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  1. Hi all, Please help. After a windows 10 update Panel builder did not work like before. The issue is that the panel will not load on the panel builder monitor (1). As it did before. It loads on monitor (4). Instruments and background. I checked the "background size & Position" and "One monitor only" is checked and monitor (1) is selected. If I edit the Panel by changing the monitor to (2) then the background loads on monitor (2) and the instruments load on monitor (4). In other words the backgrounds for monitors 2,3&4 load on their selected monitors but the instruments always load on monitor (4). No matter what I try, I cannot get the background to load on monitor (1). All my panels used to load on monitor (1) before. All instruments were locked on monitor (1) I have Panel Builder Home V2.7 with the extra MFDGPS & EFIS . I am running XP10.5 My system is 3 x 32" TV monitors for main display. They are numbered at 4 left, 2 center, 3 right. 1 x 21" TV monitor for the panel builder. (1) Left side monitor (4) is the main screen. Both in Windows10 and the NVIDIA app. Suggestions on how to resolve Please.