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  1. I want to share my experiences with EZDOK in combination with B747-400 version 3. When you start B747 in FSX_SE and allow EZDOK to start automatically, you can experience that FSX opens the B747 in a completely white or completely black screen and you can not do anything about it except to restart FSX and hope it works correctly. Start EZDOK manually and it will work better. It works for me but maybe not for you. Probably you already figure it out by you self. If not, test it.
  2. You said "HDG and SPEED knobs don't work in VNAV/LNAV mode, so that is perfectly normal. If you press HDG SEL or push the speed knob then they become active". The True: No function in HDG SEL mode when push the HDG or Speed knob. I can not change HDG in HDG SEL mode. The speed knob is still dead after I pushing it. I can not change speed after pushing speed knob. You Said "The ALT knob will work in VNAV to limit the altitude the aircraft can climb or descend too." The True: No funktion when using the ALT knob in VNAV. I going to update my BIOS. If It do not work, I tell my PC re seller to change Motherboard. If he does not do as I command, I cut out of his left hand;-) I will not open a PMDG support Ticket because it is nothing wrong with the 747 and 777. The problem is to find in my computer. Thank´s for trying to solve my problem!
  3. Thank´s for a good suggest! I will try an update.
  4. Hi! I have try to reset the time7date in BIOS. I order a new motherboard. My current motherboard is from ASUS. I have a warranty on my computer so I just change it. It did not work to change the battery.
  5. Hi! Realistic mode=A/P mode in the 747. Pleas read my post before you answer. I have not mentioned AS16 in my topic. CMOS BAT: Change before install PMDG add on I use the the HDG HOLD button. Hard to believe? I don´t care if you believe or not. It's your problem. A / P, HDG / SEL- SPEED- and ALT knobs do not works. I have not say that the HOLD button does not work Weather add on=off. EZDOK add on=off. Flying with my keyboard? No. I use the Thrustmaster Hotas Warthog. AP=engaged. No HDG SEL mode. VNAV/LNAV=engage. CMD= displayed above the attitude indication. I follow the tutorial as I say in my topic. Pleas read the topic before you answer.
  6. Ok, good! I can have a livestream. I read an old post here, from the early 2013s, that people have the same problem I have with PMDG products, A / P stops functioning e.t.c. There it was told that the BIOS battery can cause problems that I experience. My computer clock has stopped working even though I have a computer that is just one year old. I have change BIOS-battery. I now uninstalled the B777 and B747 awaiting a new Motherboard. The BIOS CLOCK can cause damage during installation (I think AVSIM is an abbreviation of AVionic SIMmer).
  7. It may be my BIOS watch causing the problems I experience with PMDG products. I have a new computer. I have tested replacing the BIOS battery but the clock and date are still showing the wrong value.
  8. I have performed 4 tutorial flights today, by the book. Every time my 747 change HDG during auto flight and the A / P, HDG / SEL- SPEED- and ALT knobs has no effect at my aircraft. I try to use HDG / SEL mode but no knobs works. I disconnect A/P and then I can not reengage it. I try both realistic and easy mode. I'm forced to manual fly and land the aircraft. At the last flight I press the HOLD button, just as a test. That caused my 747 to fly upside down like a fighter jet. I have notice Cabin Alt Warning but the tutorial do not cower that warning. I have mo tailstrike warning. My CMOS clock shows the wrong time and date. I have a new battery installed.
  9. Hi, James! Me pardonne for a late answer. Business as usual. My vacation is over =Less time for the 747-400. About the livestream, I have no webcam or headset because my son has taken them to his home. During flight time my A/P- HDG- ALT- and Speed knobs stops working. All at the same time and without warning. Wind speed 30-60 knots tailwind. I´m unable to reengage the A/P. I can physically turn all the knobs and I have put in HDG/SEL Mode. I tested both realistic- and easy mode when I try to reconnect the A/P. Sometimes the solution is to restart my AS16. When I get this kind of problem I manually fly my 747 and after about 150-250 Nm I succeed in engage A/P in realistic mode and all the knobs works just fine again.
  10. Yesterday evening I conducted several tests in my mind to find the reason why A / P suddenly ceased to work. I could find that AS16 causes the problem. If I restart AS16, my A / P will normally work again. I have average three disturbances during route LPPT-ESSA, rout ESSA-UUEE or route VVNB-ZGHA when the A/P malfunctioning. What can I do for AS16 to work with my 747? My AS16=Easy mode.
  11. Hi, James! Yes, I´m interest of a Live stream! I come back to you later. I´m in my office now.
  12. Good suggest! I use to fly the F/A 18E from VRS company and everything works out fine. The 747 is a little bit bigger so i have to troubleshot my add on kompatibilitet with the complex 747. The cam shake seams to create trouble because it is to sensitive. The earlier EZDOK was a better product if I my say so.
  13. Ah! Very good! I going to do this input right away!
  14. I use to put in a flight plan into the AS16 and that route is quite a big different compere to my 747 FMC route. I also use the EZDOK cam.
  15. I turn in a new value in FMC and push the HDG knob but the 747 do not follow my new input. Just a few minutes ago I manage to climb and turn left after input new HDG and ALT during auto flight.