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  1. I forgive you, kyle. I've read all the PMDG tickets I have open without finding jokes about mobile phones. Can you clarify what you mean, that, according to you, I would have written about a mobile phone in the ticket system In order to make a joke. Maybe I have miss something important here.
  2. I can understand your confusion. Well it was ment as a joke. I use a GTX 1080 ti for my flight simulation. I have paid 3.950 Euro for my computer, flight stick, throttle and rudder pedals. Thank you for your concern.
  3. Hi! I always piloting my B744 v3 with my mobile phone, a Galaxy S8. Will it be possible in the B747-8 to take off and landing with my smart phone, as i do now or do I need some control unit, throttle, rudder pedals and flight stick?
  4. K Wennerholm


    Hi! I need info about how to make the sky darker at night time. I use TONEMAP DAY 0.290000 and TONEMAP NIGHT 0.100000
  5. K Wennerholm

    Oculus Rift

    Thank´s for your reply! I do not use FSUIPC yet. I control all lights, APU, LOC, APP etc. with my keyboard. I will test to interact with switches and knobs. I have to decide if HTC Vive or Oculus Rift is what I need.
  6. K Wennerholm

    Oculus Rift

    Hey! I am tempted to buy Oculus Rift. Is anyone already using this equipment with the B744? I guesses there will be trouble finding the accurate command keys on the keyboard. On my Thrustmaster HOTAS Warthog, I can find all the command buttons I need, even if I do not see them. I do not know a sh-t about Oculus Rift. I start my survey of Oculus Rift in this forum because I know that there are many competent people here.
  7. Hi! I solved my similar issue by ticking the "Mipmap".
  8. K Wennerholm

    Wet RWY

    Hey! I use P3D v4 in combination with AS for P3D, ASCA and ORBX ARPT. I have never seen the RWY get wet of the rain or snowy when it snow. Do I miss something or is it how the sim works?
  9. K Wennerholm

    Advanced Fighter Jet

    Hi, Jay! Thank´s for you info!
  10. K Wennerholm

    Advanced Fighter Jet

    Not accusing. I just hope they working for both profit and for us, simmer. If they just want to make money and do not care about customers they have no future. I believe they practice a smart business profile. I like VRS product. Do not misunderstand me.
  11. K Wennerholm

    Advanced Fighter Jet

    I´m whit you in that wish.
  12. K Wennerholm

    Advanced Fighter Jet

    Thank´s! I will take a look att DCS. I am very demanding when it comes to my hangar.
  13. K Wennerholm

    Advanced Fighter Jet

    What aircraft do you want PMDG to create?
  14. K Wennerholm

    Advanced Fighter Jet

    Well, maybe I´m to rude. I work in the military security service. We are all a bit rude in that department;-) I may be interested in DSC. Is it a realistic platform or more like a toy? Do you talk about VRS F / A 18E?