
  6. The post above your last, except I used 80 I believe
  7. Yes I get that also. Its redraw timings, there used to be a setting in the prepar3d.cfg file that you could put in to speed it up. Can't remember the line now.
  8. I got a cuppa of the missus, does that count
  9. I have my traffic 6 working in P3D V4 great except I don't seem to have sounds from the aircraft. I have been using X-Plane with X-Life traffic while waiting for V4 and the sound on that is brilliant, I can't remember how good the sound was in MT6. Jog an old mans memory would you.
  10. If you move addon manager folder to another location the documents folder only hold XML files, so of no worry concerning space
  11. Just flown around Flightbeams KSFO then under the Golden Gate bridge, all settings at max. Its wonderful!!
  12. Flightbeam KSFO HD not working for me, Coutle error
  13. I have only viewed EHAM but all seems fine, someone else had issues with runway elevation but mine are OK. I know that is of no help to you, sorry but I have not done anything except install.
  14. http://www.flytampa.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=10302 Most of them here
  15. FlyTampa EHAM is absolutely epic, perfect in every way
  16. OMG!! Its awesome, its worth the wait guys, stick with it. The best move forward in simming I have ever seen.
  17. Had to kick my daughter off NetFlix, need maximum power, That went down well. Grumpy teenager anybody, going free!!
  18. Ooops double post Sorry I have a brand new 1TB SSD and a 1080ti extreme waiting for this baby, COME ON!!
  19. Hopefully1 Only 50% downloaded
  20. Downloading now, no respect for queues you guys lol.
  21. Error 406 blocked by Mod Security, that sounds ominous
  22. purchased and received confirmation email, but yes can't download.
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