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  1. Excellent thanks for the links. I'm addicted to high fidelity aircraft so it'll be a day one buy for me
  2. I just had a look at your video - that looks great. Do you have any more information on this release? I'm not familiar with A.T.S - are you pitched at the PMDG / FF /IXEG level?
  3. Hey all, My VA has an Md-80 in the fleet and I'm considering picking this up for XP10. Is it anywhere close to Ixeg or FF 767 level of detail? Thanks
  4. I just downloaded this for iPad and it's absolutely awesome but I believe I can only use it for a month before is have to pay a subscription. Does anybody do this? It adds a huge amount of immersion so I am considering paying.
  5. I'm following your advice and downloading all the HD Mesh V3 tiles and will stick with vanilla XP10 with Skymaxx Pro 3. Do you have any idea at all when the 10.50 client will be available on Steam? I'm of course happy to wait but am curious about the time line.
  6. You're right - on my system I am down to 10fps in places with those sceneries..Damn! I really wish 10.50 was out on steam. I am so desperate for the new autogen!
  7. Hello all, I'm a bit confused. Basically, I installed the European mixed version of SimHeavens sceneries and it looks great. Far more European whilst flying in Europe. I just don't really understands quite what is happening! So when I get this download, it re positions towns etc based on more accurate data (which is partially crowd sourced?) and on top of that, it draws the correctly positioned towns using the models I downloaded (i.e the r_2 lib, open scenery, Europe library). Is this correct? Does this also mean that once XP 10.50 comes out I won't see any of their new autogen? Is the w2xp pre build scenery from simheaven superior to the new default autogen? Many thanks, I have read through the docs but I wasn't entirely sure!
  8. Hey all, I decided to hold off on playing XP10 for a while whilst waiting for an upgrade (I like to turn HDR and AA up), but I'm undecided on whether to upgrade now or to hold off. My system specs at the moment as.. Dedicated SSD for gaming 8gb DDR3 RAM @ 1333mhz Core i5 2500k @ 4.2ghz GTX 660ti 2gb And I am considering upgrading to.. GTX 970 4gb Are my other components lacking too much to see benefits from this upgrade? Or would I see a big increase? Thanks
  9. Yup it was the water! Down to 1xhigh and it's all smooth. A shame it doesn't look great now!
  10. And sorry, my cpu is actually 3.8ghz and I have mytraffic 2010 at 3 percent so I see other planes but aren't overloaded with them! Thanks Wow fast reply tabs - I am relieved it isn't the descent calculations - Schipol I can live without, NGX I can't! :)
  11. Hey guys, still having this problem. It's when I fly in from the sea paralel with the airport, when looking toward the airport I get severe fps slow down. Most likely it's an fsx quirk however whilst learning I usually always fly by hand or with standard autopilot. Never with the fmc/ advanced routes and calculations. Any chance the descent calculations are causing the lag? I can't test elsewhere as I'm not yet good enough with the fmc lol....not a major issue but would love to understand what causes this. Thanks
  12. Hi Tabs, yes I am! I'll try that :) Sorry Tabs, how do I change that? I have the rex theme bit open but cannot locate animations for waves!
  13. Hey all, When I fly the tutorial into EHAM from EGKK I get extreme FPS lag as I finish crossing the north sea and am looking out over a region of rivers. I usually get a consistent 30fps, dropping to 26 a busy airports, but this brings me down to 13....This doesnt happen anywhere else! Any ideas? Specs core i5 760 @3.5ghz 4gb ddr3 ram gtx 560ti
  14. Just out of interest regarding your FSX experience - what FPS do you consider unenjoyable with a complex addon? For example, I have my game tweaked so at Heathrow with MyTraffic 2010 and the NGX, in bad weather, I drop to about 22fps....I would not be happy if it were any lower than this so I make compromises regarding turning off airport traffic, car traffic and having big advanced airport addons. That way I get 30fps constantly in flight and pretty much anywhere that isnt an EGLL sized airport. How about you? What's typically considered unflyable?
  15. So I've been flying for weeks now (still quite new) and wondered why my often stable FPS would drop to about 16 from a usual 26-30. And I realised the second my mouse pointer appears on screen my FPS drops significantly. finding this and just not really touching my mouse in flight (thank you fs2crew!) has allowed me to turn traffic up to 50% for an fps permanently above 25! All I can say is, wow!
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