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  1. US Central Airlines was founded May 1st, 2015 by a small group of flight simulation enthusiasts. Our passion for flight simulation still holds true today. We are committed to providing our pilots with purpose, direction, and motivation to succeed. If you are new to flight simulation, then you have come to the right place. We are a relaxed realism virtual airline, so we encourage learning without harsh criticism. However, we do encourage all our virtual pilots to fly realistically. If you choose to join our virtual airline, you will begin your career with us as a trainee. Your first task will be to complete a training flight in the Cessna 172. Scoring over a 95% will earn you it's type rating, and you will begin earning other type ratings in the same manner. The speed in which you earn type ratings depend on how often you are available to fly and your performance on those flights. As you progress through your virtual pilot career with us, you will also earn achievements and rank. Different channels in our Teamspeak server will be available to access when you reach a higher rank. The requirements for our ranks are listed on our forum. Free gifts will be awarded to virtual pilots who stay active members of our virtual airline and reach specific ranks. These gifts may include an ink pen, coffee cup, or a t-shirt with our logo. The requirements to receive these gifts are listed on our forum. If you are interested and would like more information, please refer to the contact page on our website. Join us today!US Central Airlines Your Flight. Your World. Visit US At... Homepage : US Central Airlines Twitter : Teamspeak Channel Address : Steam Group :
  2. USCVA

    TBM 850 Auto Pilot Issues

    I know this is an old thread, but I wanted to add something for anyone that encounters the same issue I did. Note that I have flown dozens of routes in this aircraft, and this is the first time this has happened to me. During a recent flight from Saint Bart to Barbados, the TMB 850's GPS would NOT follow my route, no matter what I tried. I noticed that, when I would try to use HDG HOLD, the aircraft would fly -120 degrees than my setting. I decided to try using the heading indicator reset hotkey, and suddenly the aircraft started following the correct heading. I switched it back to APR HOLD (with the correct CDI setting showing magenta) and the aircraft began following my route.
  3. Apologies for the delay in responding. A lot has happened in the past months. I recently started a business creating addon scenery. Unfortunately, KXNA is on the backburner until I get a few other smaller airports finished first.
  4. USCVA

    KTDW Scenry

    Are you just wanting the default scenery updated, or are you looking for more, such as photoreal and custom buildings? I started a business creating addon scenery for fsx and p3d. My website is
  5. Our virtual airline can assist newcomers just getting started. We have many passenger and cargo routes ready to fly, structured and fair rank system, aircraft liveries, 24/7 multiplayer server, Teamspeak server, custom scenery, offer hardware and software support, and more! FSX, P3D, and X-Plane supported! Come check us out at US Central Airlines We can't wait to meet you!
  6. It's a bit complicated... Once I pull the satellite imagery with SBuilderX313, 4 files are created in the SBuilderX313/Tools/Work folder. There will be a BMP file, a text document, a BGL file, and a setup information file. The bitmap is the satellite imagery, the text file is the coordinates that you would input into ADE when you import the image to use as a guide when placing objects, the BGL file can be deleted since a new one will be created, and the setup information file is only the partial information you'll need to compile the scenery. I normally use GIMP to edit the BMP file to adjust the color, brightness, and contrast. Satellite imagery is too bright when imported into FSX, so the first thing to do is to turn the brightness down and the contrast up a bit. The next thing to do is to create 2 layers. Name one Blendmask, and the other Watermask. Use the Blendmask layer and a black brush to black out the areas you want the default scenery to show through. Use the Watermask and a black brush to black out the areas you want the water to show through. Save this project to edit later. Delete the Watermask and Blendmask, then EXPORT (DO NOT SAVE) the satellite imagery as a windows bitmap file, name it NAMEOFSCENERY_SEASON.BMP, expand compatibility options, check DO NOT WRITE COLOR SPACE INFORMATION, expand advanced options, and check 24 bits R8 G8 B8. This will EXPORT the first bitmap you need for the satellite imagery, but you still need your masks. Undo deleting the layers, then delete the satellite imagery and the Blendmask. Export the Watermask layer and name it WHATEVERSCENERY_Watermask.BMP. Undo deleting the layers, delete the satellite imagery and the Watermask, then export the Blendmask the same as you did the satellite imagery and the Watermask naming it WHATEVERSCENERY_Blendmask.BMP. Now you should have 3 BMP files. This will give you the masks you need, plus one season. You can edit this season later to color match it to the seasons in FSX, however, you will need to export it for each season you create and name it by the season. You will not need to edit the mask files again. At the end of the day, you should have 4 satellite imagery BMP files and 2 mask files. 6 BMP files total. Once you have those 6 BMP files exported correctly, you will need to rewrite the Setup Information file to include the other BMP and mask files. You will need to copy/paste YOUR... ulyMap = ulxMap = xDim = yDim = from your Setup Information file to the following template, so do not delete it or you will need to start all over! You can use this template below for one season or multiple seasons, but I have it set up for one right now... [Source] Type = MultiSource NumberOfSources = 3 [Source1] Type = BMP Layer = Imagery SourceDir = "." SourceFile = "WHATEVERSCENERY_SEASON.BMP" Variation = January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December Channel_BlendMask = 2.0 Channel_LandWaterMask = 3.0 ulyMap = ulxMap = xDim = yDim = [Source2] Type = BMP Layer = None SourceDir = "." SourceFile = "WHATEVERSCENERY_Blendmask.BMP" SamplingMethod = Gaussian ulyMap = ulxMap = xDim = yDim = [Source3] Type = BMP Layer = None SourceDir = "." SourceFile = "WHATEVERSCENERY_Watermask.BMP" SamplingMethod = Gaussian ulyMap = 36.3571630626545 ulxMap = -94.2228698730469 xDim = 5.36441802978516E-06 yDim = 4.32081009328027E-06 [Destination] DestDir = "." DestBaseFileName = "WHATEVERSCENERY" DestFileType = BGL LOD = Auto UseSourceDimensions = 1 CompressionQuality = 85 To add more seasons, just copy and paste [Source1] and rename the SourceFile to the next season BMP. Make sure the next Source is [Source2] then [Source3] etc. etc. and make sure you annotate the Variation correctly for each BMP. Once you have the first 4 sources as your season BMP files, the two masks should be Sources 5 and 6. Make sure you change the number of Sources at the top to 6 instead of 3. Make sure you change the... Channel_BlendMask = 2.0 Channel_LandWaterMask = 3.0 ...of each Source to Channels 5.0 and 6.0 if you are using 4 seasons and the Blendmask and Watermask are Sources 5 and 6. You should be getting the idea now! Save the file as WHATEVERSCENERY.INF. Last, make sure you copy/paste the Resample.exe file from your SDK to the folder where you are saving these files. Click the WHATEVERSCENERY.INF file and drag it onto the Resample.exe file. A command prompt window should appear and compile the BMP files into a BGL file. Place this newly created BGL file into a WHATEVERSCENERY/SCENERY folder. Copy and paste this into your FSX/Addon Scenery folder. Once in flight sim, add this area to your scenery library just like you do any other scenery and test it out! If the colors do not match correctly, uncheck the scenery from your FSX scenery library. Go to your work folder and edit each satellite imagery BMP individually and export them correctly. Drag your INF file back onto Resample to make another BGL. Copy/Paste that BGL into your WHATEVERSCENERY/SCENERY folder located in the FSX/ADDON SCENERY folder, overwriting the old one. Recheck the area in the scenery library and test again. Wash and repeat until you get each season to match correctly.
  7. Thank you! We're always looking for new virtual pilots to fly passengers and/or cargo for our VA.
  8. Contact me on Steam, ID is JackRiordan. You can also join my Teamspeak server and speak with an admin about joining. The server address is You will need to input this address into Teamspeak as a channel. It is not a browser address.
  9. I just upgraded my PC from a FX8350 cpu, 16gb Corsair Vengeance 1600mhz ram, and Gigabyte 990FX UD3 mbo running Windows 7 to a i7 8700k cpu, MSI Z370 Gaming Pro Carbon mbo, and 16gb G.Skill 3200mhz ram running Windows 10. The difference was night and day. Before, I could only achieve 15-20 fps at KSEA no matter what settings I tried. Now, with all settings almost maxed out, I am getting 50-60 fps there. All scenery loads instantly and P3Dv4.1 is smooth. I am running almost all Orbx scenery, free mesh x, and rex essentials w overdrive. I only paid $838 for those 3 parts, on sale at, plus another $60 for the os from ebay. Money well spent. Benchmark here...
  10. Apologies for no recent updates. I've been enjoying outdoor activities this summer, but I will resume this project as the fall weather forces me back indoors. If you are interested in my project and would like to BETA test it for me, reply to this thread. Thank you!
  11. Hello! My name is Jack, and I have hosted the US Central multiplayer server and Teamspeak3 server since FSX was released on Steam. I would like to inform everyone of our group, which exclusively uses joinFS as our multiplayer client! Our group welcomes players from around the world to join us in either our Virtual Airline or Military Operations. We are very friendly and urge newcomers as well as seasoned flight simmers and real pilots to join us! We encourage learning and engagement! We no longer offer any sort of ATC service. If you would like ATC service, please use one of the popular 3rd party programs out there, such as Vatsim. Top Reasons to Join Our Group - 24/7 multiplayer server on our joinFS Hub - 24/7 Teamspeak connectivity for all communications - access to a collection of quality freeware that's free to download from our server. - access to aircraft updates - access to our Virtual Airline hosted by to keep you engaged in civilian flights - access to custom liveries - ranking system for both our Virtual Airline and Military Operations - customized achievements based on your time and how you fly - access to group events, discussions, and live support - fly with other players that share your passion for flight Requirements - must be 18 years of age or older* - must be willing to participate in training events - must be willing to join our Virtual Airline OR our Military Ops - must be willing to fly on our joinFS multiplayer server - must be willing to participate and respect our rank system - must be willing to use Teamspeak3. Voice chat is not required but encouraged. If you are interested, please reply to this thread, send me a message, or contact me on Steam. My ID is JackRiordan. Thank you! *may be waived by admins based on level of maturity
  12. I use KXNA primarily when I travel. Being a flight sim enthusiast, I knew it would be my first real scenery project. So far, the terminal is really kicking my tail. I have a ton of pictures, and sometimes I end up just sitting trying to find out what I'm going to tackle next!
  13. Apologies for not replying sooner! I've been away on military orders, and this project went on the back burner. Here are the latest screenshots I took before I left... KXNA Teaser #12 KXNA Teaser #17 KXNA Teaser #20 Project KXNA 2017 #3 I'm back home now, so I'll start working on it again soon. Thank you for the motivation and suggestions! That Metrix plugin looks good, but I am only using GIMP now. Although, If I can get it to work with GIMP, it would speed things up a bit.
  14. Hello everyone! I wanted to share the progress I'm making on one of my upcoming add-on sceneries. I know this airport has been recreated before in great detail, but I wanted a more up-to-date version that was photoreal, all-season compatible, and has animated jetways. I will be uploading it as freeware once I get the rest of the assets created and added. I only live 10 minutes from this airport, and I will continue to update it as necessary. At this time, v2.0 is available, which includes the all-season photoreal scenery, taxiways, runways, and tarmacs. No buildings are complete, yet. I am currently working on the terminal. Please take the time to view my Steam community page at You can follow me on twitter @fsxfuscentral I appreciate all feedback on this project. Future plans include recreating all of Northwest Arkansas airports! Link to pics...