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  1. Hello all, I am hoping to get some decent photoscenery for the UK and came across this: http://en.shop.aerosoft.com/eshop.php?action=article_detail&s_supplier_aid=11967&s_design=default&shopfilter_category=flight%20simulation&s_language=english I have used the simheaven stuff but unfortunately the tiles don't match up very well. Is this any better? Is it OrbX quality? I ask this, because it's quite old now and I've not seen it talked about much. Hope you can advise!
  2. Hello guys, I've just finished the Angle of Attack pro course and feel like I'm ready to move onto vatsim now. The problem is I want to fly IFR departures but the default gps isn't departure compatible. Is there a way to do this with a simple aircraft like the sky labs Cessna or a REP bonanza, or should I just use the IXEG 73 or ff76 as they handle sids? Can I just tell ATC that I don't have departure gps?
  3. Hey, My post is pretty out of date now! Check out the x-life plugin for good traffic
  4. Excellent thanks for the links. I'm addicted to high fidelity aircraft so it'll be a day one buy for me
  5. I just had a look at your video - that looks great. Do you have any more information on this release? I'm not familiar with A.T.S - are you pitched at the PMDG / FF /IXEG level?
  6. Hey all, My VA has an Md-80 in the fleet and I'm considering picking this up for XP10. Is it anywhere close to Ixeg or FF 767 level of detail? Thanks
  7. I used to use FSX but have to admit to not having used P3D. I've had about 10 hours of lessons in the real world, so admittedly not many, but X-Plane is miles ahead in the feel of the aircraft over FSX (again, not P3D but aren't the flight dynamics identical?). Not only that, X-Plane often runs at 60fps. You will never see that anywhere but FL30+ in P3D from what I understand. The smoothness makes a big difference for the sensation of flight. X-Planes night lighting is beautiful, and it has free incredibly detailed meshes. I've covered Europe in photoscenery absolutely free, and have very detailed airports, most of which were free. Just have a look at MisterX donationware airports. They're amazing. FSX/P3D does of course have more payware aircraft, but X-Plane currently has.. IXEG 737 EADT 737NG (Free!!) FF 767 FF 757 AirfoilLabs c172 Carenado F33A Bonanza with REP Carenado F35 Bonanza with REP Carenado CT210M with REP PMDG DC-6 MD-10 by Rotate VFlyteAir PA28 FlyJSim73 FlyJSim72 All of these are off the top of my head and this doesn't include any of the incredibly high fidelity choppers and they are all study level (perhaps except the MD-10 - I haven't used it). There are, of course, hundreds more aircraft available including a whole fleet of Carenado GA stuff. For me it's a no brainer. X-Plane is amazing, it feels very close to the real world. The whole bad traffic and AI stuff has always been a nonevent for me as I use Vatsim. Visit reddit flightsim, you'll notice most of the screenshots are from X-Plane. With the right addons (mainly free), it looks incredible. Get X-Plane
  8. Still not on Steam. Hope I get to try this out this weekend!
  9. I'm not sure about this - last time the RC version was available on steam.
  10. Hi guys, I was running through some GPS tutorials which follows the realityXP GPS from FSX and it seems to have quite a bit of functionality available that isn't in the default X-Plane one. Is there someone I can purchase a superior GPS? Thanks
  11. Thanks for this - I guess I am being blind but can't see the course for the classic here?
  12. Hey all, I'm an X-Plane 10 user and I've just started working through Aviator Pro with Angle of Attack. I think their content is amazing and so am very happy to pay for it. I want to learn to fly the 737-Classic by IXEG correctly, however the Angle of Attack training is for the NG. I was wondering, how much of the material would be relevant to me as a classic user? Is there a lot of stuff relevant to the older aircraft, or is it basically pointless if I'm not using the NG? Thanks
  13. Wow - maybe New York City XP wasn't such a smart purchase after all...
  14. I just downloaded this for iPad and it's absolutely awesome but I believe I can only use it for a month before is have to pay a subscription. Does anybody do this? It adds a huge amount of immersion so I am considering paying.
  15. A few screenshots from XP10 with the IXEG over New York City using the New York City XP scenery.
  16. This is awesome thanks a tonne for the update. My SR22 was sat in the hanger because of the sucky fps, but it's gone from 25fps up to 40fps with this new patch! Huge improvement and it's running like the IXEG now. Definitely get this patch if you have these aircraft.
  17. Hey all, I've got the IXEG, SAAB, AFL172 and the FF767 so I guess I'm a high fidelity aircraft addict. I'm not particularly interested in the DC6 as an aircraft but if it's a genuinely brilliant simulation I think I'll pick it up. Is it as detailed as the IXEG? I know PMDG have a great reputation and I loved their NGX, but is this worth the asking price?
  18. Is this new atmospheric rendering new to 10.50, or can I see it in 10.45?
  19. Hey guys, I've got a Gigabyte GTX 1070 G1 coming tomorrow and I'm currently using an Asus GTX 970. I know many people use the 970 and was wondering if there was much interest in an XP10 comparison between these cards? I've got all the usual addons so if people are interested let me know
  20. Out of interest, where do you get the z18 and z19 orthos from?
  21. Hello all, I am just wondering how you all manage ortho stuff, like the simheaven photosceneries. The problem I have is that, despite how great they are, at high altitude you can clearly see they are taken from different locations and at different times of day, and the world turns into a collection of squares of different colours. As beautiful as each of them are, as a collection they tend to kill immersion s0 much so that the default xp10 textures are superior. I am considering just downloading ortho for the tile around major airports I fly into and out of, that way there wont often be so much of an issue with the grid style layout in the air and I'll get the ability to have ortho scenerio in the interesting places. does anyone else do this - what do you recommend? Thanks
  22. I'm following your advice and downloading all the HD Mesh V3 tiles and will stick with vanilla XP10 with Skymaxx Pro 3. Do you have any idea at all when the 10.50 client will be available on Steam? I'm of course happy to wait but am curious about the time line.
  23. You're right - on my system I am down to 10fps in places with those sceneries..Damn! I really wish 10.50 was out on steam. I am so desperate for the new autogen!
  24. Hello all, I'm a bit confused. Basically, I installed the European mixed version of SimHeavens sceneries and it looks great. Far more European whilst flying in Europe. I just don't really understands quite what is happening! So when I get this download, it re positions towns etc based on more accurate data (which is partially crowd sourced?) and on top of that, it draws the correctly positioned towns using the models I downloaded (i.e the r_2 lib, open scenery, Europe library). Is this correct? Does this also mean that once XP 10.50 comes out I won't see any of their new autogen? Is the w2xp pre build scenery from simheaven superior to the new default autogen? Many thanks, I have read through the docs but I wasn't entirely sure!
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