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  1. Wow, that's amazing scenery! I've seen real pics for a friend you landed at a strip similar to that in PNG. Scary stuff!!
  2. Well, I guess if you're running it full bore, maybe that's different. Although not exactly what I thought after hearing all the talk of more work going to the gpu to help take the load off the Cpu. Sounds like nothing has changed in that regard? Not trying to be negative, just realistic.
  3. Wow. And only 11 fps with that? And not even running intensive aircraft add-ons or much AI? Holy smokes. :-O
  4. I have it and would say it's hands down the best add-on available right now for any platform. People are waiting for the other one, but I got it the moment it came out, and haven't looked back. Simply amazing. Nothing I dislike! And I use simbrief for my flight plans. It has an option just for it to use. Brad.
  5. Awesome. Can't believe how much better then fsx\p3d it looks.
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